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Evelina has always had dreams of a mysterious man. What happens when she meets him in person? Will it kill her like it did in her past? -edited from the first time I posted this-

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In the beginning of my dream I was standing on what looked like a cliff, though there was no water under it, just infinite space. I had never seen such green grass before. It felt amazing beneath my bare feet. I gazed at my surroundings?. The sky was paved with such brilliant colors: there were purples, pinks, and blues. In the distance I could see an enormous figure that looked like a planet with rings around it. It looked a bit like Saturn, but it had much more vivid colors.
Suddenly, the comforting grass beneath my feet seemed to disappear. I looked down and saw nothing but treacherous blackness. I began to fall, showing no signs of stopping, all sources of light had vanished and I was left falling in complete darkness. There was no nothing I could do, no one to call out to.
Then I appeared in a grassy field. The sun was shining and there was a soft breeze. I looked around and noticed the hundreds of flowers around me. There were sunflowers, poppies, roses, lilies, violets, oleanders, jasmine, bluebells, and so many others. This was a place that could only exist in a dream.
I enjoyed it immensely; there was no one around, which I loved. I was able to dance all I wanted to. Dancing was my love and my passion. I mainly did ballet, but I occasionally did others.
All of this was fun and beautiful, but I began to get impatient for when HE would appear in my dream. I began walking farther and farther into this place that seemed to be a maze of flowers. I eventually escaped. In the distance I saw the familiar evergreen tree that was standing alone on the hill. I raced to get there, that was where we would meet.
The sun was beginning to set here. The sky was red and orange around the late evening sun, but most of the open sky was pink and light lavender. I leaned up against the tree to marvel at it. It was beautiful, though not half as breathe taking as the last place I had been. I took a glance to the left to see if he was coming--nothing. Then I looked to the right and I saw him. His tall, slender body was calmly walking towards me. His black head was looking down towards the ground. I began to just stare at him; he was more beautiful than the sunset could ever hope to be. Nothing could ever be compare to him.
"You're late." I teased when he came in hearing distance, I could never be mad at him.
He walked up to me but didn't say anything. His beautiful hazel eyes stared into mine, flooded with pain.
"What's wrong?" I got up from the ground.
"I have to go." He said, swallowing. From the blank look in his eyes, it looked like he was stopping himself from feeling any emotion.
"...What?"I said barely a whisper.
"It's the only way to keep you safe."
"What do you mean?"
"Lina, there's...something wrong with me. Bad things happened around me. There's something...dark about me."
"But...that's just silly. That's not possible." I tried to give him a smile.
"Evelina, please understand. This is the only way to keep someone I love safe." He pulled me in for a kiss. I hated the kiss, it seemed to scream goodbye.
"Please don't leave me," I begged, my eyes starting to water.
He started backing up but I couldn't move. Only a few inches away from me, he put something all over his clothes, and then pulled out a match.
"No." I whispered. I knew what he was going to do. I've had this dream before.
"I love you, Lina." he said and lit the match.
"No!" I screamed with everything I had in me.
He put the match to him and he soon became engulfed in flames.
I watched in horror until I somehow found my voice and gave a blood-wrenching scream.

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