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Just getting started

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Miryoku and i walked through the doors of the host club and Tamaki snatched me up and practically hugged me to death.

Tamaki- of course you can work for the host club. i got it you can be the host clubs adorable maids! oh daddy is so proud of you what about you momma do you like the idea.

Kyouya- i think the idea is good we might be able to bring in more people this year than last year but i hope this wont make more guys want to be a host and that girly school lady budge in here like last year.

Kyia/me- well when do i start?

Hikaru and Kaoru- "YOU BOTH start know! get dressed." the twins pushed Miryoku and i towards the dressing area. "lets get you both dressed"

Kyia- i can get my self dressed...
i through the twins out of the dressing room...

Miryoku and i walked out in our host club maid outfits. Kaoru's mouth dropped. wow yall look HO...------- exactly alike. Kaoru said but Kyouya finished.


Tamaki- Well lets open the doors and get started!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miryoku and i started by making a pitcher of tea.
Kyia- what kind should we make?
Miryoku- i dont knowwhy dodnt you ask Kyouyai know you got a thing for him.
Kyia- shhhhhh! dont let him hear you. i"ll be back...
Miryoku- dont get a face full of lips....
Kyia- shut up....(she said in a teasing way)

Kyia- hey Kouya whatkind of tea should we make make? lemon, mint, or mango lemon?
Kouya turned around and said, im not sure i like the mint, why dont you ask our guests.
Kyia- ok well see yah

i walked away and thought i could have said something better... i went to Tamaki and said, may i ask your guest a question?

Tamaki- of course you can daddy wont care!!!!! Go ahead my beautiful lady ask away! (he said holding my chin)

i took a step back and said, i was wondering what your favorite tea is so we now what to make?
Tamaki- that was so beautiful your a natural!! daddy is so proud.(he said while he grabbed me and hugged me and twirled at the same time.
TAMAKIS GUEST- AWOHHHHHH!!!! we would like lemon please....
Tamaki let me go and i went back to Miryoku with the type of tea.

Kyia- they want lemon!
Miryoku- ok...

we set out the tea and then miryoku went to get some mung bean cakes for everyone. I went to clean the the windows.
as i was cleaning the windows i saw Miryoku out side getting the cakes but i also saw 2 guys walking towards her the next thing i saw was the boy tugging on her outfit and she fell to the floor the boys were pushing and pulling her... i dropped my stuff and ran towards the door.. all of the boys insid (Tamakie, Kyouya, Honey, Mori, and the twins) stared and followed but i got there 8 minutes before them.

Miryoku- HELP!!!!!
1 GUY- NO one will help you your weak!!!
Kyia- let her go you losers!!! ( i picked 2 mung bean cakes from the ground and threw on at both of them)
he started running toward me. i ducked and he fell to the floor..
"loser" i said again
Guy 1- (grabbed me) got you know!!! guy 2 stood up and smacked me across the face. at this point the guys were out and they saw what had just happened..
Guy 2- thats what you get you bitch!!
Hikaru and Kaoru started to beat up the 2 bozos.. when the boys took the 2 losers i feel to the floor.
Kyouya picked me up and took me back to the music room while Mori took Miryoku and did the same.
all the girls left to there next class. Honey went to get some hot wet towels and Haruhi tried to pry the boys off the too bozos..

Kyouya put the towel across my forehead.

Kyouya pushed his glasses up on his face to were they would stay.

Kyouya- Do you feel better, does your face still hurt.
Kyia- yeah just a little bit. thanks and sorry..
Tamaki- you should be sorry you almost killed your daddy.
Haruhi- shut up Tamaki dont you she shes in pain.
tamaki ran to cry and pout in a corner.
Miryoku- its not her fault its mine.
Kaoru- its no bodies fault so stop saying that!!!

Mori- Maybe we should call your dad Kyia..
Kyia- NOO!!! (commanded)
every one starred at me including Tamaki.
Kyouya- i agree why not.
Kyia- cause i dont want him to no im here.
Everyone but Miryoku- what do you mean???
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