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Chapter One

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Mikey and Gerard perform the ritual to summon the ghost, but get a Gerard-possessing-demon instead. WOOOOO, SCARY!

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It was well past midnight by the time the two brothers made it to the spot in the woods that they had decided on.

"You got the shit?" Mikey asks his older brother.

"Yeah, I've got the shit." They had been calling the things that they needed for the ritual 'the shit' for the past few weeks.

Gerard reached into the backpack and pulled out the things they had needed. A goblet (Gerard had just borrowed one from his school's drama department. It wasn't like they would notice it was gone, anyways), a knife, a piece of paper with some Latin words written on it, a box of matches, and some candles. (You didn't actually need the matches and the candles. Mikey just thought that they would make it feel more 'official', as he put it.)

Gerard started to light the candles, then arranged them in a perfect circle, which he and Mikey sat in.

"I can't believe we're actually doing this."

Gerard looked up at his younger brother and snorts. "You're the one who said we should do it, remember, Mikes?"

Mikey frowned upon hearing his nickname. "Yeah, I just never thought we'd go through with it. You did bring the bandages, right?"

"Yep," Gerard replies, pulling them out of his backpack.


With that, Mikey began to chant in Latin.

Gerard was to nervous to pay any attention to what Mikey was saying. He just sat there with one arm out, waiting.

Gerard couldn't believe that they were actually doing this. They would go to haunted houses, try to talk to ghosts, and watch horror movies, but never summon a ghost. He didn't know how Mikey made it sound like such a good idea. 'Mikey may be bad at talking in front of people he doesn't know,' Gerard thinks, 'but he sure as hell can be convincing.'

Before he knew it, Mikey was running the knife across Gerard's wrist. He didn't do it to hard, but it still hurt a lot. Not to mention that it bled a whole fucking lot.

'I never knew I could bleed so much,' Gerard thought as the blood dripped down his wrist. Well, streamed would be a better way to describe it. Or maybe poured. He wasn't exactly sure, he just knew that there was a lot of blood.

Quickly, Mikey grabbed the goblet and held it under Gerard's wrist to catch the blood.

Mikey said something else that Gerard wasn't paying attention, but this time, it was because of pain. As soon as Mikey put down the goblet, Gerard grabbed the bandages and wrapped them around his wrist. He pulls the hoodie he brought with him on quickly to hide the bandage, just in case someone saw them on their way back to the house.

Mikey starts to blow out the candles, when a wind blows them out. He shivers as the area seems to get colder.

"Uh, Gee? Is it just me or did it get, oh, I dunno, twenty degrees colder than it was a minute ago?"

Gerard nods and says, "C'mon, Mikes. Let's get out of here."

As Gerard starts to stand up, he hears a voice growl in his ear. He can barely make out what the voice is saying, but he does catch the word 'mine'.

His eyes widen in fear as he feels his muscles freeze.

"Hey, Gee, you okay?" Mikey asks, noticing his older brother's wide eyes.

"Y-yeah," Gerard stutters.

A second after the words leave his lips, Gerard feels an excruciating pain in his chest and he screams.

"Gerard!" Mikey shouts as his brother collapses on the forest floor
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