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Kyia's reason

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Kyia- One night my dad came home drunk i asked him were he was, like what took him so long.

Dad- Shut up I don't want to here you...
Kyia- what? i said in confusion.

he was about 1 foot in front of me.
he slapped me, and i went to the floor then he kicked me, i scram amd then he grabbed me by my hair and said "I told you to shut up."

then he let my hair go and went to his room.

i went to my room and locked my door.

the next nigh he came home drunk again luckily i was in my room cause he started braking stuff in the house.
it was like this for about a year until one night, he came and i was awake in our living room.

Dad- why the fuck are you here get out!!!
Kyia- dad i live here.
dad- shut up!!!
he yelled as he took his belt off.
he started to hit me in the face my legs arms every where. i scram and he then grabbed the twisty thingy off our window blinds and hit me with it.
Kyia- stop! i yelled at him.
Dad- what did you just say!!he yelled and hit me harder i went to the ground he started kicking and punching me. he grabbed me by my hair and dragged my to the stairs.

he pulled me up the stairs then he punched me in my gut and i fell down the stairs. when i hit the floor he started to walk down the stairs.
i was crying at least i didn't pass out. i was bruised and i was bleeding. i was bleeding on my legs, thighs,my butt,arms and my face.
I knew i couldnt stay there any more!
when he got down the stairs he grabbed me by my hair again and said know shut the fuck up, or else!!
DAd- next time you wont be so lucky.

Kyia- i fell asleep and woke up about 2:00 in the morning. i tried to get up but it hurt soo bad.
i went to my room packed up most of my stuff, some food, and my school stuff then i left.
i knew i had a twin and a mother some where but i didnt know where they lived so i figured that they might have the same last name i knew my mothers name by the pictures i saw cause the back of the pics had her name on them. so i looked her name and my last name up in the computer.
the computer gave me the address and what state they were in.
i was in Colorado and they lived here. so i got a bus ticket here. and school well i dont know how i switched schools but i did.

so please don't call him please he cant know i am here cause if he does i am most likely going to be in intensive care, or be dead.

i told my mom that he was on a business trip, i know i lied but he cant find out im here ever.

Haruhi- im sorry, but why didnt you contact the police ??\

Kyia- cause if he found out i called them he would kill me

Everyone- oohh
Miryoku- well your here know and he wont find you.
Kyia- i only hope he wont find me.
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