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OAL -Chapter 1

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Gerard can't stop thinking about his ex until he meets Frank.

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"A daydream spills from my corked head, breaks free of my wooden neck. Left a nod over sleeping waves, like bobbing bait for bathing cod, floating flocks of candled swans, slowly drift across wax ponds……"

'Behind the Sea' by Panic! at the Disco was playing in the small, dusty, old record and CD shop where I worked. It wasn't the biggest and best place to work but it kinda suited me well. A ray of light shined in through the small curtain covered window at the front of the store. The shelves of records where all aligned on the side of the store and the front door was slightly cracked. My mind was full of thoughts as I was sitting in the back desk of the cashier stand while working on a new sketch and blowing my raven black hair out of my face every few minutes. I'm Gerard, I'm 24 and I live in New Jersey. Not having the best day today, still trying to get over a break up that happened almost 4 months ago. Stella was her name, we dated for about 3 weeks and I was in love…… But she wasn't. She played me and then dumped me for her ex. Even though being 24 years old, she was my first real relationship and love. As the feeling of pain In my heart started to kick in, I pushed it out of my mind and continued on my sketch.

The door swung open and made a jingling noise coming from the bells hung at the top of the entrance. As I looked up, a smaller looking man walked in, he looked to be about 5'4. He was wearing a black t-shirt, gray skinny's and a silver studded belt with matching black Converse. His arms and hands where completely tattooed in permanent ink. He was on the thin side and had a half child, half man's face. He was beautiful. I sat up and threw my sketch pad under the desk. I could feel my heart racing and my face burning as the stranger walked towards the desk.

"Hello!" He said with a friendly smile.
"Oh uh, hi." I said stuttering a bit. Shit. Why did my stomach feel so twisted and weird? He looked me in the eyes.
"My name's Frank. Mind if I take a look?" He asked, pointing to the shelves stacked high with old records and CD's.
"I'm Gerard. Yeah, yeah of course…." I said nervously pushing the hair out of my face as I spoke. He walked over to the shelves and studied them, fingering through the old CD's. He was gorgeous. I put my hands on my face, oh dear God. Why where they so warm? What the hell is going on in my heart? Was I attracted to this stranger? I've never really been into boys that much….. But for some reason, I feel like I have a bigger crush on Frank now then I did when I liked Stella!

Frank started walking toward the front desk again, not helping the butterfly's in my stomach. He was holding Green Day's album, "Kerplunk!" and looking down at it. He set it on the counter and looked back up at me.

"So you're a Green Day fan?" I managed to say, smiling while ringing up the item.
"Yeah, actually got this one when it came out but the dogs got to it. I looked everywhere online and couldn't find a replacement. I'm so happy you guys have it!"
He spoke with great enthusiasm. He looked really glad and his smile was amazing. I almost stopped what I was doing because it was so mesmerizing to see him talk and look at me. Luckily I snapped out of it and finished with the cashier.

"Oh yeah, I'm a big Green Day fan too. We have all the CD's back there, probably where you found that one." I looked down at the machine, "That'll be 14.99$, please." Frank pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and pulled out a 20$. He handed it to me. I pulled back out a 5$ and handed it to him.
"Thanks and here is your change, sir." Frank took the change and the second he touched my hand I felt an electric shock throughout my entire body. I stopped myself from gasping and said "Hope you where happy with our selection, come again!" trying to crack an un-creepy smile. He looked at me and grinned.
"I was, and I will." He said and turned away.

As he walked out the door, I felt empty. Like my heart wasn't even in my chest anymore. Frank took it. And now I'm not getting it back.
I sat back down at the chair with my sketch pad again. But my head still couldn't lose the thoughts circulating through it. Only this time they weren't about Stella.

They where about Frank.

I put my hands on my face and rubbed my eyes as I thought this through. Only a minute had passed since he walked out the door and it felt more like a lifetime. Suddenly the door opened again and I looked up to see the same man who was in here before. It was Frank again! What was he doing back here though? Wait, that didn't matter I just can't believe I get to see him one last time! I stood up and tried to not let frank see the happiness/surprise in my face. He walked over to the counter with a small piece of paper in his hands.

"Here." He said and handed me the number. It had 7 numbers, the word "Frankie" and a smiley face written on it. My mouth almost dropped wide open when I realized it was his number! I looked up with a huge grin on my face.
"Thank you." Were the only words I was able to push off my tongue. His eyes stared into mine and the emptiness had left me.
"No problem. You should call me sometime." He said with a wink as he turned around and walked away. When he reached the door, he called out "See yah later, Gerard!" and disappeared into the streets outside.
Could this be what I needed to get over Stella?

Or was this much more?
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