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Just dreams?

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What happens when you have a dream, but it feels so real that you begin to believe in it? -Frerard?

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Hello People! I just want to write my 2° fic, I'm really excited! I write it in my grandma's house (Ohh inspiration....) This have some Frerard? I'm not sure. (Sorry if my english is not perfect, I usually speak spanish...) Please Enjoy! :D!

It was the night of 31 of December, just a few hours for New Year. All the people in the streets out of their homes with family, friends or getting drunk. Wow, there's a lot of people, but I mean A LOT, more than before... All of them buying beer and wine, just laughing and having a good time. I was having a good time too. The guys and I will go to a party in Bob's house, to the big count down for New Year and sure, today is his birthday (Shhh! It's a surprise!). For some reason (that I don't know because the guys don't want tell me) we dressed in Gerard's house after a tired day in the mall choosing and looking for a "perfect suit" for Gee. Jeez! He always let it for the last moment and he loss much time looking everything, after all, he look really sexy in his new clothes, wearing a.... wait, I’m getting off this. Back in the other history, we all dressed, in the living room and ready to go.
-All ready?- Ray asked. He looks like our mom taking care about all of us.
-Yep- I smile.
-You don’t forgot something Gee? Frank? Mikey?- Ray crossed his arms raising an eyebrow, looking seriously at us.
-No, can we go now?- Mikey imitated Ray's position.
-Yeah- Ray smile and walk away, Mikey follow him.
-C'mon- Gerard smile at me and grab my hand, fingers interlacing. We start to walk to the car. Suddenly, I feel something bad, I don't know what it is, but it feels horrible, my stomach feels twisted, and my mind had a weird moment, but it feels something bad, my eyes opened and I feel something weird crossing my chest, almost hurts.
I don't know, I think.. I think something bad will happen. The guys said that I have some powers like a psychic because every time that I said "will happen something bad or good", it happen. I looked at Gerard. He looks like me or worst, worry.
-Guys.... I feel something....-Gerard started
-What are you talking about?- Mikey asked
-Yes, I feel it too... Is like, I-I... I don’t know- I tried to day -Something, Something will happen....
-Frank, is another of your visions?- Ray asked
-Is not just Frank, Something will happen- Gerard said seriously.
-I don't feel it- Mikey said without any expression in his face, he was really desperate for go. -I don’t know you, but I’m going, with or without you guys. -He crossed his arms.
-Well, go. Frank and I stay here
-It's another of your jokes?
-No! It's real!
-Whatever, I'm going- Mikey enter in the car on the passenger seat and Ray in drive, and they go.
I sigh. Something bad gonna happen and I think is big. I'm scare, really fucking scare.-Gee, I don't think stay here is the best idea...
-I know...- He took me at his car an seat me in the passenger seat, he enter and started to drive.- We need found a place...
The environment was really different now, all the people screaming and running, cars uncontrolled, horror everywhere. But, the people feel the same? I mean, feel the same weird feelings that Gee and I are having?
Trying to escape of all the mess behind, I started to get worry for Ray, Mikey and Bob. They doesn't believe us (Bob doesn't know yet), They are fine?, They are safe?
A unexpected turn of wheels take me off my mind. I flip my body and my head out the car's window and I see something horrible. People screaming, running and some dying in the streets, cars crashing, houses burning, blood everywhere, The blinking lights of the city illuminating the panic, but why are happen this?
-Gerard, what are happen?- I flip again. Tears starting to fall- What is this?
-I don't know Frankie... I don't know- Scare in his face
-GERARD!- I turn the steering wheel for avoid a collision with a car. Searching a place, we come to a big street looked by cars. The best thing that we could do was keep moving.
-We need walk-Gerard said. We get out the car and walk. Run. Avoiding the other frantic people. Passing corpses in the sidewalk, I can't run faster, I feel something or someone is following us. What is this?
Then, Gerard stopped in shock panting.
-Gerard! Gee!-I stopped.
-I can't Frankie.... I can't- He whisper
-Gerard! Please! I know that you don't like exercise but, please! Keep running!- I beg. He still in shock, looking away.
He blink twice, looking at me with glassy eyes. -Leave me here. I'll be fine. Please, run away and save you- His eyes were hopeless
-NO!- I yell- I'll don't leave you, You come with me!- I took his hand and start to run again pulling him. He started to run again with me across the big street full of chaos.
I start to pant again when I look a big store in front. Is not a good place to hide but, It's something. We can get some stuff for abandon this city.
-We need to come there.- I pant pointing the big building.
-FRANK!- He took me from my chest and grab me from his side. A big piece of building was near to fall on me. Wait! Now explosions!? Fucking great! Gerard was hugging me and I cry.
-We need to go to the building quickly
-I-I K-know...
-Please, calm down Frankie.... We'll fine- He kissed my forehead.
He let me go. It looked like a million years before come to the store but we finally come. Inside was like outside, people screaming and running, making a mess in every part. We stay here for a while searching something that we can use. Really, I don't know what I'm looking for.
The people calm down in the store but, they started to close the building with large wooden tables. Closing the principal door, the backdoor, windows, and any place we could go out. Bad idea.
-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?- One of them yelled
-Closing every exit- A women said
-Nothing can enter, nothing can go out- Her eyes tired and desperate
-What are we doing now?- I said to Gerard
-Follow me, we need find an exit- Running against everything in our way, we come to the clothes section in the store. Stirring all trying to find an exit, I flip to look the wood and the people working it. They are crazy? Why they don't want to leave? They can find a better place to go.
Then, I heard something pushing and blowing fierce in the wood of the doors. I started to enter in panic.
-What is going on here?- Gerard said. His voice calm me a little, the feeling of him in my side.
I search an exit desperately. Getting off all the things on my way. I was tired, angry and scared.
-Gee! I found an exit!- I yell more happy than each person in this fucking moment. The hope returns.
He ran at me, and looked that I found an air duct. We try to unscrew it. But then.... The wood in the doors, windows, the others air ducts flew away. The duct was free and we can go out now.
-Frank. Out. Now.- Gerard only can say, looking with horror at the scene. I nod, entering in the duct, Gerard follow me.
I heard another explosion and then, I saw black.

I woke from my dream, sweating and panting heavily. What was that? I looked at myself, everything is fine. I looked to my side, Gerard was sat in the bed.
-Morning- He said to me
-Morning- I said back
-A bad dream huh?- He said seriously
-Yeah... really bad- I took my hand to my face, I was crying? Gerard's hugs me.
-Me too- He whisper
-Where are Ray, Mikey and Bob?- I asked worried
-In their rooms. I think we have the same dream, if is it, don't worry, they're fine- He try to smile at me
-Gee.... It was just a dream?- I said resting in his chest
-Just a dream- He said stroking my cheek with his thumb
I hope it was a dream, and not something more. But, why I was dreaming that? People dying? Horror? And it doesn't feel like other nightmare, no. I think it was something more. I mean, something destroy almost everything, but, I never see it, I just feel it. And why Gerard had the same dream? That means something? Why I don't knew something about Ray, Bob or Mikey after all? A lot of questions invading mi mind. I can tell you that it was just a nightmare but it feels so real. I'm confused. But why happen that in my dream? Can anybody tell me why?


What do you think? Sorry, it's a crap. The truth is, I had this strange dream the last night and when I woke up I think that was a great idea for a fanfic. I don't know if I want to keep writing this because, it was a dream, if I had another... I will write it (: But, I'm a crap trying to write some like this without inspiration or without a dream...
I love my dreams but that was weird .__.
Well, Please! Please! Please! Rate and Review (:
Love you guys! ;)

-xoxoMidnight's Noise
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