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Everythings Perfect

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Brendon and Ryan have sex. Yeah, that's it. One shot.

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"Get down!" Brendon shouted at Ryan pushing him gently onto the bed,
"What are you going to do?" Ryan asked sweating a little, Brendon winked,
"You'll see..." Brendon turned around un-zipping his flyers "Oh you will see."
Brendon turned back around his wet penis hanging out, he pulled down his trousers and underwear before jumping onto Ryan,
"GET OFF ME!" His best friend shouted kicking and punching the air,
"But Baby you know you want it." Brendon said pulling down Ryan's trousers and kissing his boxer line.
"Brendon stop it..." Ryan said sweating a little, Brendon just winked and pulled down Ryan's underwear licking the top of his long penis, Brendon put his mouth over the penis and started to suck it, he started slowly then got faster and faster, Ryan let out a slight groan and Brendon knew that Ryan liked it, eventually Brendon was going extremely fast
"Brendon... I'm gonna..." Ryan warned, but it was too late, Ryan let out a loud moan, Brendon swallowed the liquid, getting up and kissing Ryan,
"I love you." Brendon said smiling,
"I..." Ryan tried to say but Brendon put his finger on Ryan's soft lips to hush him,
"I know baby." Brendon said grabbing Ryan's hand and pulling him to the bathroom where they both stripped each other then getting into the shower. Brendon twisted the cold tap and out came some cooling water, it started to get hotter, Brendon grabbed Ryan's hips, kissing him then turning him around,
"Brendon..." Ryan said worrying a little,
"It's okay Baby." Brendon said pushing his soaking wet penis into Ryan's tight hole, Ryan moaned softly, putting his hands on the soaking shower wall,
"Oh God Brenny, I love you" Ryan said between moans making Brendon thrust faster, Ryan let out a loud moan and in walked Spencer,
"What's goi-.." Spencer started, "Oh my God, Guys seriously?! In my shower? Ew!" Spencer shouted at the two males. With that Brendon stopped and fell down, he was out of breath,
"That was the best sex ever..." He said between deep breaths,
"Yeah well next time, use your own shower." Spencer said walking out and muttering to himself.

[/The end :3 Hope you enjoyed this weird One shot
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