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The nightmares come to life

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Franks p.o.v
It had been 2 hours since we left Ray... After i found him, i called Gee and after a breif summary of what had happened he came and helped me get Ray to the car. We took him home and i stayed for a bit with him. Luckily his parents weren't home, i helped him too his room and layed him on his bed. For a while i cat there with him, hugging him and rubbing his back as he sobbed into his shoulder. Minutes passed and Ray asked if he could have time on his own. I told him that if he was sure, and that i would be back tomorrow.
When i got home, i ran upstairs and cried. I couldn't understand why he didn't tell us, why he didn't asks us to help him. Those 2 words he said to me will scar me forever.... 'save me' I will, i will do what ever it takes to save him.

Ray's p.o.v
After a few hours rest i sat up and decided i needed some painkillers and a drink. I stumbled out of bed and headed for my door. I swung it open and headed down the stairs. Once down, i walked into the kitchen, grabbed 2 painkillers and a glass of water and walked back up the stairs and into my room. I took the pills and snuggled back down into bed to try and get a bit more sleep.
--time lapse--
I rolled over to see my dad's face. He had a grin like a cheshire cat plastered on his face. Only bad things could happen now. I sat up in my bad to see my mum standing at my door. I began to panic as my bad pulled off my duvet covers, i was only in my boxers and a baggy top.
"Looks like someone's beat me to it love!" he laughed to my mum.
"He should be ready for you then" she chuckled evily back
He turned his attetion back to me, and widened his eyes as he stood up and stradled me.
I shook my head in attempt to get out of it.
"Naha sugar, I'm gonna enjoy this"
He ripped down my boxers and pulled of his jeans and own boxers.
He moved himself further up me untill his member was in my face.
"suck it" he ordered
I pulled my head back refusing but he grabbed hy hair and pusshed his member into my mouth.
"Now suck it. and if you bite the consequnces will be severe...."
My eye's welled up with tears as i moved my mouth up and down his length. He moaned as as thrust into my mouth, showing that he wanted me to go faster. I moved my head faster and faster as he screamed out my name before emptying his load into me.
"swallow it"
I did as i was told, hoping that he was done. I tried to move of my bed but he stopped me, shoving me onto my front.
"I'm not done yet sugar, i've still got one more thing to do..."
I buried my face into the pillow as he spoke the words, tears overloaded my eyes and spilled out onto the pillow. I knew what was coming next.
I felt him postion his member on me as he chuckled. My mum continued to stand at the door way as my dad continued.
I began to think about Frankie and early, i must of really hurt him, i've realy got to talk too him when i next see hhh......
"AHHHHH" i screamed as the trust his member into me.
"Your a tight little whore aren't you?!"
He continued to thrust harder and further into me. I warm liquid leak down my leg. He'd ripped me again. He continued to thorw himself into me, shouting my name in the process. I couldn't hold anymore tears back, i let them freely flow as i screamed.
"Aww, look he's crying" my mother laughed.
"Maybe it's tears of joy. that finally he's being fucked cause no=one else loves him"
He thrust more violently, his balls crushing against my arse cheeks.
"NOO" i cried as he hit my prostate, i didn't want to scrwam, he woould get the i dea that i was enjoying myself into his twisted and sickening mind.
"Harder boy, more boy?" he said between each breathe.
He began moving his hands up and down my body, exploring each part. His lips reached my back as he dug his teeth into me, sucking each bit.
He took his final thrusts and empty his second load into me, screaming.
"there's a good boy" I whimpered as he smacked my already sore and bleeding arse.
"Don't worry, we can have more nights like this darling" he chuckled as he walked out the door, my mother closly behind.
As he shut more door, i curled up on my bed and sobbed.... why me....

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Never let them take you alive
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