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Cravings and Sickness


Gerard's cravings make him sick. Mikey tries to make him feel better.

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Gerard rummaged through the fridge, looking for something to eat. Anything
His stomach growled, the cravings were seriously pissing him off. He saw some chicken, and sauce. Oh, and peanut butter too. He ran over to the stove, and poured the chicken and hot sauce. He watched it fry,smiling at the smell. After that was done,he grabbed the peanut butter, and smeared it on the chicken. He bit into it, and smiled at the taste. It was so fricken good. He took another bite, savoring it. Pretty soon, he was almost done. He looked at the last piece. He swallowed,and looked down at it.
He suddenly dropped the chicken, and raced for the bathroom. Mikey heared his brother's footsteps. He peeked in.
Gerard heaved.
"You feeling OK? Or is it the cravings?"
"Its the cravings..." He puked again.
Mikey moved Gerard's hair out of his face. He looked at his elder brother. Gerard was sweaty, and pale, his eyes had bags under them, and his lips were chapped.
"Gerard, you don't look so hot."
"I don't feel so hot," he moaned, feeling the bathroom blur before his eyes.
Mikey moved his hand on Gerard's head.
"Gee, you need to sleep."
"I can't. My stomach hurts, and the little sucker is doing backflips."
"Nice, Geezy."

Gerard threw up again. Mikey looked at his brother's puke-soaked shirt.
"That's gross, Gee."
Gerard pulled off the shirt, and went to the couch to lie down. Lindsey came in.
"How's Gee feeling?"
"He just stopped throwing up, about a minute ago."
Gerard flipped on the TV, and saw Family Guy was on. It was the episode where Peter made his own fireworks, and blew off his fingers. His stomach churned.
Mikey looked at him, and grabbed the trash can.
He quickly slid it under Gerard's nose. Gerard gagged, feeling his vision blur. He vomited the little he had in his stomach back up.
"Mikey, get my headphones."
"It'll make me stop throwing up."
Mikey rummaged through the drawer and found Gerard's iPhone, and his headphones.
"Thanks little bro."
"Don't mention it bro."
Gerard popped in the earbuds, and put on Green Day's, Dookie
"Chump" was playing.
He threw up, again. Lindsey popped in.
"Gee, you feeling OK?"
"I'm fine its just--I just have a stomach virus."
"A stomach virus?" Mikey quirked an eyebrow.
"You're not believing me?" Gerard looked close to tears.
"It, its not that Gee. You just look really uhm...pregenant." Mikey whispered.
"Say it...out loud." Gerard snarled.
"Pr...pregenant." Mikey stammered.
"Shit, Mikey. I'm a fricken freak!!"
"No, Gee--"
"MIKEY!! Admit hate me!" Gerard wailed.
"I don't hate you bro."
Gerard gripped his shirt. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He thought it would go away.
He looked down at the carpet, and promptly threw up on it.
"Yuck! Gerard!" Mikey gasped. "Lindsey! Gee threw up again!"
Lindsey came in with the lemon scented stuff, and Gerard grabbed his growing stomach. He took the trash can, and went for the spare bedroom.

Mikey looked at Lindsey, "He's really sick. The morning sickness should be gone by now."
Lindsey wiped away a tear, "I know Mikey."

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