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Three months had passed and Frank and I were still together. We only spent time together in public, or at my brother’s house, which kind of disappointed me. Every time I suggested going to his place, he’d quickly change the subject. I decided I was going to bring it up.

“Frankie…” I started, and snuggled into his chest a little bit more.

“Hm?” He asked.

“…Why don’t you ever want me to be at your apartment?” I asked, trying to make it as innocent as possible.

“You know what, speaking of apartments, did you hear people are all ready buying valentines day presents? It’s like… three months away… How about we go to a nice restaurant, a movie, and then go to a hotel and order the hell out of room service…” He said. This is what he did every time.

“How about we go to your house, and order the hell out of a pizza place…” I said.

“Or, we could go to Seattle, for a week and skinny dip in a hot tub at a really… really… nice hotel…” He started. “Oh, and, I may have forgotten to tell you, but, I got you an early birthday present…”

“Is it… a trip down to your apartment?” I asked.

“No… It was a new bass, a new amp, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff… Speaking of fun stuff… You wanna go play laser tag?” He continued to avoid the subject.

“Frank, I want to go to your apartment for once!” I groaned.

“Why would you want to do that, it’s so much cozier here…” He said.

“I want to because it’s more private, and I’ve never been to your apartment before!” I said, getting a little irritated.

“You’ve seen it…” He said.

“The outside…” I said and shot him a glare.

“You’re so silly…” He said, and smiled a little.

“You’re right…” I started. “It’s not important…” I smirked as I crawled on top of Frank and started kissing him passionately. I slipped my hand into his front right pocket, and felt around for his keys. I grabbed them, sprang off the mattress, slid on the floor a little, and sprinted down the stairs. I heard him following me, so I sped up and hopped in my car with no concern about buckling my seatbelt.

I barely had my car door shut when I saw Frank get in his own vehicle.


I ran into the building and Frank was still trying to find a place to park. This was actually kind of fun. Even though Frank was probably going to be really pissed at me, I didn’t care. I was going to wait for him to get up there, and give him the choice as to whether or not he would let me in. This was just to make sure there was no bogus excuse as to why he didn’t want me in there, or why we “couldn’t get in.”

I was up to about the third flight of steps and my level of energy started to decrease dramatically. I got tired, I could barely breath, and I was starting to hate steps. I panted, huffed, and puffed my way up to the fourth floor, and went straight to the door that read 4E. I sat down in front of the door, and soon heard footsteps running up the stairwell.

Frank peered out the window directly at his door, then down at me. He sighed, opened the door and walked over.

“What the fuck is this about?” He asked, wheezing.

“I could ask you the same question.” I pointed out.

“Excuse me?” He said.

“Why don’t you want me in your apartment?” I asked.

“What’s the big deal with you not being in my apartment? My place isn’t the only place with a roof in the world…” He said.

“When I asked you if you wanted to try and find a place for us to share… But, no. You said that you’re house is cozy enough for you.” I started. “So it’s clearly not that you’re trying to escapes your house… Is it like… Messy in there, or something? I can help you clean…”

“Mikey… It’s complicated, and you’d probably be pissed off…” He sighed.

“Try me.” I said with a small smile, and tossed him his keys.

He gave me a look, and I continued to smile. He opened the door hesitantly, and I walked in and was completely baffled by what I saw.

“Holy fucking shit, Frank!” I said, and looked over at him.

To be continued… Muahahahaha…
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