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This is the best day ever.

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Frerard. After being dumped by his girlfriend, on Valentines day no less, Frank finds someone better. His best friend.

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hey there guys, just a quick little one shot I came up with today at the hospital. When I got home I decided to just type it up and post it. I hope that you like it. If you haven`t read the note I posted on Friday, could you please do so? It is important. I hope you like this, and yes, I know we aren`t anywhere near valentines day. Please let me know what you think of this.
Valentine’s Day, one of the most well known one day holidays celebrated and the most romantic. It was a time where many sickeningly happy couples spent the entire day (and night) together, partaking in the silliest of things, doing nothing but acting sickening and lovey dovey all day. Around the globe on that arguably pointless day, thousands, possibly millions of bouquets of flowers, all ranging in prices were purchased, along with boxes of heart shaped candies and chocolates, and sometimes other disgusting gifts like perfumes and glittery pink cards. It was a time where the boyfriend would treat that one special, lucky girl in his life like a princess for the whole day, something, in Gerard Way`s opinion should be done every day.

He did not like Valentine’s Day, in fact he hated it, Gerard loathed it with a deep and burning passion. It was a stupid holiday, one without a point to it. It was not like the raven haired, band tee wearing teenager was bitter or jealous of those who enjoyed this day, it most certainly was not like that at all. And the tiny little fact that he was nineteen and had never spend a valentine’s day with some before, it wasn’t that either.
And it most defiantly wasn’t like the small, tiny little fact that Gerard had been head over heels in love with his best friend ever since he was thirteen, because it didn’t bother him, it didn’t. it wasn`t like he was sat there, head in his crimson pillows to muffle his heartbreaking sobs, daydreaming about said best friend and him spending this day together as a happy couple, because he most certainly wasn`t.
“I am so sick of this…” Gerard mumbles, speaking to no one in particular, it wasn’t like badly painted black and blue walls were listening to him, was it? He sits up, clutching the pillows to his pale, bare chest, a small frown on his equally pale face, his hazel eyes clouded over with pain and bitterness.
Frank was probably out there right now somewhere with Jamia, his girlfriend of eleven months, having a great time, pampering her with presents and kissing her and telling he loved her every opportunity he got. Gerard didn’t like Jamia, he didn`t like her one bit. But not because he was jealous, of course he wasn`t. He was happy for his best friend, he was overjoyed for him. He just wishes that Frank didn’t need Jamia to be happy.
Sighing, a long drawn out tired one, he grabs the remote that was sat on his bedside table, before lying back down on his unmade bed, switching the small TV on. It turned onto some crappy move channel, the previous night he had been watching some shitty, unscary horror film out of boredom. The small screen showed two people, a dark haired teenager sat on the beach with a tan, blonde hired girl. Nothing wrong with this, huh? Apart from the fact that the two were sucking face like there was no tomorrow, adding to poor Gerard`s dismal feelings of loneliness and jealously.
Groaning he switched the television off, wondering idly if the two actors needed air.
“Gerard, Frank is here!” Mikey, Gerard brown haired, awkward younger brother knocks once on the door, alerting him of his presence, before pushing the door open.
“Get out, Mikes. I`m not in the mood!” Gerard groans again, covering his face once more with the pillow.
Wait…frank was here? Shouldn’t he be out with Jamia, having a fucking great time acting all lovey dovey and shit?
Sitting up trying to hide his confusion and happiness from Mikey he asks, “What do you mean Frank`s here?”
Answering his question a head pops through the door, one with stylishly messy red and black hair, a scruffy side fringe and sparkling chocolate eyes, causing Gerard`s stomach to do some kind of odd, uncomfortable flips and twists.
The younger boy looks up at his friend, forcing out a brief smile, his eyes red and puffy, the usual red eyeliner smudged down his pale cheeks.
“Hey Gee.” Gerard practically throws himself off of his bed, kicking the covers off of him, and rushes over to the doorways were his best friend and crush was stood, looking almost completely broken.
“I`m going to go and get some drinks, yeah?” Mikey asks, before leaving the room.
“What`s up Frankie?” Gerard asks his voice full of care and concern for the younger boy.
Frank sighs shakily; more salty tears threaten gin to escape from his perfect eyes. Before he can help himself Gerard reaches out with a slightly trembling hand and wipes the fresh tear s away, a faint pink blush appearing on Frank`s face.
“Jamia dumped me.” he admits to Gerard, collapsing on is friend’s unmade bed, sighing deeply.
Fury fills Gerard. How dare Jamia do that to frank!? He was amazing, so kind and talented and completely gorgeous! She was a fool. Why would anyone lucky enough to be with Frank Iero want to even consider dumping him? The thought should never enter their minds! Gerard would give anything to be with him, something that sadly would never happen. Not in a million fucking years.
“That bitch did what?!” Frank winces at Gerard`s harsh, hate filed tone.
“She called me and said she didn`t love me. I mean at least have the guts to tell me to my face.” Frank closes his eyes, more tears escaping from them, sliding down his checks, tasting of salt and pain.
“I don`t even know what I did, I thought things were going great and then she dumps me, on fucking valentine’s day as well!”
Gerard sits down next to him, perching right on the edge of the bed, wrapping one arm around his shoulders, trying his best to comfort his friend without giving too much away.
“You didn’t do anything Frankie, you always treated her real good, she just wasn’t worth it. You’ll find someone better than Jamia one day, and you`ll be happy with them.” I just wish it could be me.
“Do you mean that gee?” Frank asks his voice full of disbelief and doubt. Right now he felt lower than low, he felt like he was past rock bottom, after all, his girlfriend had just dumped him, without a proper reason, on valentine’s day, after he had spent weeks finding the right gift for her and planning the day, right down to the lat second. He fucking loved that girl, with all his heart and she had just thrown it all away without a care.
“I mean it Frankie, I really do.” Gerard places a quick kiss against his forehead, the two teens blushing at the action.
Frank looks up at him, a little confused but says nothing. In truth he had actually liked it. At one point in his life, when he was about thirteen or fourteen he had a pretty big crush on his friend, but he had tried to forget it, push it away and deny it. He was too afraid of what people what say, of what Gerard would say.
Frank hadn’t thought about it for years, but right now, sitting here alone with him in his room, the way the week February sunlight breaking through the black curtains, illuminating Gerard`s pale face, Frank had to admit that he looked kind of…pretty.
Without thinking he leant forward and in one quick motion captured his friend`s slightly chapped, surprised lips with his own, for the sweetest, briefest moment. Then when he realised what he had done, he pulled back, his cheeks flushed with shame.
Gerard was shocked to say the least, but he soon overcame it and grabbed hold of Frank, pulling him loser, recapturing his soft, warm lips in another sweet kiss.
“I-What?” Frank was the first to pull away again, after a few seconds of pure bliss for the two teens.
“I`m sorry…I thought…never mind. I`m sorry.”
“Did you just…kiss me?”
Gerard blushes deeply. “Yeah…” he awkwardly scratches the back of his neck, unsure what to do or say.
“I…I think I…liked It.” he looks at him uncertainly, hazel eyes meeting chocolate ones, each boy seeing the same reaction in the others, confusion, uncertainly and hope. they both burst out laughing, Frank quickly pecking Gerard on the lips once, more before resting his head on his shoulder, his hair tickling Gerard`s skin.
“Well I liked it too…” Gerard grins, feeling the happiest he had in well, ever.
“What did you like?” Mikey asks, re-entering the room, holding three cans of coke and a few bags of crisps.
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