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Chapter 4

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Frank loves attention.

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Frank's POV

Usually, I would be one of the first members of The Tempters to arrive at our little Headquarters, but today I reached it at snail's pace. Thoughts of the gorgeous man from yesterday inhibiting my ability to rush things. I had run into him while Officer Patski was taking me back to my cell.

Earlier that day, I was still confined in my tiny holding cell after the Ricardo incident in the canteen, but I grew restless. Hours of contemplating left me paranoid; memories and flashbacks of Henry were plaguing my mind. Therefore, I hatched a simple plan to get some much needed fresh air.

While some of the guards were making their daily rounds, I strayed to the bars that were holding me captive. When an Officer walked past me, I grabbed hold of his uniform and pleaded that he let me shower; since I 'accidently' pissed my pants in my sleep. After a disgusted grimace, the guard agreed, opening the cell door and stepping aside slightly to allow me to exit. As soon as he turned to lock the door again, I made a run for it. I ran until I ended up at the door leading to the excercise yard. I didn't even get a change to push the doors open and inhale the dry air when Officer Patski tackled me to the ground and hand-cuffed me.

As aforementioned, I spotted the beauty when I was being escorted back to my cell with a promise that I wouldn't be allowed out until the next day. He was walking with Macleaf and Jones, talking animatedly about god knows what. We both gazed at each other when we stopped walking. He had long black hair and startling green eyes that almost made me hard. The need for sex had been surpressed for too long and the guy's well rounded ass clad in black suit trousers could prove too much for my self control. I winked and saw him blush. Yeah, the guy wants me. I didn't get to say anything since Patski chose that as the perfect moment to nudge me forcefully in the direction of my cell and out of sight of the beautiful man.


I was sat down at the head of the table in a heated discussion with Dominic and Lee the next day, when he walked in. All chatter about smuggling some Cocaine into the prison halted when I set eyes on him. The man from yesterday was wearing a guard uniform. The dark navy of the shirt hung onto his slim frame and tightened around his toned biceps as he moved. He made his way over to Jones and was welcomed with a pat on the back and a wide grin. I couldn't hear what they were saying but I saw his eyes scan the crowded room and land on me. I averted my gaze when I saw him blush and turned back at the men sitting before me.

"His name is Gerard Way. Warden Granger hired him yesterday. Heard he's clean, no record at all." Lee informed me. I guess he noticed me staring at Gerard for a while.

"What makes you think I wanna know about that guy? 'S'not like I'm planning to fuck him in the showers." I grunted unemotionally, all the while filling myself with glee when the thought of pinning that sex machine in the showers under the hot drizzle of water and pounding into him came to me.

"Well sorry boss... but you were boring holes in his face with all that staring you were doing, so I guessed you'd wanna know." Lee shrugged, his dirty blond hair covering his face when he looked down at his empty plastic food tray. I took another peek at Gerard when I couldn't resist the temptation anymore. I have to at least talk to him. They don't call me 'boss' for nothing around here. I stood up hastly and marched over to the new guy that the Carniceros were terrorizing a while back. He was sitting on the floor at the side of the hall with his untouched food in front of him. I felt a bit of sympathy towards this lowly character but I went ahead with my plan nonetheless. This was the only guy who I could do this to without it leading to a full blown gang war.

"Hey you!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, making sure that everyone in the canteen heard me and raised their heads to see what was going on. The acne faced lad looked at me with frightened eyes. He didn't say anything even though it was obvious that I was speaking to him, and that made me angry. He pleaded with his teary eyes but I had to do this. I swung my foot back with as much force as I could muster and kicked him full in the chest. He choked on his shock and cried out to the high heavens, his pain-filled screams swirling around the unusually quiet room. I prepared to hit him again when I felt strong arms holding me back.

You see, I'm not the most conventional guy out there. I couldn't just go up to Officer Way and flirt, I had to make a scene, get all attention on me. I twisted my head to the right to see if my plan worked. It had. Gerard's arms were encircling my unmoving waist and dragging me back from the crying boy. I grinned manaically and leaned into his touch.

"Hello, handsome. Are those pants made out of Space Shuttle parts? Because your ass is out of this world!" He glanced at me like I was insane and blushed furiously, looking down when I cackled. He pulled me back from the scene going on in front of us and towards Officer Jones, who was glaring at me with an intensity that could freeze Hell over.

"Way, take him to the Warden. I told him what happened. Cuff him first, and be careful. Iero isn't the kind of person you want to assosciate with." Jones instructed, turning his glare on Gerard to make sure he got the message. He nodded eagerly and placed cuffs on my willing wrists, his skin brushing against mine softly and sending shivers down my spine.

"You must use a lot of lotion on those soft hands, pretty boy. Maybe you'd like another type of lotion all over your body." I murmured in his ear when he began leading me out of the mess hall and towards Granger's office. He said nothing, only leaning out of my reach unsuccessfully. He still had to hold me in a firm grip to make sure I don't run away or try to stab him. We shuffled along the deserted corridors at fairly averege pace; every time Gerard started walking faster, I slowed down, wanting to prolong our time together. When the silence between us became deafening, I heard him sigh.

"So, why did you hit that guy?" He grumbled. Oh god, even his throaty voice was fuckable.

"Ah! The man can talk!" I paused briefly, trying to add meaning to my words. "You wanna know why I hit him? To get your attention of course!" I said, as if it should have been obvious from the very beginning. He scoffed looked at me incrediously. The look of shock in those green eyes made me question my sanity once more.

"Are you fucking serious? You kicked the life out of that poor guy to talk to me? Why didn't you just come up to me and say something?" Now it was my turn to stare at him blindly. Is he shitting me?

"Do you even know who I am? That's not how I work. I'm Frank fucking Iero! Leader of the most bloodthirsty prison gang in America! You ever head of the Tempters?" I ask in a condensating manner, as if I was asking him to prove me wrong. He nodded meekly.

"So I can't just walk up to you like that. I gotta make sure every piece of shit in this hell-hole knows who's in charge. When I want something, I get it. So you better watch your back hotstuff, that sweet little be-hind of yours will be mine before you know it." I licked my lips to illustrate my point and felt him shudder against my restraints. I turned to the direction I was walking and chose to ignore his persistant stare. We arrived at the Warden's office sooner than I would have wanted and I drew in a breath, grabbing hold of the door knob when I heard a meek voice.

"I'll wait outside and take you back to your room when you're done." He mumbled softly, barely loud enough for me to hear. Again, I chose to ignore his presence simply to aggravate him.

When I stepped into the seasoned room, I instantly felt the contrast of temperature between my current surroundings and those I had been not a minute ago.

"Good afternoon Frank." The Warden was pacing behind his mahogany desk, occasionally peeking out through the window.

"'Sup Grange." My informal and aggressive tone left the man unscathed; he continued pacing, as if not aknowledging that I had spoken.

"You and I both know that there is nothing I can say to stop you attacking other inmates. I understand, it's who you are, I can't change that. Just please, tone it down a bit? Stop giving the new guys such a rough time, let them have some time to settle in." The pacing was incessant. The man made that whole speech while moving, never glancing my way and making eye contact to try to intimidate me as usual. I said nothing. This was not unusual. The man often tried to send me down the 'right path', and I often refused; choosing instead to laugh at his ignorance and promise to do worse the next time around.

He sighed deeply and looked at me for the first time in days.

"C'mon Frank. Just because the death penalty is illegal in this state, it doesn't mean you can't be transferred somewhere where its not. Is that what you want? Is that where you want to end up, Frank? A pile of charred flesh in an electric chair? A lifeless lump strapped down to a metal table?" His warm eyes pleaded with me to change my ways. But just as before, I had no intention to do what he wants. If I die, then so be it.

"Well then. Let them get me. I don't care. I won't give up my title for some bratty shits who stole from their grandmas. I'm better than that. Hell, even that one-eyed fuck is better than that. I don't see why you keep trying to 'better' me. It's not gonna work." I said, standing my ground. Granger looked down at his feet for a brief moment and back at me.

"Fine. Do whatever you want. Just be warned, one more outburst like that and you are on a one-way ticket to paradise. Go back to your cell and tell Officer Way to get in here, I want to have a few words with him."

I nodded glumly and walked out of the stuffy room, indicating Gerard to enter the foreboding office.

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