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Burn This City Down

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Bassicly a Killjoy fic with twists and turns. Rated R for language, some violence and some sex scenes. It's my first story, so don't be too mean =)

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A/N Hey! This is my first story and I wasn't too sure about posting this, so please don't be too mean if you don't like the story. Just a heads up, there is a rape scene in this chapter, but it doesn't go into too much detail when it's happening. Anyways, here's the first chapter and I hope you enjoy it =D

Burn This City Down

Chapter One - Ugly Scars


"Acid, look out!" Acid Bullet's sister, Death Day, shouted from behind her while they were running from several Draculoids.
Acid dodged a lazer beam, that almost hit her head, and she started shooting aimlessly behind her.
Acid started looking around her to see if there were any cars or bikes they could steal so they could get out of Battery City, a place both of them knew they didn't belong. Acid spotted a car with the BL/ind logo on in, it was more of a truck since it could fit ten Dracs inside.
"Death, get in the car." Acid ordered her thirteen year-old sister.
"It's a Drac's car!" She shouted.
"A car's a fucking car, get inside!" She shouted back.
Death obeyed her sister and got inside the Draculoid's car. Acid fired at a couple of Dracs hitting them directly in the chest. Acid couldn't help but smile at herself as she watched them fall to the ground.
She got into the drivers seat and drove away as quickly as the car would allow her.
"Fuck that was a close one." Death said, taking her blue mask away from her face.
"I know. You okay?"
"I'm fine." She temporarily took her eyes off of the road to look at her little sister's face. She was lying.
"You're lying to me."
"No I'm not."
"Yes you are, I can tell when you're lying. You always look at the floor and bite your lip, now tell me what's wrong."
"I was shot."
Death pulled up her sleeve to display the burnt flesh on her arm. There was blood leaking out of the wound, but fact that there was smoke coming out of the wound bothered Acid more than the blood.
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"I couldn't risk you getting distracted by worrying about me, you remember what happened to mom and dad."
Acid cringed when Death mentioned their perants. Their perants had died back in 2014 when Death was only eight when they died and Acid raised her ever since then. Acid had just turned nineteen. Acid couldn't deny that looking after Death wasn't hard, but she loved her little sister more than anything, she was all she had left.
"The second we get back into the Zones we're going to see Dr.Death." Dr.Death found Acid and Death in the desert when Acid was fifteen and when Death was only nine. Dr.Death gave them food and a place to say until Acid was sixteen. Acid became one of BL/ind's most wanted and she thought that she was putting Dr.Death and Show Pony at risk with her being there so ever since then, Death and Acid travelled in the Zones. Acid didn't like to stay in one place too long incase Dracs or S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/Ws found them.
"Sorry I mentioned mom and dad, I-"
"It's okay, Death, it's not your fault."
Death felt a pang of guilt run through her body when her sister remained quite for the rest of the journey into the Zones. Death stared at the wound on her arm, the blood still continued to run down her arm and the smoke had dialed down a little, but it was still filling the air around her.
Death turned the radio on and Dr.Death's chanel was on. Draculoids had radio's in the cars incase Dr.Death gave away any information on where any Killjoys were or where they might be.
It was three o'clock in the afternoon, that was usually Show Pony's slot in Dr.Death Defying's show.
"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now. Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now. Yeah, I could use a dream or genie or a wish to go back to a place much simpler than this, 'cause after all the partyin', the smashin', the crashin' and all the glitz and the glam and the fasion. And all the pandamonium, the madness, there comes a time when you fade to the blackness, and when you starin' at the phone in yo lap and you hopin' but the people never call you back. But that's just how the story unfolds . . ."
"Sorry to inturpt the show, folks, but there thanks to the Fabulous Killjoys, there's Dracs in Zones five and six and fires in the same Zones. Stay safe, Motorbabies." Dr.Death inturupted the song.
Death smiled at the fact The Fabulous Killjoys started a fire, even though she'd never met them before, the Fabulous Killjoys were her secrate heros. Ever since her perant's death, she'd lost faith in things like happy endings and heros, but when she found out about the Fabulous Killjoys, they gave her hope for the world, they gave her hope for the future.
"We're almost there now. How's your arm doing?" Acid asked her sister.
She lied for her sisters sake. "It's not as bad as it looks."
"You're lying again, I've been shot before, it hurts like hell. Look, I understand that you don't want to get me worried, but lying to me about it doesn't help anything."
"Look, I'm sorry, Lexia-"
"It's not Lexia anymore, Death." Acid's real name was Alexandria, Lexia for short, it hurt Acid whenever someone called her by her real name, it just reminded her of the life she had before BL/ind and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W.
"You know what I mean, I just don't want you worrying about me."
"It's a little too late for that."
The tension in the car increased, you could almost taste it in the air.
You could tell that Acid and Death were sisters withouth even having to think twice about it. They both had the same icey green eyes and pale skin, Death just looked like a younger version of her older sister. The only differences between Acid and Death were that Acid had black hair she'd started dying when she was fifteen and Death had her natural color of light brown hair. Death had begged her sister to let her dye her hair countless times, but the answer was always the same. 'Not until you're fifteen' her sister would say to her.
Once they got to Dr.Death's, they both got out of the car and walked into the old Diner. Death tried to pull her sleeve down so she could hid the mark on her arm, but it was too painful.
"Acid? That you, sweetie?" Acid looked at Dr.Death. He looked completely different to the man who'd once taken her in a couple of years ago. The man who helped her looked like he was in his forties, he had short, clean hair, his face was free of facial hair and he had fairly pale skin, but this man who was in front of her looked older, his hair was long and greasy, a beard had grown on his face, his skin was tanned and he was now sitting in a wheel chair.
"Hey, Dr.Death? Is that you?"
He smiled at her. "It sure is, Acid." She bent down to hug him.
When she pulled away he looked at Death.
"Death Days?"
She smiled. "Hey Dr.Death."
She hugged him, but winced in pain when her arm touched his back. He noticed her wince and he pulled away, looking at her arm.
"Fuck." She mumbled when he touched the wound.
"We really need your help. We were in Battery City and we got caught by some Dracs."
"I'd offer to help, but I think that Jet Star should do it. He's got more medical experience than me, kid."
"Wait, Jet Star as in the Jet Star from the Fabulous Killjoys?" Death said, rasing her eye brows.
"Hey, Dr.Death, Show Pony wanted me to tell you that he's gone to get some more tunes from the Zones." Party Poison and Kobra Kid walked in. "Sorry, didn't know we had company."
"This is Acid Bullets and Death Days. Acid and Death, this is-"
"Party Poison and Kobra Kid." Death finished for him.
They smiled at them. "Nice to meet you, all he talks about is you two a lot of the time."
Party Poison shook Acid's hand and smiled at her.
"Nice to meet you, too."

After Jet Star had done all he could for Death, Acid and Death decided to stay with Death Defying for the a while since the last place they'd stayed at was now a pile of useless ash on the floor thanks to some Draculoids.
When it was sunset, Acid watched the sun go down and started thinking about her perants, not believing that it had been five years since they'd died.

- February 21st 2014 -

Acid had just finished the remains of her food when her father started calling her from outside.
Acid walked over to her father while he was fixing their car.
"Lexia, you and I really need to talk. Your mom made me promise not to tell you, but I thought that I should tell you. You're mom and I are having another baby."
I smiled weakly. "'S great."
She hugged him feeling a wall of sorrow building up inside her. She wanted her perants to be happy, but she couldn't help but think about the baby that would be brought into a world with violence, death, desctruction and murder all around them. It hurt her to think of any baby being brought into the world with all of this going on, never mind her own flesh and blood.
Their hug was quickly broken when they saw Acid's mother and sister running towards them with Draculoids chasing them. They were in a car, but they were only slightly ahead of the Dracs.
"Run!" Her mother shouted.
They did as her mother told them and they started running away from the Dracs that were now chasing them.
A bullet was fired and it was shortly joined by an earsplitting scream that came from her mother. They all stopped in their tracks to see Diane (their mother) lying dead on the floor. The Dracs shot their father in the chest and he fell to the floor. Acid and Death carried on running with tears streaming down both of their faces.
Suddenly, the car was standing in front of them. A man with a bold head wearing a white outfit was standing in front of them. It was Korse himself. His face twisted into a grin and it was obvious that the grin didn't belong on his lips. He brushed Acid's cheek with the back of his hand, making her cringe while he wipped away some of her tears.
"You heartless bastard." Acid muttered.
"Exuse me?"
"You heard me. I'm betting that this isn't the first time you've done something like this."
"Well done for figuring that out, my dear."
"You don't even feel guilty, do you? You just play God and decide who you think should live or die. You're nothing put a fucking coward who can't accept the fact that there are people who don't want to spend the rest of their lives in Battery City taking your pills that fucking kill their emotions."
"You should think about who you're talking to here."
"I know exactly who I'm talking to. I'm talking to a mother fucking asshole who thinks everything belongs to him." He slapped me across the face.
"Open your mouth one more time and I swear you'll regret it."
"I doubt I will." Acid violently spit in his face and he wiped it away with his sleeve.
Two Draculoids grabbed Death and made her watch what Korse had planned for her sister. Two other Dracs grabbed Acid by the arms and pinned her down to the wall of Acid's and Death's home. Her face was pressed against the wall and he stripped Acid's back of clothing. Korse pulled a knife out from his belt and he dragged the blade across her skin. Acid had to bite her tounge so she didn't scream. When he pulled the razor sharp dagger away from her back they turned her around and he started cutting small cuts on the back of her wrist.
He pulled out a cloth and wipped Acid's blood off his blade, then he carefully put the knife back where it belonged.
"Take the little one inside and make sure she doesn't get out."
They did as he ordered and they took her little sister inside.
Korse pulled down Acid's jeans, followed by her underwear.
No, please no. Acid begged in her head.
Acid tightly closed her eyes and waited for what was coming. She tried not to scream when she felt him inside her. He forced his lips onto hers, forcing his tounge into her mouth. She just hoped that it would all be over soon. She tried to fight against him, but she couldn't move, her wrists were hurting like hell because the Dracs were holding her down, but the pain did't even compare to what Korse was doing to her.
When he was finsihed with her, he threw her on the floor like she was nothing, to him she was worthless.
"You're a worthless whore and you don't even deserve to live, if I kill you now, it'll be a quick, painless death, but if I let you go, then you'll die slowly and painfully out in the desert. Keep running, if you can." He spat.
He got back into the car and left. Before Death came out of their home, Acid pulled her pants back up and stayed on the ground covered in blood. Acid felt her sister's prencence, but Death just let Acid cry on the ground.

The next day, Acid started digging holes to burry her perants. It almost took an entire day, but she managed to put the bodies in before the next day. She slept on the ground next to her perant's graves that night. She cried herself to sleep and found it almost impossible to think of how her life had changed in the past few days.

- Present -

Acid stared at the scars on the back of her wrist that would forever remind her of what Korse had done to her, how Korse had violated her. That made her want to kill him even more, the fact he'd taken everything away from her was bad enough, but when he raped her, it made her hate him with every cell in her body. The memory of what he did to her would always be burned into her mind, the memory of what he did to her would be shown on her back and wrists.
She gripped a neckless that was around her neck. It was a gold heart that'd been passed on in her family. First it was her great-grandmother, then her grandma, then her mother and then it belonged to her.
She wasn't going to let Korse get away with what he'd done to everyone, she would make sure of it, even if it was the last thing she ever did.
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