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Wish come true

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My name is Rosemarie Donovan and I am a huge fan of Eminem. I never thought I'd ever get the chance to meet him. Boy was I wrong. Suk at summarys plz read!?!?!?!

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Friday September 19th 11:30 P.M

I never thought that I would die young. I imagined growing up,having kids,grand kids, and so on. Not dying at the age of seventeen, not fully grown or having the experiences most people get. I haven't gotten the opportunity to actually respect and understand life. The funny thing is, you don't notice it until your life literally flashes before your eyes, making you think about the wrongs that you have done, what you could have done better. You see what you have been missing out on, what you let slip through your fingers.
When I was in ninth grade I had to write a essay on life and the good things that have happened to us. It meant nothing to me at the time, it was just rubbing in to other people about how great your life is. Now, it means so much more. You can see the good things about your life before you die, as well as the good things. Playing baseball with your dad and little brother, pushing your little sister on the swings, talking and laughing with your mom about your first boyfriend. And even crying after you had your first break up. You also get to see your hopes and dreams.
As I lay there, on the sidewalk, bleeding and broken, I think about all of these things. I could almost see myself walking down the street and seeing my favorite rapper Eminem. Seeing myself run up and ask for his autograph. Suddenly a black car pulls up and I hear shouting. Through blurry eyes I see the door to the car open and out steps a man in white baggy cloths.
"Get her in the limo!" I hear a voice call. I felt myself being picked up and I wanted to whimper in pain. They set me down on a leather seat, and that was all I saw, heard, or felt, for the rest of the night.

Saterday, September 20th 10:05 A.M.

I woke up and had to cover my eyes. The room was really bright and it hurt my eyes. I was a quiet girl, not by choice of coarse, I was mute. Which means that I couldn't make any sounds with my vocal chords, I was born this way and I hated it. I wanted to grown and tell somebody to shut off the lights but I couldn't. I took my arm away from my eyes and blinked a few times, adjusting to the light.
"She's awake!" I heard someone shout. I looked to my right and guess who I saw. Eminem! If I could have squeeled I would have. Instead my eyes widened as I looked at him. Was he the one that saved me? I saw someone in white come over to me. She had long black hair pulled up into a neat bun, tan skin, blue eyes, and was slender. I guessed her to be a nurse.
"Hun, hun can you hear me?" I heard her ask. I nodded my head. "What's your name? Can you tell me that?" I shook my head and tapped my throat. "Oh!" She said understanding. "Then do you remember your name?" I nod again. "Alright, can you remember what happened?" She asks.

I was walking down the street from my friends house and it was close to midnight. Suddenly I heard some shouting so I whipped my head around and saw two men behind me. They wore all black, they were tall, and I wanted nothing to do with them. Quiet honestly, they frightened me. I started to walk faster and they called out to me.
"Hey babey, where you going sweetheart? Come back here!" One shouted.
"Yea, we got's a little som'n for ya!" The second man shouted. I started running and heard their footsteps as they ran after me. I wanted to scream, shout, be able to get somebodies attenchen, but I couldn't. No one was there in the dark street, littered with trees and shadows to see me. I had no voice to call out and make somebody hear. I was helpless, this thing was going to happen. I faught back as they grabbed me from behind and forced me to the grownd.
They laughed at me and one pulled out a knife. He ripped open my T-shirt and ran his hands up my stomach stopping at my purple silk bra. "Lets have a little fun shall we?" One of them growled huskily in my ear. His hands slid down my torso until it came to the rim of my black skinny jeans. He unbuttoned them and I kicked and punched. The one not on top of me held me down.
"You better behave you little bitch or this will hurt ten times as much." He growled. My pants came off and then my underwear. I was aware of one of them slipping into me and I wanted to scream in agony.
"Oh, she's a quiet one. Why don't you moan for us hmmm?" The one not grunting, huffing and moaning in pleasure said. I stayed silentwith closed eyes in pain. Once the first one was done, it started all over again with the seconed one. Only this one was worse. He kept slapping my face, trying to get me to make a sound. His hand vilently massaged my left breast. I had never experianced this much pain in my life, and i never want it to happen again.

Flashback over

I curled up in a ball, quivering. I looked up to see the look on the nurses face. I couldn't tell what she was thinking, but I knew she took my shaking as an answer. She turned to Eminem who was sitting in a chair looking worried.
"Mister Mathers, I'm going to have to run a test, judging by how bad of a condition her cloths were in, I have a theory on what happened." She said. Eminem nodded and waited while the nurse picked me up and took me into another room to check out my vagina.

WOW! this is the first chapter of many to come! Hope you liked it!

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