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I'm The Kind Of Human Wreckage That You Love

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Gerard and Frank have been together for years when Gerard starts having vivid dreams about a woman named Lindsey and their daughter, Bandit. Collab with AgentKilljoy.

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"Gerard, c'mon! I know you're tired. We are too. But we have to record this song, okay?"

Gerard stared at Ray, not quite comprehending what he was saying. He squinted, as if thinking that would help. He was very tired, that was evident from the way his eyes kept drooping.

My Chemical Romance's newest album was coming out just weeks from then, and they had still not finished recording the album. Sure, the singles had all been recorded, but it was difficult even to do that, what with Alicia having a baby on the way. Now, only three weeks from the releasing of the album, the realized that they needed to record all of the songs, and no one had much of a chance to sleep.

"Gerard? Are you okay?" Ray asked the dark haired singer.

Gerard cracked a smile. "No!" he said, barely containing his laughter.

For some reason, Frank, Gerard's long term boyfriend (but only because gay marriage wasn't legal where they lived), found this hilarious, and he burst into a fit of giggles.

"Okay. I get your point. We need sleep." Ray said, frowning. "Especially if we start making jokes about our own songs."

Frank was now on the floor, still laughing.

"Will you shut up?" A grouchy, coffee deprived Mikey growled at Frank. It was late at night, Starbucks was closed, and the recording studio had no coffee machine.

Frank somehow managed to stop his fit of giggles, but he pouted at Mikey.

"I say we're done for the day," Gerard said, standing up. "Eight A.M. tomorrow?"

"Ten," Mikey said.

Gerard laughed slightly and said, "Alright, ten A.M. tomorrow."

Everyone nodded in agreement, and with that, they left.

Gerard and Frank both walked out together and to Gerard's car.

Frank opened the door to the passenger seat and practically flung himself into the chair.

"Well someone seems grumpy," Gerard says as he pulls out of the parking lot, chuckling dryly.

Frank huffed and said, "Mikey's great and all, but he's a monster when he's tired and doesn't have coffee."

"Now imagine living with him for eighteen years."

"How did you live?!"

Gerard laughed and said, "I don't even know. I think it helped that I was drunk most of the time."

Frank started giggling again, which Gerard found to be very distracting. Luckily, they pulled into the driveway to their house soon after Frank's giggling fit started.

"Your giggle is so adorable," Gerard said softly to Frank, as he tucked some of Frank's hair behind his ear.

Frank smiled sheepishly and blushed, which Gerard thought was even more adorable.

"I think we should go inside," Frank said in between giggles, and Gerard nodded in agreement.

"That's probably a good idea."

As soon as they got inside, Gerard went to their bedroom, not even bothering to put on his pajamas. Soon after his head hit his pillow, he fell asleep.


That night, Gerard had a dream.

It was his first in a few weeks. He had been so focused on the new album, staying up late working on it, that he was so worn out that he couldn't dream at night. But that night, it seemed like his brain just didn't get the memo.

He was in his house, but it didn't quite seem right. At first he wasn't sure what it was that was wrong, but after a few minutes of thinking, he realized what it was.

He could hear the voices of a woman and a child.

Well, it was more that half of him felt like something was wrong. Another half, one that felt more in control, felt like it was perfectly normal.

He got out of his bed and got dressed in jeans and a button up shirt. Brushed his hair and teeth, flossed, and went to the bathroom. He did everything as if it was a perfectly normal day.

When he was in the bathroom, he saw a pair of white, feathery wings, like an angel's wings behind him. Part of him wanted to freak out, but the other part of him felt as if it was perfectly normal, just like when he first noticed the woman and child's voices.

When he walked into the kitchen, he saw a woman with black hair in a ponytail who seemed to be makin waffles and a little girl with black hair in pigtails, who was playing with her waffles rather than eating them. Both of them had a pair of white, feathery angel wings like Gerard did.

Gerard walked up to the woman, who he somehow knew was named Lindsey. He wrapped his arms around he waist from behind.

"Morning," he said, kissing her cheek.

"Morning, Gee," Lindsey said, giggling slightly.

"Hi Daddy!" The little girl said. Just like with Lindsey, Gerard knows that the girl's name is Bandit.

"Hi, Bandit," Gerard said, as he unwrapped his arms from Lindsey's waist to walk over to Bandit and kiss her on the cheek.

"I drew you a picture yesterday," Bandit said, smiling widely at Gerard. "It's in my room."

Bandit got out of her chair and ran into her room. Soon after, she came back into the kitchen, holding a picture. She handed it to Gerard excitedly.

"That ones you, that's Mommy, that's me, and that's Susy-Chelle. I was gonna add Auntie Alicia and Uncle Mikey, but I haven't seen them in a long time."

As Gerard looked at the picture, he realized how detailed it was for something that someone Bandit's age drew. Everything about her, except for how she played with her food and her pigtails, just seemed so much more mature than it should be.

"Why can't I go outside anymore, Daddy?" Bandit asks. "Why can't Antie Alicia and Uncle Mikey come over, or Auntie Christa and Uncle Ray, or Auntie Jamia and Uncle Frankie?"

Gerard felt a pang in his chest when Bandit said Frankie. He knew he should be with Frank instead of Lindsey and Bandit, but something about them just felt so /right/.

"It isn't safe, Honey. I wish I could go out too, but it's just not safe. There are people out there who don't like us."

Bandit pouted and said, "Well that isn't nice."

"It's not," Lindsey said, agreeing with Bandit, "but both of you need to your breakfast." Lindsey place a hot cup of coffee and a plate with a waffle on it down in front of one of the seats.

Gerard sat down in his chair and started to eat his breakfast. "This is delicious, Lindsey."

Lindsey laughed and said, "That's what you say every morning."

Gerard grinned at her and said, "That's because it's true."

Well, started to say it, at least. Before Gerard could finish his sentence, the door front door flung open.

"Put your hands up!" A strong voice yelled, which caused Susan Michele, Gerard and Lindsey's French bulldog, to start barking loudly from the living room.

The man holding a gun walked into the kitchen. Gerard noticed that he had black, leathery wings.

"Don't try to run. We have the house surrounded."

Bandit was clinging to Gerard. He could see the tears streaming down her cheeks, which made him angry, but he knew better than to pick a fight with the man.


Nobody moved a single muscle. Gerard was frozen to the chair, Bandit still clinging to Gerard, and Lindsey clutching her cup of coffee.

The man was obviously angry, and Gerard knew he didn't have any chance of surviving, even before he the gun was fired.

Right before the bullet hit, he woke up in a cold sweat, Frank's arms wrapped around him.

'A dream, that's all it was. Nothing more than a dream,' Gerard tried to tell himself, but he couldn't seem to shake the feeling that the dream was real.
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