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Learn to Fly

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Sequel to Fly Away, Dance on the Milky Way. Over a year has passed, and Gerard Way is reunited with his daughter Gia. She has a lot to hide, and Gerard finds that she has grown up and changed.

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A/N: As I said in the summary, this is the sequel to Fly Away, Dance on the Milky Way which you can find here
If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you do so now because if you don't, this sequel will make no sense to you.
I will try to have chapter two out soon.
And once again, thanks to my two beta readers, Haven aka AgentKilljoy and ReddyDevil.
Ah, and a small warning. This sequel isn't quite as innocent as the original story.
Now, without further ado, please try to enjoy this magnificent piece of heaven.

Chapter 1: The start of something new

It was just like any other morning in the Way household.

Gerard had just returned from a tour the previous day, and it was far into the night before he could crawl into his own bed next to his wife, and fall asleep. Because of this, by the time Gerard woke up, the sun was already up high and so were his wife and daughter, judging by the screams and laughter descending from downstairs.

Gerard rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and sat up on his bed. His luggage had been opened and half unpacked as Lindsey had probably been hunting for clothes to wash.

The man glanced at the mirror and saw his tangled bright red hair. He ran a hand through his hair and wondered if he should get it cut. Gerard picked up his shirt from the floor and pulled it on as he stood up and made his way downstairs to greet his family.

“Daddy!” Bandit screamed with heartbreakingly happy glee as she spotted her rugged-looking father. The black-haired little girl threw away the crayon she had been coloring her Hello Kitty coloring book with, and as fast as she could, dashed towards her father who gladly picked her up.

“Hey, how’s my little Bandit? Give daddy a kiss,” Gerard said, holding the girl in his arms. Her tiny fingers immediately tangled into his already messy hair as she leaned in to give him a kiss.

The girl started running around the room as soon as he set her down on the floor. She started showing Gerard all the new toys she got in the past few weeks, introduced him to her new army of stuffed animals, and showed him how much progress she had made on the piano by hitting the keys even harder and louder than before, all the while shouting so loud that it made Gerard proud.

“That’s my girl,” Gerard laughed, grabbing his younger daughter before she wakes up the whole city with her musical skills. “Breakfast?” he asked his wife while spinning Bandit around in circles.

“Actually by this hour it would be lunch. I’ll get it started,” Lindsey said, offering to make the food so that these two could have some time together. While waiting, Gerard and Bandit laid on the living room carpet with Bandit’s coloring books and crayons.

Gerard loved being on tour, but being at home, that he loved even more.

But despite the obvious happiness he felt every time he saw his wife and daughter, somewhere inside there was always that masked, hidden feeling of something missing. To Gerard, this picture wasn’t complete.

Bandit had settled down to the chair and was furiously drumming her plate and cup with the spoon, attempting to make noise. Lindsey tried to make her calm down even a little bit so the girl would eat, but Gerard hardly even noticed.

He had frozen in front of the fridge when he had stood up to get the milk. Gerard had spotted one of Bandit’s drawings attached on the fridge door with one of the magnets. It was a new one, so she must’ve drawn it while he was gone.

The picture was just like any child would draw. A yellow sun in the corner of the paper, and green grass at the bottom of the paper. Daddy with red hair, mommy with a black dress, little Bandit holding her daddy’s hand, and a fourth person with long blonde hair holding Bandit’s other hand. All of their smiles were big and reached their ears, and everyone was happy in the land of the drawing.

“When was this drawn?”

Lindsey looked up from her daughter’s drum solo and answered: “Last Thursday when Gia sent Bandit a letter and we were writing her back.”

Upon hearing her older sister’s name being said, Bandit went crazy. “GIA!” the little girl screamed and started jumping on her chair, beating the table with her fists.

As Lindsey returned to trying to calm down the girl, Gerard looked back at the drawing. He felt a lump in this throat as he stared at the picture. Yes, something was missing from his life, but this picture was complete. This picture was how reality should be.

“Gerard?” Lindsey asked, bringing him out of his thoughts. “The milk?”

“Oh, right,” Gerard said, and got the required carton from the fridge, but didn’t return to the table before looking back at the drawing once more.

He set the milk down, and Lindsey didn’t miss the thoughtful look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, becoming concerned.

“Nothing,” Gerard assured, and his face spread into a small smile. “I’m going to go see her.”

Lindsey nodded understandingly, but they had no time to discuss it any further because Bandit started her demand for apple juice, a ruckus so loud and teary that no one in their right mind would be able to stand.

Bandit got her apple juice, and half an hour later Gerard closed the door to the studio room to make a phone call. It has been four months since he last saw his firstborn daughter, a month since he last spoke to her, and he wasn’t going to wait any longer.
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