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Hello Everyone! Thank you all so much for submitting applications for your OC's. They were all wonderful!

Here's who I've decided to go with!
Circus Performers: Tatiana Valentino- Tati, Linnea Hawethorne-TheLittleSinner

Roadie/Tech: Nicholas Carter - FrankieXIero

Fangirl: Gabriella Sage-Marie Rae-xxPanicFanxx

Groupie: Analeigh Blackburn- gunpowderandlead

Ryan's Love Interest: Candace Diane Black- Obsessive-Fangirl

Thanks again! Now, I'm also looking to cast ONE MORE groupie. So, midnight_star22 or kaelamonsterdino, if you'd be willing to let me use your characters for that role please let me know!

Thanks a million! Once again, the story will be titled "The Boy with The Voice"!

xoxo Tay
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