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Chapter 25

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November beaches!

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Helllllloooooooo people! I've just finished watching Holby City, so I'm in a good mood now. And I quite like this chapter too! I assure you though - the next one is going to be very interesting. Unless something goes badly wrong when I'm writing it. Which, you never know, could happen.

By the way, did anyone see 'My Chemical Vagina' trending on twitter last Sunday. I know it was ages back, but something just happened to remind me. Anyway there were loads of song name spin offs and some of them were freaking hilarious. My favourites were; 'Our Vagina Of Sorrows', 'Bury Me In Vaginas', 'Famous Last Vaginas', 'Honey, This Vagina Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us', and 'I Don't Love Vaginas'! Oh, I am amazingly immature.

Anyway, enjoy the vagina... I mean story. Whatever!


>Gerard's POV<

Well, this was unexpected. In fact, I couldn't believe it. Frank actually cared about me! Ok, it probably shouldn't come as that big a surprise considering we'd been going out for... nearly three weeks now! It felt longer though. Surely it can't be a good thing to date someone that long and be shocked when they told you they cared about you? Whatever. I was too happy, and too lost in the kiss to care.

It wasn't a wild, tonsil hockey type kiss, it was passionate but slow. Our lips were simply working against one another's, sucking and running our tongues against eachother. My hands crept up to cup his face and the back of his neck to pull Frank closer. He shifted his entire body, so that we were both leaning forward; our upper chest and shoulders touching. One of his hands curled around my waist, not pulling me, just holding me. The other one began to play with the tips of my long black hair.

I opened my mouth slightly and breathed into his. Frank moaned slightly and moved his hands from my body. I frowned at the sudden loss of contact, until I felt his body shift even further forward, so he was practically sitting on me. Well, I wasn't having that. I let go of his cheeks and moved my hands down to his hips. I broke the kiss for half a second so I could manouveur his body so that he was straddling me. Then our lips reattatched. Our lips tangled, before Frank pushed his tongue into the equation. I opened my mouth to let our breathe, saliva and tongues meet. My boyfriend tasted of coffee. He moaned and began to move his hips against mine, swirling our tongues simitaniously. It felt so fucking good.

"Holy shit!"

Frank hastily pulled back and we both turned to see my uncle standing in the doorway; flushed bright red and extremely surprised. Fuck. My face grew hot as I blushed like a tomato and looked down.

"Yeah, we're going out." Was all Frank said. He didn't even bother move from his position straddling me. How the fuck did he keep so calm? Especially when he got all flustered telling that he cared about me? It just didn't make sense.

"Oh," Was all my uncle said. There was a more than slightly awkward pause. Then John continued. "I did wonder. I mean, you've been acting differently 'round eachother since you went to that party and missed work." Damn right, we had. "But I wasn't sure. Fair enough. I'll see you at work later." And then he left the room.

"You know what?" Frank said after a moment. "Your uncle is even cooler than I originally thought." I laughed, though I agreed with him completely.

"Yeah. I didn't exactly plan on him finding out, but couldn't have done in a worse way really!"

"Well, we could have been fucking." Frank laughed. His eyes twinkled - he was still sitting on me. I rolled my eyes and laughed, before wrapping my arms back around my boyfriend's neck. He shifted on my lap and I pulled him in for another kiss. Our lips met in a fast, passionate, fiery kiss. His hot mouth pressed against mine felt so divine and tasted so sweet. And he cared about me! Frank actually felt for me, wasn't just playing. Even if I hadn't admitted it to myself, I'd never entirely trusted him. But now, how couldn't I? Call me a fool, but I some how knew that Frank wasn't lying to me, not this time.

So I kissed him back more willingly than I had since we first started going out. Our tongues tangled, and I buried my fingers into the soft hair on the back of his head. He began to stroke down my spine. The action sent shivers down my back and I pressed my lips even harder on to his. We were caught in a fierce, passionate liplock and by the time we broke apart, we were both panting slighty. Frank smiled sweetly at me and gave me a soft peck on my lips.

"So, what do you want to do?" He asked.

"I have no idea." I replied, happily. "But as long as its us two, I don't care."

Frank chuckled at that. "Well, we can meet up with Phin or Ollie, or something."

"No!" I said a little quickly. Frank raised an eyebrow. "I mean, can't we just, I dunno, stay here, or I don't mind if we go out. I just want it to be... well, just us two."

He chuckled at me and I felt my face grow hot. "Awww. You're so cute when you blush." He gave me another soft kiss. "I'm fine with that. Just the two of us." Frank pulled my arms down from where they were wrapped around his shoulders, and held on to both of my hands. "You wanna go any place in particular?"

"No, I'm fine whatever." I shrugged.

"Well, I wanna go to the beach."

I blinked. Beleive it or not, me and the beach did not mix. I hated sand - the way it stuck to you and got absolutely everywhere. Nor, did I like going out in the sun (although I'd pretty much learned to deal with it since moving to California - I'd been here nearly two months now), infact I pretty much hated the outdoors. I just wasn't that sort of person.

Anyway, apart from when we went down to the beach on Halloween, all of the beaches that I'd seen on the west coast were covered in perfect, tanned examples of the human race. Obviously enough, I wasn't exactly going to fit in. And everyone there would be comparing me to Frank - who was perfect.

As though he could read my thoughts, my boyfriend grinned and said; "Don't worry, you'll like the place I have in mind." I nodded, but privately thought that anywhere that required me to take my clothes off in public. Again, reading my thoughts, Frank told me; "Bring your swim stuff." I groaned out loud at that, but he just chuckled and pulled off of me. "Come on, grab your swim stuff, a spare change of clothed, a towel - you know, usual." Great

>Frank's POV<

"Hey, John." I said, walking into the kitchen. He was helping himself to bacon out of the pan, and dispite the fact that I was a vegetarian, it smelt divine.

"Hi, Frank." He said, glancing up at me. "Have a good time last night? You didn't get in 'til late."

"Did we wake you up?"

"Yeah, but it's no big deal - I fell back asleep pretty quickly. Just don't do it too often."

"Sorry, 'bout that John. And yeah, the party was great. Had a bit too much to drink though."

John snorted. I chuckled, but then turned serious again. "Look, sorry 'bout this - but would it be ok to have the day off?"

He raised an eyebrow. "How comes?"

"It's just a really nice day, and I haven't been down to the beach for a while. If it's that much trouble, we won't bother, or go later or something."

"No, it's fine." John said, waving his hand. I grinned. "It's a Thursday, so the shop ain't gonna be that busy. Just don't be back too late - you're definitely gonna have to work tomorrow."

"Thanks John!" I grin. "Don't worry, we'll be back in time to work." Still smiling, I walked out of the kitchen. However, the sound of Gerard's uncle's voice held me back.

"Hey, Frank. Just do me a favour. Keep an eye on Gerard. I know you're teenage boys and whatever, but try and stop him from drinking too much. It's that shit that got him ended up here in the first place. Personally, I don't think he's been too bad, but his parents obviously sent him here for a reason. Just... look out for him, eh? And don't screw with him."

I flush at the last sentence. I didn't know John knew that much about me. Obviously, he knew why I'd been kicked of of my house, but... I suppose I just wasn't as sneaky as I thought.

"I won't, don't worry. And I'll try and stop him from drinking too much. And thanks for letting us both stay here."

"It's ok kid." John grinned, his usual easy-going manner returning. "Have a nice day!"

"Thanks again!" And I ran upstairs to grab my stuff. I hesitated by my bedside table, then, figuring it couldn't do any harm, stuffed a couple of condoms into my backpack along with the rest of the shit.

Then I changed into a pair of swimshorts and a white t-shirt. They weren't my usual stylye, but it would only be Gerard seeing me. Anyway, I still looked hot. I checked that I had everything I needed, then left the room.

"Meet me in the car!" I yelled through Gerard's dorr, then sprinted downstairs. I was stupidly excited.

I ended up waiting ten minutes for Gerard to get his arse ready and outside. Seriously - what was he doing? When he finally got in the car I turned to him with a teasing scowl on my face.

"Dude, it's like dating a girl - you take forever!" I laughed.

Gerard scowled, but I could tell he wasn't really offended. He was wearing thick black sunglasses, but that was the only change of clothes he'd made. I smiled. Skinny jeans and black shirts (even if they were short sleeved) really were not good beach clothes. I turned the radio and Avenged Sevenfold began to play. As I started the engine and pulled out of the driveway, I was tapping my fingers on the steering wheel in time to the infectious beat.

"So where are we going?" Gerard asked.

"Phin and Lissa used to go to this place all the time with their parents. They took me after Lissa could drive - she's the oldest - and, recently we haven't been. And it's a nice place; most people don't bother go there. Too far off the beaten track."

"Is it nice though?"

"Yeah," I replied, thinking of the long summer afternoons me and the gang would spend relaxing on the beach. We hadn't gone as often this last summer, which I'd thought was a shame. Admittedly, the holidays had been fun, but I'd kinda missed just hanging around by the sea. And it really was a beatiful place.

Soon enough, we had driven out of the main town and were driving through the lush green countryside. Framing the motorway, were long orange groves and the sweet smell of the fruit drifted into the car.

"Do you not just love that smell?" I asked, turning my head to look at Gerard. He was gazing out the window at the brightly lit country. It was amazing that it was November really, but I guessed that this was the last of the summer sun.

"What of the oranges?" He replied and I nodded. "Yeah, it's really nice actually."

"Mmm, I think so."

"How far away is this beach?"

"Not too far. 'Bout another twenty minute drive, then a short walk." Gerard groaned and I chuckled. "What? You don't like walking?"

"I don't know whether you realise this, but I'm not exactly an out-doorsy type person."

"Really? Never would have guessed!" I said, and he reached over to shove me gently.

"Are you planning on doing anything when we get there? Or just, I dunno, chill?"

"Chill, I guess." I shrugged. "We could go swimming I guess, but considering we're right on the edge of the Pacific it's gonna be cold. Actually, I suppose the water would be warmest about now. After all, it's been warming up all summer."

"Does that work?" Gerard sounded surprised.

"Yeah - that's what Phin reckons atleast." I saw him frown out of the corner of my eye when I said my best friend's name. "What's wrong?"

Gerard shook his head, but the frown was still in place; it was visible even behind his thick sunglasses. "Nothing."

"Really?" I asked sceptically.

"Ok." He sighed, before admitting; "Phin, just... bugs me. I mean, I know she's your best friend. But she gets you the best birthday presents, you're always going around kissing her, and I just..." Another sigh, and then a deep breathe in. "I guess I just get jealous sometimes."

I know that if I looked at Gerard he'd be blushing bright red. I didn't look though - just kept my eyes firmly on the road. I couldn't beleive he'd just admitted that. The kid had more guts that I gave him credit for. I didn't know what to say though - I mean, it wasn't as though he didn't have reason to be jealous, me and Phin were close. And it wasn't brother and sister close either; I'd gladly kiss, go out with, fuck her. I was pretty sure the feeling was mutual too. But, truthfully, it was Gerard I wanted. Whilst I had feelings for Phin, should I have a choice to date him or her, it would be my boyfriend that won. Well, that was pretty much why I was going out with him.

"Look, Gerard." I said slowly. "I'm not surprised that you're jealous." I saw him peak up at me when I said that. "Me and Phin are close. She's helped me get through a lot, of course we're good friends. I dunno though... I'd go out with her, I guess. If we were both free. But I'm going out with you. Me and Phin mess around and stuff, but there's nothing in it." I sighed. "Look, I'm saying this all wrong. The point is, I like Phin. She's my friend. But you're my boyfriend. And I'm not about to start sleeping with her, but that is simply 'cos I'm going out with you. Make sense?"

Gerard chuckled. "Kinda. Look, as long as you care about me, and you don't wanna go out with her." He paused and I glanced at him. He was frowning quizzically at me.

"What?" I asked, feeling rather paranoid.

"I think. This sounds kinda corny but I think we should, I dunno, spend the day just, getting to know eachother a bit better."

"Actually, that isn't too bad an idea."

"Thanks!" I could hear the grin in my boyfriend's voice. "This is an awesome song, by the way." The Foo Fighters had began to play over the speakers. I couldn't remember what song it was off the top of my head, but I loved it.

"Yeah - it's great! Turn it up!" I demanded. He did. Really loud. Was it any wonder that I was going out with this boy?

We didn't talk to eachother for the rest of the car journey - too busy singing! Gerard's got quite a good voice actually. I guessed it was one of my mix CDs playing as it was all really good music. We were driving along belting out the lyrics at the top of our lungs, Gerard distracting me by doing mental air guitar and headbanging in the seat next to me. I was crying with laughter by the end of each guitar solo.

Finally, I pulled into the small carpark that was used people wanting to spend time on the beaches on this area. Fortunately, most saw the huge, golden stretch in front of them, and didn't bother explore any futher down the coast. And just a ten minute walk away was an amazing cove that was perfectly secluded all year round.

"Want some ice cream?" I asked as we got out of the car. There was a kiosk right next to the carpark.

"Yeah, may as well." Gerard replied.

We walked to the small shop and ordered a chocolate cone for me - a coffee for my boyfriend. I paid for them both, dispite Gerard's protests. Then I took his hand and lead him away from the beach and the crowds. Needless to say, us holding hands got a few strange looks, but I couldn't care less to be honest. Let them stare.

>Gerard's POV<

I couldn't help but wonder where we were going. I'd been kinda scared when there were so many people, but we were heading away from the beach now, to somewhere quieter, I hoped.

It really was a beautiful day. And it was November! I was willing to bet it was raining back home. But here, the sky was a pristine blue, dotted with balls of fluff forming the occasional cloud that dotted the sky, without blocking the sun. It was hot as ever, and between the sun beating down and the walking, I was soon sweating unpleasently. I focused on the surroundings instead.

We were in an open field-typre landscape at the moment, but Frank was leading me towards a forest of tall fir tress. I remember reading somewhere that California was home to some of the biggest trees in the world. The ones in front of me didn't look particularly big, but they were beautiful - the bright sun shining through the glossy, richly coloured leaves, to make the area below dim with a greenish hue.

Even more beautiful was Frank. His brown skin was practically glowing in the light, and the tattoos looking almost alive. Our hands were still linked, and I couldn't help but smile at the sight.

"Is this beach far?" I asked.

"Nope!" He chirped. "Ten, twenty minute walk tops. Just through that forest."

"It looks fairly big."

"Nah, there's a trail, then a bit down a coast and we're there!"

"Cool." I said, and smiled squeezing Frank's hand. He grinned at me, white teeth glowing in the bright sun. "It really is beautiful out here."

"You're such a girl." I punched him softly. "No, it is. Wait 'til we get to the beach." I nodded, still admiring him behind my sunglasses. As though he could see my eyes (considering how thick they were, I doubted that) he rolled his, and stuck his tongue out at me.

Frank's next question took me by surprise. "So what do you wanna know?"

"About what?"

"Me silly!" He teased, swinging our hands between us. "You said that you wanted to get to know me, so what do you want to know?"

"Well, that's a bit direct." I muttered, wondering what to ask first. I wanted to know so much, but I wasn't sure where to start. It was such a beautiful day though, and I didn't want to spoil the happy, peaceful mood between us. But there was so much I didn't know about my boyfriend, that I was curious about. So I started simple. "What's your favourite colour?"

Frank laughed at that and squeezed my hand again. "Red, you?"


"What else?" He teased, and it was my turn to laugh. This was going to be a good day.

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