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Auditions: Still Open!

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Guess who's back?

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Hey guys,

Lacie here.

I’m back.

I apologize for my absence and lack of updating. Can’t really blame me, though. A huge thanks to those who replied to Seth’s notes. We’re all good and peachy, we’re still two peas in a pod. He’s a sweetie.

So huzzah! I’m back. For good :) hopefully

I’m want to start fresh with a new story. And that’s where you come in.

It’s like a love triangle, between Gerard, Frank, and two girls, Ellie and Alice-I might change their names. They’re both completely different girls, one of them is Gerard’s girlfriend, and the other is Frank’s best friend.
So I’m going to need some friends for Gerard, Frank, Ellie, Alice, and then some well known guys around town. This story isn’t any old peachy high school. Its dramatic, it involves the drugs and the alcohol, fights and deaths. Its Belleville New Yersey, 1991. Or something like that. Its underwraps. I need some sleazy guys, some nice guys, regulars at the bars and a mixture of the three. I think I’ll take 3 to be semi major, you’ll appear in some chapters, and then any other ones to be mentioned for detail.

Dig deep on your character, give detail. I want to be able to picture him or her, feel what (s)he’s like. This story will be extremely detailed so the more the better.
So I’ll need (feel free to add anything, this is just a basic layout)

Your name and age of course (12-21):


Looks (details details):





Anything else:

That’s it! Results will be posted within the next three days.
Good luck xo
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