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All The Small Things

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The next thing they knew, the whole car was singing along to Bouncing Souls on their way to see Blink 182.

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I haven't updated this story in a while and so i want to thank all of you who reviewed and gave me idea on how to keep the spark going! This chapter is mostly smutt with the antics of BLINK 182! If you've ever seen them live, or have heard audio of them, you know they say exactly this kind of stuff on stage so I hope it makes people laugh. I had a blast writing, On with the story!!!!

Mikey sat crammed in the back seat of the car listening to Terra talk about how she worked at a bar for several months without them knowing she was underage. Frank sat in Gerard’s lap next to him and the passenger seat up front remained vacant.

“When they found out I was only 17 I thought their jaws were going to drop. They fired me on the spot which sucks cause I was a damn good bar tender!”

Mikey shook his head. “I can’t believe they didn’t know you were underage. You’d think they would check that!”

Suddenly Frank was jumping up and down in Gerard’s lap and Gerard was trying to hold him still. “Oh my god! Turn this shit up!!!!” Frank had always loved The Bouncing Souls and Gone was his anthem. He did what he knew to do, he sung the lyrics as loud as he could.

“It was a cloudy night,
or so it looked to me,
I felt so lost,
I couldn't say why.
I needed strength to change my mind
but those ghosts stick to me like glue,
hating life, believing I was no good”

Frank felt Gerard’s hands tighten around his waist before he heard him singing along as well.

“It was a darkness all on my own,
A song played on the radio,
But it went straight to my heart,
I carried it with me
Until the darkness was gone.”

The next thing they knew, the whole car was singing along to Bouncing Souls on their way to see Blink 182.

Terra pulled into a parking space outside the club and helped the boys climb of the car. Frank was still hyper from the car ride, Gerard was amused by Frank and Mikey just looked bored. They could her music from outside so they knew it was going to be loud as fuck inside. The place smelt like sweat, booze and cigarette smoke. Bodies moved to the beat of the music being played by the opening band. Whoever they were, Frank thought they were pretty good. The singer was throwing himself all over the stage, screaming into the mic while the guitarist was jumping up and down. Every once and a whole he would spin in circles and almost crash into the bassist. He felt Gerard’s arms around his waist and his breath on his ear.

“They’re not bad hu?” Gerard screamed over the loud music.

Frank nodded. “Yeah!”

His eyes were focused on the stage and what was happening on it. He didn’t notice Gerard’s hand traveling south until he felt fingers under the waistband of his pants. He felt Gerard’s mouth on his neck, tongue dragging across his scorpion tattoo. Frank tried to focus on the band but his mind was racing due to the fingers now wrapped around his cock. He moaned, tilting his head back exposing more of his throat for Gerard to bite and lick at. Their bodies moved as one with the beat of the music as well as to the rhythm of Gerard’s hand.

“Gee! Gee I’m guna…..ahhh” Frank screamed as he came all over Gerard’s hand.

His knees gave way and he melted into Gerard’s chest, breathing heavy with wide eyes and an even wider mouth. As Frank tried to regain his composure, Gerard pulled Frank towards the bathroom so he could both finish himself off and watch a now zoned out Frank. Gerard shoved the door to the stall open and Frank fell in first, spinning on his heal, hands clawing at Gerard’s belt. Pulling it off, he shoved Gerard’s pants down, glaring at his boxers before doing the same to them, exposing his cock. Frank fell to his knees, taking the whole thing in his mouth, licking up and down the base taking special care of the slit at the top.

It wasn’t sweet and soft like all their other fucks. The whole thing was rushed and rough but still sexy. Soon Gerard was gripping the walls, nails digging into the wooden stall screaming Frank’s name, thrusting his hips forward, shooting cum down Frank’s throat. Frank moaned, swallowing everything Gerard had to offer before giving his dick one last lick.

When Frank looked up at Gerard, Gerard thought he was going to get hard all over again. Frank’s hair was drenched in sweat, his eyes were still wild with lust and he had cum dripping from the side of his mouth that his slowly licked away.

“Fuck.” Gerard panted, falling back to sit on the toilet as Frank nipped at his inner thigh. His tongue ran along the pale skin till it was teasing Gerard’s foreskin. He drug his tongue up Gerard’s waist, over his stomach, swirling it around his bare chest until he was biting his neck.

“Frank….we…we need to….” Gerard was out of breath due to the treatment he was getting from Frank.

Frank mumbled in his neck. “Right….Blink….I don’t think they’d mind.”

Gerard chuckled. “Frank….I really wana see them.”

Frank pulled back so he was looking Gerard in the eyes. “So you’d rather watch a band than fuck me?” his lower lip pouted out making him look like a child.
“Frankie, You know its not like that.”

Frank giggled. “yeahhhhh I know! Come on! They are starting soon!”

With that Frank was up and pulling a still buckling his belt Gerard out of the stall and into the crowd of people. They made their way to the front just in time to see Tom Delonge walk on stage. His brown hair was covered in a beanie while his plain blue shirt fell loosely over the waistband of his tan dickie shorts. He was followed by Mark Hoppus, dressed similarly but in a dark blue shirt, jeans and no beanie.

Tom took the mic, speaking to the crowd. “We’re not going to introduce ourselves, you know who we are.”

They then started to play ‘All the Small Things’. Frank started jumping immediately knowing the lyrics.

All the small things,
True care, truth brings,
I’ll take one lift
Your ride best trip.
Always I know,
You’ll be at my show,
Watching waiting, commiserating.

Gerard’s arms wrapped around Frank’s waist as he jumped and sung along as well.

Say it ain’t so,
I will not Go,
Turn the lights off,
Carry me home!
Na na na na na na na

They both sung along, laughing at how childish they were being and the song ended with Tom replacing the words “My little windmill” with “My little….PENIS!”

Mark laughed, pointing at Tom. “You do have a small penis.”

Tom tilted his head “Why you looking Mark? Have you been spying on me in the shower?”


“You have! You have been jacking off to me lathering my body in soap….”

The whole crowd was laughing and their expected antics on stage. Frank and Gerard were holding each other, catching their breath, waiting for the to play another song.

Tom pointed at the crowd. “What is your age again?”

They started to play, Frank swaying his hips to the music.

I took her out it was Friday night
I wore cologne to get the feeling right
We started making out and she took off my pants
But then I turned on the TV
And that's about the time that she walked away from me
Nobody likes you when you're 23
And are still more amused by TV shows
What the hell is ADD?
My friends say I should act my age
What's my age again?

Tom screamed during his solo. “IT’S THE SLOW PRETTY PART!”

The rest of the night went like that. Frank and Gerard dancing and having a good time watching Tom and Mark make penis jokes and talk about blow jobs in between songs with the occasional comment on dog semen.
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