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Payback's a bitch, motherfucker.

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This is one of three extra chapters we found. Enjoy. One of them follows this one (kickass one) and the other is about Donald is after Megolomania. I have exams at the moment so it's hard to get things up but here ya go.

Fluff here. Kikcking Romano ass will follow in the next one but for now you have to settle for my crappy sentimental writing. Title is from Slayer and you may interpret it any way you want; either the Romano's versus Frank or Gerard beating the crap out of the Romano's for hurting Frank. Please note this chapter is quite emotional or whatever.


First of the Gang to Die

The Don of the Way family walked along the main corrdor of his gothic home, green eye weary and dull. Gerard Way had spent the best part of the last four hours discussing with his men on how to handle the situation of his husband being assaulted for the fifth time in barely a year. Some proposed bombing the Romano's, some said an arson attack could suffice. The main point of interest was the doing away with of the rival family.

During the meeting, Gerard had remained mum on the subject of Frank's health. The boy had almost turned mute now, and only whispered to Gerard right in his ear, quietly and privately. This was not the only difficulty of course; this latest blow to his ego had meant he was so submissive and shy. He had rolled up all his tight trousers into a ball and simply dressed in Gerard’s clothes, which, while flattering to the gangster, was so heartbreaking, the skinny little thing in a shirt and trousers miles too big for him. The force pushed upon his lungs had also affected him so brutally-his ribs had been broken in an effort to help him breathe better. His lungs were permanently damaged. Frank would most likely never see thirty.

This only gave Gerard more time to perfect being the best husband to Frank he could be. He had to be so soft-spoken and caring, never sudden and cruel. He’d read somewhere that people who are subject to frequent abuse crave affection like no other-and the gangster tried to live by this. He liked to think he treated his boy so good, constantly showering signs of love and devotion to him, not just kissing and embracing, but telling him he loved him. The look in the rabbit’s large eyes when those three little words would be uttered was so lovable and wholesome.

But now, nearing two at night, Don de la Via was sloping back to his private bedchambers, rubbing his eyes. He knew Frank would be awake and waiting up for him; it seemed that after the horrific January attack that the twenty four year old depended on the gangster for security. This did not bother the mobster-he liked the fact that he was needed. The thing that did bother the Don was that he could barely look at Frank without the boy flinching away. It broke Gerard's heart as he watched Frank suffer from guilt, shame and horrible memories.

The king of the criminals approached the bulky guard standing outside his bedroom door and nodded at him, barely looking at the protector. He wanted to get at the person behind the door.

"All is well?" He asked quietly, running roughened fingers through raven hair. "Has he been troubled this evening?"

"Little while ago, sir," the guardian, d'Acampo, replied, shrugging. "He asked if I knowed-" Gerard mentally winced at the bad grammer-"what time you'd be back. Said I didn't know and he got all quiet, crying and stuff, sir."

Way found himself getting a little pissed off at his footsoldier's insensitivity. He leaned toward the younger man.

"You gotta girlfriend, Paulie?"

"No, sir," the New Yorker replied. "Used ta. Nicole. Split up."

"No motherfucking wonder," the Don muttered, pushing past the man and rapping knuckles against the wood. He could have bust straight into the room but he knew his lover would fret at a sharp, sudden entrance, and so he refrained. The thumping of heavy shoes told Way he was now free to be alone and intimate with Frank.

"Frankie?" He called softly, nearly kissing the door in his gentle efforts. He longed to touch the boy, comfort him, make him feel better."Bunny rabbit, it's me. Gerard." He closed his eyes as he heard weak hiccuping and gulping from the room, relishing the tender sounds. "Your husband, baby. I wanna come in and be with you, sweetie."

The door clicked open slowly and the Don came face-to-face with the boy he loved. Frank was shaking a little, pale hands clasped behind his back, eyes wide and fearful. He wore one of his husband’s shirts, sleeves rolled up to allow freedom of movement. Black trousers and Converse were on his bottom half, but Gerard wasn’t bothered with that. He scooped his husband into his arms and hugged him as tight as he could.

"Hello darling," Gerard said softly, one hand going to the pink cheeks of his husband and caressing him. "My little bunny." Frank smiled weakly and one of his small hands raised shakily to rest tentatively on the gangster's broad chest, little fingers trembling just a little. "Are you okay, sugar pop? You must be so tired, waiting up for me."

The boy nodded, downcast, and pointed at the bed, one finger stretched out.

"I d-didn't want to go to bed on my own," he whispered right in the boss's ear, despite the couple being well and truly alone. "In the dark. I don't like the dark." A meaningful, frightened pause. "And I...I was lonely and wanted to be with you. I want...I want to kiss you." The warm hazels met the sharp green as he searched his husband's soul. His voice broke as his stunning eyes flooded with tears. "K-kiss me, please. Please, Gerard." He sobbed a little. "I'm scared."

The mobster was smart enough to know which sort of kiss his beloved craved; not a hungry, careless, animalistic swapping of spit, but a gentle dip of the head and a joined union of the mouths. Way worked his lips together with Frank's, the pout still as soft and delicate as when the Don had met the medic a year and a half ago. It briefly crossed the gangster's mind whether he should pry the rabbit's little mouth open and explore it with his tongue; he reminded himself of the poor thing's condition and didn't dare.

"I love to kiss you, Gee," Frank whispered into the criminal's parted lips. The taller man had to strain to hear. The beaten pulled from the kiss and tucked his head underneath Gerard's chin.

"I love to kiss you too, babe," was the husky reply, and Don de la Via cuddled the innocent one closer. "How are you, Frankie?” He breathed right in his ear, and cherished the shiver by drawing back and pressing his palms into the small of his back. “Any better, sugar pop?”

The rabbit bit his lip and shook his head, still clinging to his husband’s neck. Gerard hitched his legs up around his waist and led him to the bed, placing him carefully down on the edge. He then knelt below him, caressing his cheek lovingly.

“Can you tell me why, baby?” Frank shook his head quickly, chewing his nails. “Please, honey? Tell me where it hurts, sweetie. I’ll make you feel so much better.”

“Please, Gerard,” he whispered, tearing up. “It’s so embarrassing.”

“But bunny, if you don’t tell me, who’re you gonna tell?” His fingers fell into the lap of the twenty four year old, who cried out. “Pet? Oh babe, what’s wrong?”

“Not-not there, Gee-please,” he squeaked, pushing the hand from his thighs. “s’where it hurts.” He snuffled deeply and burst into tears again. “I’m so sorry.”

"Oh, baby, don't apologize to me," he cooed, and cocked his head to he side, thinking deeply. Frank snuffled a little, tugging on Gerard's mangled hand. "Will you do something for me, sweetheart?" He sighed a little and tipped his forehead to lean against that of the twenty four year old's. "Would you undress for me, kitty?"

Red seeped into the rabbit's cheeks as he heard the quiet request. His eyes seemed to grow larger and dampen, and his chest hurt a little; not his lungs, his heart. Since the rape he had changed in the room down the hall and walked down to sleep in the same bed as his husband, which was hard at the best of times. In the dark, pressed up against someone else, so vulnerable and weak...he'd have the most terrifying nightmares, and be too afraid to scream. So for Gerard to ask the boy to take off his clothes and basically expose himself was one helluva ask for Frank.

"" He squeaked, fat tears rolling down his cheeks. "Oh Gee...that's what they used ask me to do for them..." he erupted again, gasping for breath, and the Don rubbed his knees, cooing and murmuring to him. "They'd tell me to take off my clothes and they'd slip their hands down my boxers and say the meanest things and then-" he suckered in a deep breath, and shuddered-"and then they'd flip me over and straddle me and f-f-f-fuck me and it hurt so much, Gee...the things they did hurt so bad, Gerard, and it was never soft or nice and it was so horrible!" He finished, sobbing from his chest. The simple suggestion had tipped him over the edge, and now his feelings were in disarray. "I was never a bunny rabbit to them, I was never their sugar pop or their baby, I was just their..." his voice broke with an almight crack. "Their sex toy or something to fuck with-"

"Baby, baby," the head of the gang said so gently. "I know what they made you do, sugar pop. I know they made you do the most vile things. They took advantage of you and never treated you like you never deserved, all soft and sweet. Making you blush and get nervous and do that little stuttering thing you do." He traced his husband's quivering plump pout. "And it must be so hard for you to be intimate with me, so hard for you to be sexually aroused without feeling upset." He bowed his head, so the boy could tug weakly at the black locks. "But know that I am asking you to undress for me so I can see how badly hurt you are, how much you should get treated, how much I should fuck up those cunts for making you suffer. I do it out of respect, darling. Everything I do I do it because I want to respect you. Your mind and your body are so fucking sacred to me, Frank. Now I'm asking you to take off your clothes so I can help you, babe. I can help you put something on it, bunny, I promise to be so gentle and so kind."

Frank shook a little as he accepted a silk handkechief from Gerard, and barely moving his head counted as a nod. He got to his feet, a little unsteadily, and leant on the Don for support, inhaling quickly.

"I look horrible," he breathed, and Gerard squeezed his eyes shut. The most beautiful boy in the world was telling him he was ugly. "I look so gross and bruised and banged up and ick-you'll be so ashamed of me and won't wanna be married anymore-"

Don de la Via scooped the bunny up into his arms and pressed the most precious of kisses into the scalp. Gerard's husband still smelled ever so sweetly of honey and lemon-it was so fucking edible, so tasty and gorgeous. He kicked their bedroom door open and proceeded to the bathroom down the hall. Two little hands clamped to the back of his neck as Gerard carried Frank, who was biting his lip in apprehension. As soon as they reached the huge marble WC, Gerard let him fall from his shoulders in an elegant little slip. The light was turned on and the gangster stood next to Frank, hands on his shoulders.

"Let me see you, gorgeous," Gerard asked quietly, and the other nodded, rubbing his eyes. "Just ten minutes and then we can go to sleep cause I know you're so tired. We can snuggle, baby, we can sleep in late if you want to."

The rabbit nodded and then pushed open the buttons, his husband breathing softly into the chocolate tufts near his nose. Splashes of sickly orange, bright yellow, harsh purple and nicked red decorated his chest and abdomen. He pushed the material from his shoulders and showed himself to Gerard, sucking his lip. The gangster pushed him a little-ever so gently-and turned him, minding not to press the most tender, most serious injuries on the boy’s hips. Once he saw the back of the medic, he trailed one finger down his spine and Frank shivered a little, whether from cold or infliction, the boss was not sure. He saw the gaping, bloody hole where the bastard had stabbed his husband, and grit his teeth-then he remembered his place and calmed himself down. Frank's midriff, which barely stretched over twenty five inches, the measure even too measly for a girl, was the worst area. It looked like he had been beaten with a paddle or a stick; lines of bruising and cuts ran down his spine and presumably beyond his boxers. Gerard placed ringed fingers along the medic's waistline and he jumped slightly.

"Not there," he gasped, writhing, squeaking. Poor bunny; evidence of a fox at work was on his body. Gerard appreciated how much Frank trusted him; to show him such private, such hurtful marks of his past that had not been yet shown to the MD. "Not there, Gee, that hurts so much." He rubbed his eyes again with such severe vigour that they redened and swelled slightly. "It's where he grabbed me." A soft sniff. "My hips."

"Is that where it hurts the most, baby doll?" Gerard whispered in the pink shell of his ear, and the boy's face crumpled again. "Is that the most painful?"

Brown tufts of hair swayed from side to side as Iero shook his head. He was crying quietly as his husband poked his nose behind the kid's ear.

"Where does it hurt the most, inomorato?" The Don breathed, segments of his mother tongue working their way into his speech as he called Frank his sweetheart in Italian. "Will you tell me where the pain is the worst?"

The rabbit bit his lip and shivered again, entwining his fingers with his husband's.

"The place...the place..."

"Only I'm allowed to touch?" Gerard murmured, and Frank was shaking alarmingly now. A small nod. His bunny's breathing was shallow and laboured. The boss knitted his hands together over the twenty four year old's package. "Oh, baby, I'm so sorry. My poor little bunny."

"Not th-there," he stuttered, quaking. "The other..." a sob caught in his throat and Way rubbed his chest soothingly. "Where you...where you make love to me."

That shattered Gerard Way's heart in two. He sighed and pressed his nose into the chocolate hair, trying not to cry.

"Boxers off please, miele," the boss whispered, and the boy was too upset not to comply. "I'm nearly done, amore."

Frank pushed his drawers down his legs, and Way hissed out of involuntary judgement; the wound was so stark and gaudy. The soft, red skin along the boy's entrance was torn up and completely destroyed; fragments of skin and dried blood lying there instead. Gerard thought for a moment there were scratch marks on the twenty four year old's cheeks-then he realized they were bite marks. He shook his head in disbelief, tears welling up in his working eye. On the night of wedding to Frank he promised himself that he would be the only man who ever took the boy-so much for that.

"Aw fuck, baby," he cussed, voice wavering. "He fucking ripped you up." He pulled up the black boxers again and dressed the back of Frank's thighs with kisses. "That must hurt you so much when you walk." Tears caught in his throat and he could only think to curse. "Baby, ah Jesus, that fucking zombie motherfucker...shitface little cunt...fucking bastard..."

"I'm not your bunny anymore," Frank whispered, tears streaming down his cheeks. "They fucked me up and I'm not pretty for you anymore. I wanted to be just for you, Gee, and I wanted to be nice for you when you come home and then we could cuddle and make love and it would be so good and now-"

The Don stood up and twirled the twenty four year old around so he could gain access to his mouth, and pressed his lips firmly to his rabbit's. He was unsure as to where he should place his hands, so he instead streamed his fingers through Frank's hair, tugging at the brown locks. When the kiss was finished, Way placed a palm over Frank's mouth.

"I never want to hear those words coming out of your moth ever again," he ordered right in Frank's ear. "Never, ever again. So. Motherfucking. Perfect. I will always come home to you and thank every motherfucking star above I'm married to you, and I will always cuddle you, and I will always love you so fucking much."

Iero raised his eyes to meet Gerard's.

"You mean that?"

"Every fucking word." Cussing seemed to help get his point across. He reached inside his shirt and pulled out the wedding ring. "You're my bunny rabbit. I'm your gangster and I fucking adore you to bits, Frankie." Ringed and bare fingers locked together in the dark. "Don't ever say something like that again."

The spoken to nodded again. He was shivering in his bare boxers, thin frame quivering in the cold.

"It hurts to spread my legs," he lisped. "Will you carry me again?"

Don de la Via hoisted the other up so that Frank's arms could wrap around his neck once more, the medic's nose tucked in his shoulder, the boy snuffling and squeaking a little. The gangster cuddled and murmured to him, playing with the wooden chain he had given Gerard a number of months ago.

"Do you wear it all the time?" He asked quietly, fiddling with it and even pressing it to his lips. "Do you wear the chain a lot?"

"All the time," Gerard confirmed. "All day every day. To remind me of my beautiful husband every time I'm not with him." He brushed his fingertips along Frank's spine, murmuring. "Poor darling. My beautiful, beautiful husband." He cleared his throat and snarled suddenly. "I spit on his grave."

Frank knew this was a serious insult as he was constantly told by Gerard how respect should be doled out disputedly to people. To spit on someone's resting place was dire.

"Do you spit on James' grave?" Tha rabbit breathed so quietly as they approached their bedroom, the boss's foot tipping the door open slowly. "That thing you said about revenge...beginning with V..."

"Vendetta," Gerard supplied him with, and Frank nodded.

"Mmmhmm, that," the boy murmured as he was gently put down by the Don, placing his small hands on Way's arm. "Would you do that for me?" His voice was breathy and soft. "Not raping, I don't want you to do that but...killing." The boy chewed his lip as he stood, barely clothed, his husband kneeling below him, pressing kisses to his abdomen. "Would you...would you kill for me?"

"Anyone you want dead..." he traced his finger along the base of his own neck in a killing gesture. "They die. As slowly and as painfully as you want."

"I'd do it," Frank whispered, "but I'm not strong enough. Hurts t-too m-much." Gerard hugged his knees and Iero ceased the quaking. "And I want them to know how much you love me. How much you care." The boss nodded. "And I want them all to be killed...all to die...and I want you to do it, Gee." He shuddered and sighed shakily. "I don't want to order you around-"

"No," Way spoke softly, tenderly. "Tell me what to do and I'll do it for you. Anything. I'll serve you, baby."

"Mmmm...just...make it so sore." He ran his fingers through the Don's black hair as Gerard kissed his legs. "Make them feel humiliated and upset-watch them beg and plead for mercy but don't ever give in!" He was close to shouting now, but the calm caressing of his pale skin soothed him. "Be rough and horrible to them, don't be polite to rapists who deserve to die." He sniffed again, tugging at raven tufts. "And carve your name into them. But not your normal name...use my name. G.A.I." He closed his eyes. "I want everyone to know Gerard Way is the best gangster in the whole a LA and that he owns this shit. That no one fucking hurts his family and gets away with it."

"Of course, mio marito," he murmured, crossing himself and pressing kisses to his boy's damaged midriff. "My darling. I will avenge you, babe. I'll do anything for my gorgeous boy." He reached up for the twenty four year old's small hand and smiled. "Still wearing my ring, I see. It looks so lovely on you."

A small, tiny smile appeared on the medic's face. He caressed Gerard's cheek with his left hand.

"Everyone was jealous of me when I showed them," Iero said, and the gangster grinned wider. The rabbit hiccuped a little as Way kissed the diamond ring that glittered in front of him. "You shouldn't have, Gerard. It cost half a million dollars and you-you shouldn't have-"

"I'm not allowed to spend money on my precious baby?" The Don asked innocently, and pink flushed the other's cheeks. "You want me to take it back?"

"Oh-no!" He said quickly and the older man laughed. "No, no, I want it...I was just saying it's a whole lotta money...and you know I hate when you spend so much on me." He shrugged a little, relaxing; he even laughed quietly. It made Gerard's mouth automaticaly spread into a smile. "Old-fashioned, I guess."

"Mmm, I guess I haven't respected that," Way mused, tipping his head back as Frank stroked his hair. "Buying you a car...bringing you to London...buying you a ring." His sunny chuckle. "Didn't know you wanted soap-on-a-rope, darling."

"Not...soap on a rope," he muttered, lips twitching at the sides. "But I love it so much. Thank you." Gerard stood up and beckoned Frank to the bed. The boy looked terrified and distraught when Way signalled for him to sit in his lap; instead he sat next to his husband and cuddled his neck. "I don't...I don't think I'm ready...for that..."

"But babe, you always sit in my lap," Gerard purred in his ear, and to his surprise, the boy squeaked and did something he had never done before; he tried to push his husband away a little. "I-honey? Are you okay?"

"No sexy talk, please," the bunny begged, and the Don only now came to the realization of how vulnerable his husband truly was. "He talked to me in this horrible voice and rubbed up against me when he was hard and you're stronger than me Gee and I couldn't fight you off if you hurt me-"

Way suddenly pulled a sharp dagger from his belt, blade gleaming in the stripped moonlight through the thin curtains. The younger one looked at him carefully, sniffing. Gerard took the boy's hand in his and spread it out on his knee.

"Gee-what-please no hurting-"

"Spread out your fingers," the gangster instructed quietly. "Let me show you how much you can trust me."

Frank, shaking, wriggled his fingers apart so that his hand was open on Gerard's knee, palm down. Then the Don spun the knife-at least nine inches-and let it dangle between his thumb and fore-finger carelessly. The rabbit squeaked as he sobbed from the sight; his fingers were bait.

Gerard, quick as a wink, jabbed the knife up-and-down, up-and-down, up-and-down. Frank watched, half inpressed and half terrified out of his fucking skull as Way never let the blade penetrate anything but air as it dipped and downed. It only slipped in the spaces between the spread little fingers. Gerard ceased the peculiar trust excercise, pushed Frank's hand away and suddenly plunged the knife inside his lower thigh, digging and twisting the blade so that his knee was swallowed up in blood. Then he removed the dagger, wound pumping scarlet, and lifted the blade to lick off his own blood, lips and chin splashed with red as he did so. Frank found it...oddly wonderful. Touching.

"There," the Don said tenderly, slipping the boy onto his thighs. "Trust me?"

Frank nodded.

Gerard Way stirred in his sleep and awoke suddenly when he heard some soft thuds outside of the bedroom he shared with his husband. He cracked an eye open as his brain slowly sunk into consciouness again. He felt a small weight on his chest and found Frank snoozing softly as he pressed up against the gangster. Way smiled a little, ran fingers through the brown hair and kissed his forehead. Iero always looked so peaceful, so at rest. His left little fist was curled up and rested over the mobster's heart. The Don held the fist in his own hand and stroked the medic's soft, silky skin that he found so goddamn appealing.

Gerard figured the sound had just been a fluke, but that was until the door of the bedroom was slowly pushed open and Luciana de la Via faced him, a cowering, shrinking little thing in a black, long nightgown. The Don looked to her and saw tears welling up in chocolate eyes, and that she was gasping quietly. His smile disintigrated and he wore an expression of care and concern.

"Baby?" He whispered in the darkness, the girl walking slowly over to the criminal in the four-poster. "Oh, sugar plum, what's the matter?"

"Buh-bad duh-dream," she stuttered, and more tears fell down her cheeks, silent suffering. "Ohh...z-zio..."

"Mon amore," he breathed, sitting up, and gently pushing the boy from him. "Oh, honey, what was your dream about?"

The six-year-old shook her head violently.

"Don't wanna-wanna-oh, zio," she wept again, head in her hands. "Please, please, please, let me sleep in your room tonight. Please, please." She squeaked and rubbed her eyes. "I don't wanna go back in there, zio, the monsters will get me, the man with the silver mouth will get me-"

"Shhh, baby," the Don hushed, for he neither wanted his niece upset over Warner or his husband hearing that fucking name once more. "Of course you can, of course you can. I'll get you a glass of water, okay? You get in here and sleep up here. Mind you don't disturb Frank, honey plum, he's sleeping. He has trouble doing that anyway, darling, so don't wake him."

"Yes, zio," the girl answered, watching as her uncle rose from the bed in his bare chest and boxer shorts. He helped her up onto the bed and drew the curtains around it. She heard him descend the stairs and turned to the gangster's husband, snoozling quietly, peaceful and tranquil. She accidentally bumped against him as she settled down, the boy's eyelids flying open.

"Wh-what?" He gasped, like he had been flung into a lake of freezing cold water. "Who-Gee-protect me-"

"Franco?" She whispered in his ear, and he relaxed, smiling a little. "Franco, it's me. I had a nightmare and zio said I could sleep with you tonight. He's gone down to get me some water." She smiled ruefully. "I'm real sorry but I touched you a little and you mo-" she caught sight of a ghastly bruise on his forearm. "Franco, what happened your hand? Did zio do that to you?"

"Did I do what to who?" Way asked as he came back in to his niece and his lover, both wide-eyed. "Aw, Luci, I asked you not to wake him."

"It's not her fault, Gee," the other croaked, slinking his arm around the girl and cuddling her close. She watched as his sleeve rolled up and bright, sickly bruises danced up the boy's limb. "It's fine, really."

"Alright, babe, but Luciana should lean on me, you're too weak," Gerard said soothingly as he got back into bed with the other two. His niece sat next to him, looking at the intriguing chains that lay down the gangster's chest. His husband got up slowly, and Gerard heard his breath hitch a little as he walked over to the en suite. "Are you okay, bunny?"

"Course, Gee," he replied quietly, pain in his tone.

"Zio," the girl breathed once the twenty four year old was out of earshot. "Zio, what happened Franco?"

"He got hurt, sugar." He closed his eye and ran his fingers through her silky hair. "The man...who hurt you...hurt Frank a little while ago. He's very sore and very weak. My poor baby," he murmured, and Luciana nodded. "Please don't ask him about it, honey. He gets upset about it and I don't like him getting upset."

His niece nodded, resting against his shoulder.

"You should hurt the men who hurt Franco, zio," she whispered. Her chocolate eyes met her uncle's and she blinked. "Vendetta."

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