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Emergency deliviery


The baby is born

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Gerard looked at the room, white, and boring. He hated it here.
Suddenly, he felt somthing snap. He screamed. A nurse came in.
He started coughing, and blood fell on the sheets. The fetus just broke three of Gerard's ribs.
She quickly had Gerard sit. As she was checking him, another bone cracked, another rib.
He screamed.
"The fetus could kill you in days, we need to take it out..."
Gerard coughed, ""
"Yes, we are going to do an emergency c-section."
Gerard flinched. He knew what that was, in high school health, it meant they cut the womb open to get the baby out. He grabbed his iPhone, and texted Mikey and Lindsey.
I'm going into surgery, wish me luck...I'll need it... he looked at the message and hitsend
"Ok, Gerard.I'm wheeling you to the operating room."
he felt an agonizing pain in his back. It was the spinal numbing stuff.
"crap...that hurts!" He gasped. He felt various machines be put on him. His IV dripped, he closed his eyes for hopfeully NOT the last tine.
The surgen checked his vitals. Gerard was going to need a miracle to stay alive. He grabbed the scapel and cut into Gerard's stomach. He gasped. Gerard's organs were being pushed on by the fetus, and he could see rib fragments in the area. He cut into the womb, and took the baby out, a boy. He handed him to a nurse, to be cleaned. The baby cried, as he took on Gerard's broken ribs, he set the bones, and put in a metal plate, to keep them steady. Suddenly, Gerard's vitals dropped. Slowly, his heart stopped beating.
"I've got a code blue in Operating room 9!"
A crash cart came, and tried to revive Gerard.
"Charging at 100 watts."
"CLEAR!!!" No heartbeat.
They tried again. No heartbeat.
They shocked Gerard's heart again. No use.
Then, the most amazing thing happened....Gerard's heart rate started again. His breathing machine pushed air into his lungs. The vitals rose to a healty was a miracle.
_______________________--2 hrs later--________________________________________________
"Wake up Hunny..."
Gerard heard voices. He recognized them at was Lindsey and Mikey.
"Uh....Hi." He said as he opened his eyes. They looked at him.
"God, you gave us a scare bro."
"I did?"
"The nurses said when we arrived that you were in emergency surgery."
"Yeah...they got him out."
"YEah, Mikes...its a boy."
"What are you going to name him?"
"I was thinking of Rodrick Arthur Way."
"I like it Gee." Linsey smiled.
"We can call him "Mahlyenki Dyvol" It means "Little Devil" in Russian."
"Why Russian?"
"Becasue that kid's gonna turn out to be a handful. Plus I read that in a book, and loved how it sounded."
They laughed. Mikey pulled out his phone, and sent out a mass text: Its a boy!!

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