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They'll Never Take Us Alive.

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Frank and Faith Iero. Twins. One's a rockstar. One's a Broadway starlet. They haven't seen each other in three years. So what happens when both return to New Jersey?

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Wow.. its been so long since ive been on this website. Oh well. Ive improved on my writing skills. Or so id like to think I have. I decided to start over on here and blahblahblah. So enjoy. If there are any readers out there that are still interested in my past stories, I could always go and continue though I highly doubt anyone wants to know what happens to those poor stories.

He doesn't have to know. That was my only thought as I quickly packed all that I needed. I threw in shirts, jeans, socks, underwear, anything and everything in sight. What sucked mostly was that I shared a room with him and I couldn't decide whether whatever I was taking, he was going to need or not. That was the thing about us being siblings. We were twins and we shared just about everything. With the exception of our undergarments and shoes, we literally shared a closet. If I wore that one shirt, he'd wear it the next day. If he wore those tattered up jeans last week, I'd make them fit me the following.

Looking around the room in a quick manner, I decided that I was done with the clothes part. I grabbed the medium-sized cardboard box that once held our new microwave and began placing things like pictures, CDs, books, movies, and the like in it. I argued on whether I should take the posters on my side of the room or not, but decided against it. I didn't want him to take too much notice. I didn't want it to seem like I had left, but when I looked around the area of our room, it was like Iwas already gone. I could tell that whatever had been lying around made adifference. He was going to see it as well. He was going to walk into this room, notice that half the clothes on the floor and half of our CD and book collection was missing. He was going to see that the picture of us from when we dressed up as Woody and Buzz for our birthday/Halloween party wasn't on the night stand that separated our beds. And he was going to wonder where the hell am I. He wouldn't think to ask Mom though. She hardly ever knew where we were at. But this time, she would know where I was but he wouldn't ask her until after he sat there and waited.

I debated on whether I should leave him a letter. Even if it was just a simple /Good-bye. See ya. I love you/. Even that would be better than just disappearing but I couldn't bring myself up to it. I duct-taped the box shut after filling it with stuff I knew would make me think of home. I didn't want to take too much. Who knows how much I'll be traveling or how long I'd be in that shabby loft.

I sighed heavily, trying to keep the waterworks from bursting. I threw my knapsack, which contained my clothes and shoes, over my left shoulder. I had to go. I focused on the collage of pictures over our beds. There were tons of pictures of our adventures over the years. Since we were kids and learned how to work a camera. It was our timeline, basically. And nowhere in those pictures did I see a frown. Nothing but smiles and I wondered if I was doing the right thing.

Of course, I was.

With teary eyes, I tore my eyes away from the wall and faced the door. That door was my gateway to something better than here. I was going to be known. I was going to make a name for myself. Iwasn't going to just be /Frank's sister, /or that girl who's related to that guitarist from My Chemical Romance. No.

I was going to be Faith Iero, Broadway star.
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