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Ashes Part One

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This whole story comprises of ideas and characters from The Ring and Silent Hill 2, the video game. It is my attempt of "fanfiction," but it still stays true to the whole "Silent Hill" concept, so ...

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So... This is my attempt at a "Fan Fiction." Inspired by Lily :)
DISCLAIMER: I do not own rights to any of the characters mentioned.

Ashes Part One
(Based on Silent Hill 2 and The Ring)

Snow. It hadn't fallen for the past three years... But why now? Why fall at such an inconvenient time? It just inflicted a contradicition within me. My role was that of the frightened. I needed to cower, to scream, to call out for help. But... the snow... It lifted hopes. It danced and twirled as it plummeted to its pavemental doom; all good things come to an end. With the dawn of this revelation, I immediately presumed my former role:

I began to scream.

"Samara!" I cried out. Nothing. Just the snow falling around the crashed car, blanketing the once black and broken road. The road extended onward, disappearing into the fog. What happened? Where was I?

"Samara!" She was supposed to be seated in the passenger's side. Shit. Shit. Shit. It all came back to me. This was a Honeymoon vacation gone wrong... I had fallen asleep behind the wheel... And now...

"SAMARA! WHERE ARE YOU?" As if crying out in a cramped car with locked windows and doors helped my situation. Damn it.
I commanded myself:
Make your numb legs move.
Open the door.
Step out of the car.
And what comes next? Oh... Find Samara... It was time to find my wife.

I mean, How far could she have gone?

As soon as I stepped out of the car, I realized the severity of my predicament. My sedan had hit a tree, and blood stained its once-gray, leather seats. It was as though this new car, a wedding gift, had recieved an interior paint job, using our entire blood supply as dye. Though, oddly enough, my clothes were only partially ripped and blood-stained. Nothing else remained in the car--but, calling it a car was a gross overstatement; it was more like a heap of broken glass; crushed metal; shattered dreams...

Pull yourself together. This is all just a bad dream. A horrible nightmare.

JUST MARRIED read the eerily undamaged bumper sticker. This was due to the fact that all the damage was concentrated on the hood of the car; it reminded me of a cute saying she would incessantly re-iterate to me:

"Life is a road without U-turns. You just have to keep driving forward."

I had to keep driving forward. I would accomplish nothing If I were to examine the car wreckage all day. This husband needed to find his soulmate.

Thus began my journey. I walked along the winding road for a while (at least, I thought it was a road. The snow was thick along the ground.) Then, I saw it in the distance, growing larger and larger until I could distinctly make out what it was: a sign. No pun intended. It was just a regular sign, reading WELCOME TO SILENT HILL.

Silent hill... This is why we came here. It was beautiful... I looked around.
Nothing but snow... snow snow snow... gray snow falling from a gray sky...

Gray snow...? Gray? I caught one in my tongue only to spit it back out, gagging.

This wasn't snow.

It was ash.

As though the sky were burning. As though hell were located where heaven was supposed to be, and the Devil were mocking me. He took my precious snow--my only remnant of hope in desolation--and he set fire to it.

It seemed like he were already planning to do the same to me...

And as if on cue, sirens began to screechingly echo beyond the sign. This was my destination. I had to keep moving.

I had to find my Samara...

Even if the ashes and the sirens begged to differ. Even if the demons I would soon come across stood in my way, my love for her would prevail. I would not give in to the trepidation. I would not give in to any human instinct to cower or cringe, for that would be but a waste of time.

If this were hell, I would gladly burn. But only if it meant Samara was safe.

To be Continued.
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