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Family! At The Disco

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The story you guys auditioned for! Yay! Sorry for the sucky name I suck at naming things.

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I never imagined my life so perfect. Living with my husband Ryan Ross, and three daughters Rebekah, Maria, and Skylark.
Rebekah and Maria are the prettiest girls you'd ever see. They're both thirteen right now, and they're two of the sweetest girls ever. Rebekah has big hazel eyes that are always full of life, her dark brown hair that comes down just below her shoulders is always straight, pale skin with a little tan, and even though Ryan's her father she has Brendon's lips.
After Rebekah turned about six Ryan and I decided to have another child. After many attempts and fails we decided just to give up and adopt. That's how we got Maria; her mother was 16 when she was raped and got pregnant. She didn't want the child of a rapist so she gave her up for adoption. When we went to the adoption agency Rebekah and her got along so well and since then they were the best of friends. She has narrow, dark green eyes and people always comment on how pretty they are, tan skin, black wavy hair that goes down to her waist, Ryan's lips, and an adorable button nose.
When they both turned ten I had Skylark. She has beautiful almond shaped bright green eyes, brown hair just like Ryan's that usually is in pigtails, fair skin, and she has Ryan's nose; she looks alot like her dad. She's in her cowgirl stage right now so she wears cowgirl boots and her cowgirl hat all the time. She also likes to run around the house with all of her cowgirl stuff on and her toy gun that shoots rubber bands that her 'uncle' Pete got her.
And that brings me to all of our friends...

A/N ok this is just the intoductions sowwy! I'm working on the first chapter, but I just thought I should get this out. If I didn't mention you don't worry I'll mention you in like the 2nd or 3rd chapter. Anyway R&R even though there's nothing to review lol
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