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The transcendentalism movement happened during the Romanticism period. This movement was for man to realize what they are and to become one with themselves. To not worry about what everyone else thinks about you and your thoughts and opinions but what you believe is right. To not allow society to corrupt you and dictate your choices.
Transcendentalism is the movement to return to your toots of life. To avoid corruption from anything that causes badness or tries to dictate your life. Corruption is found in society, institutions, religion, and government. Transcendentalism is being yourself and not what other people are. That people should realize the beauty found in nature. Also transcendentalist believe that all men are born inherently good. They also believe that man should only have the things they need. That there should not be a ton of variety but only a few of each. Limited amounts of food choices and limited amounts of other things.
Some of these parts I agree with while other parts I disagree with. For the majority these I agree with. People should be individual not follow and do what some star or celebrity does but be your own person. You should make you own choices and speak your own opinions on a topic. Being yourself is what makes a person unique and interesting. If everyone was the same then the world would be boring uninteresting it would be routine. People also need to live there life’s on a non routine bases. To not have your day planned out before it even begins but live each day how it comes. As there are things I agree with I also disagree with a few things. For one there is no reason to limit variety, limiting what there is causes a daily routine to take place. If there are a lot of choices then peoples life’s are unique and different each day.
There are a few ways you can become a modern day transcendentalist. The first way is becoming your own person and not doing what other people want you to do. By making your own personal style and way of life and not coping what you see. The second way is by thinking for your self and saying and using your own thoughts or opinions and what other people have thought up before you. Your own ideas, thoughts and opinions are the best for you and you should try them, they may not always work but you learn from your own experiences. Being your own person is what being a transcendentalist is about.
Society, institutions, government and a lot more try and corrupt you and how you live each day. Just by being your self can make you become a transcendentalist. Transcendentalism has been lost in to days world with everyone trying to be like someone else who they are not. Being your self and thinking for yourself is the rightful way to live your life.
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