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The Story

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Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar, M. Shadows, Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance, Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Dallon Weekes, Ian Crawford, Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Billie-Joe Armstrong

The Story

"Hey Gee! Get your skinny vampire butt over to my house now!"

My phone buzzed and lit up, the screen displaying that absolutely wonderful message from my best friend, Billie. Flicking my phone open, I type back "Nah, not today, I'm not in the mood..."

Almost as soon as I hit send, my little brother, Mikey, called me.

"Hey Mikes, what's up?"

"You going to Billie's?"

"No, I'm not in the mood today... Sorry Mikey-Mouse."

"Awwww, but we were going to play Truth or Dare! And you-know-who will be there!"

"Mikey, I can hear you waggling your eyebrows down the phone, you perverted little child... But, yeah, I think I will go now..."

"I knew that would make you change your mind! See ya there, then!"

"Bye Mikey..."

Hitting the "end call" button, I rushed around trying to find something to wear. I finally settled on some grey skinnies, purple converse, an Iron Maiden t-shirt and my leather jacket. After smudging some eyeliner on and checking my hair looked ok, I ran out the door, took the shortcut through the park and got to Billie's apartment building. I pressed the buzzer to get in, ran up the 4 flights of stairs and fell in his door.

"Finally! It only took you forever to get here!"

"Shut the fuck up Billie, or I'll be forced to kick you in the nuts... Oh wait, you ain't got any!"

"Oh, you wanna go there, Gerard Gay? You're such a fag!"

"Bitch, please, at least I have style!"

"Guys, seriously, shut up! God..."

"Oh shut up, Toro, just cuz you fancy him!"

"I do not fancy Billie, he's too little for me."

"Haha, that sounds so wrong! Anyway, get in the circle, guys, it's time to play..." laughed Zacky.

"Alright, calm your muffin, Zacky, we're coming..."

As I sat down, I looked across the circle, and... There he was, calmly sitting there in all his hushed glory. The calm look in his eyes just made me melt... It was like looking into two icy-blue pools of perfectly still water... And the way his gingery-blond hair occasionally flops into his eyes, and he casually flicks it away... Ohhh, he truly is the image of gorgeousness...

My train of thought was rudely interrupted by someone throwing a bottle at me.

"Right, who was that?"

"Never mind, Gee, just spin the damn bottle..." sighed M.

I shut up and spun it, half-hoping it would land on /him/, but no, it landed just next to /him/, pointing straight at my other best friend, Frank.

"Frankie-boy, Truth or Le Dare?"


"Wuss... Ok, have you ever fancied anyone in this room, and if so, who?"

Frank shifted uncomfortably.

"Y-yeah, and we ended up having a bit of a thing, but he broke it off and didn't explain why..."

"Ohmygosh, WHO?!" squealed Brendon. 

"Shut up Brendon!" hissed Ryan, "Honestly, you're such a girl sometimes!"

"You love it though, babe..." Brendon smiled flirtatiously.

"Mmm, true..." Ryan smirked, leaning over for a kiss.

"Ok guys, enough with the PDA's, you're rubbing in the fact that none of us are in relationships... Well, apart from Pete and Patrick... Hey, where are they?" asked Syn.

"Dunno..." answered Zacky.

"Bathroom." grunted Spencer.

"Oh, right. Ew..." replied Billie, his face contorting into a look of disgust.

"Anyway," I interjected, "Back to the question... Who was it, Frank?"

"Mmphrg..." muttered Frank, curling up into a ball.

"Who? I didn't hear that..."

"I-it was me, Gee..." Mikey stepped forward, blushing furiously.

"OH MY GOSH! I am so tweeting that!" squealed Dallon.

"No!" yelped Frank and Mikey at the same time.

"Aww, you guys suck..." pouted Dallon.

"Mikey? Really? Why didn't you tell me?" I asked slightly hurt.

"W-well, you see, I was scared to tell you, cuz Frank's your best friend, and I'm your little brother, and we thought it might have been a bit awkward... Sorry..." Mikey looked down sadly.

"Mikes, it's ok, I'm just a little surprised, that's all... I would never have thought he was your type, but, now I think about it, I can see why you two would be a good couple..." I said, pulling Mikey into a hug.

"Yeah, I suppose... Anyway, who's turn is it now?"

"MINE!" shouted Ray, a little over-excitedly.

"All right, calm down, here's the bottle..." I chucked the bottle to him and he spun it.

"Syn, Truth or Dare?"

"Uh... Dare..."

"Hmmmm... I dare you to go into the closet with Spencer for 5 minutes. I will stand outside and make sure you stay in there."

They went through, and the rest of us snuck through behind them. Staying silent so we could hear anything that was going on in there, we heard a couple of thumps and a lot of whispering. By the time the five minutes were up, we were all standing around expectantly. Tomo opened the doors, and there, with their arms tangled around each-other's half-naked bodies, were Spencer and Syn. 

"Ok, that is hot..." said Pete, as he and Patrick walked in, flushed and holding hands.

"You two took your time!"

"Yes, yes we did, got a problem with that, M.?" replied Patrick, resting his head on Pete's shoulder.


"Can we go back to Truth or Dare now?" whined Mikey.

"Yeah, let's go. Who's turn is it, by the way?"

"Mine!" yelped Mikey, flailing his arms around while everyone else returned to the circle.

"Ok, calm it Mikes..." Ryan chucked the bottle over to him. He spun it and the whole group leaned forward in anticipation.

"...Gee, Truth or Dare?"

"Dare, I guess..."

Mikey grinned evilly.

"Ok, I dare you to kiss anyone in this circle that you fancy. We'll close our eyes for 30 seconds, so that you can kiss them quick and keep it a secret, if you wanna..."

"Fuck you Mikey."

Everyone closed their eyes and I took a deep breath, crossing the circle. I leaned forward and gently pressed my lips to his, enjoying the feeling of his cold metal lip oring against my lower lip. He opened his eyes as I pulled away and made a small surprised noise. I sat back down just as everyone opened their eyes.

"Well, who was it, Gee? I know we all want to find out who the enigmatic Gerard Way has a crush on!" giggled Ian.

"Well, you're all going to be disappointed, cuz I'm not going to tell you. Only 3 people in this room know, and they are me, him and my brother, who I hope I can trust to keep his big mouth /shut/." I replied calmly.

Ian sighed and "harrumph"ed, wrapping his arms around Dallon. I smiled and threw the bottle to Frank, deciding it was his turn.

"Ok, who will the bottle land on? Hmmm... Mikey, truth or dare?"

"I'll choose Truth." Mikey smiled. 

"Ok then, would you go out with me again, since you know that Gee approves of us?"


"Ok then, you, me, cinema on Saturday, about 5? I'm buying." Frank arranged with a cheeky grin on his face.

"It's a date!" grinned Mikey, kissing Frank gently on the lips.

"Ugh, can we stop with all the soppy lovey-dovey shit please? I'm gonna be sick..." groaned Zacky.

"I'm getting bored of Truth or Dare now, how about we just play Spin The Bottle instead?" whined Ray.

"Ok, who's for playing Spin The Bottle?" I asked, raising my hand. Almost everyone raised their hands.

"Ok, I think the existing couples should be spectators, and let us poor single people play. It's only fair..." said M.

"Ok, Brendon, Ryan, Dallon, Ian, Pete, Patrick, and now Mikey and Frank, sit out." Billie ordered.

"I'm spinning first!" shouted Ray.

"Actually, I think Bob should spin first, since he's been really quiet so far." interjected Patrick.

Bob took the bottle, spun it and smiled. "Well look who the lucky person is. Pucker up Gee!" he said with a goofy smile. I blushed and leaned in to kiss him. Almost instantly, fireworks started exploding behind my eyelids, butterflies invaded my stomach, and my brain went totally numb. I gently placed my hand on his neck, deepening the kiss a little. He pulled away and smiled.

"Of all the people in the world, you fancy me?" he whispered, and I nodded while shuffling over, making space for him to sit next to me. He sat in the space, and we looked around the circle at all of our friends looking absolutely dumbstruck.

"What was that?"demanded Billie

"It was a kiss, dumbass. I thought that was the point of Spin The Bottle?"

"That was more than a kiss between friends for a game of Spin The Bottle, that was more like a kiss between a couple or something! Is there something you're not telling us?"

"Basically, Gerard kissed me earlier as part of his dare, so when I spun the bottle and it landed on Gee, I thought I would show how I feel towards him, since he was so honest with me."

After a lot more awkward questions and spins of the bottle, we noticed it was nearly eleven o'clock, so we said our goodbyes and all but one of us left Billie's, since his new boyfriend, M., decided he was going to stay over. That night, nobody left Billie's as a single man, as we all found someone to love. Spencer and Syn left there holding hands, and Zacky was going to stay at Ray's place. Brendon and Ryan had a "sleepover" where they probably never slept, if you know what I mean, and Dallon and Ian left Billie's with their arms linked. Pete drove Patrick back to his and stayed the night, and the next morning they woke up to receive a complaint from one of the neighbours about the amount of noise they had been making. Patrick's excuse was that Pete loved the sound of his own voice, and Pete threatened to kill Patrick if he told anyone that story, yet everyone knows and he is still alive, so go figure. Frank walked Mikey home and kissed him on our front porch while I walked home through the autumn leaves holding hands with the man I have loved since I first met him, and my life cannot get any better.


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