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Mexico Part 2

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A mark o Gerard is much more than it appears

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Finally a new chapter of this semi-shitty story. Hope you can handle it ;D Oh, this chapter has a bit about Vines in it. It WAS named for a reason.

Frank's P.O.V.

I wake up in the most comfortable, biggest bed I've ever slept in, at almost half past twelve. I stumble, still a bit sleepy, into the living room outside my bedroom, I immediately notice a huge tray of food set out on the coffee table. I eagerly walk towards it, noticing a white card with my name on it as I pick up the note.

I'm sorry about snapping at you yesterday. I shouldn't have, I know. I was just so tired. I'm in the office room when you finish breakfast. We can explore the resort if you want to.
XO Gerard
P.s. Everything is vegetarian.

I feel my heart flutter at the "X"'s and the "o"'s, and also at the fact he remembered I'm a vegetarian. I smile slightly to myself, as he's finally going to let me explore. Maybe Gerard will shed his long sleeves and skinnies. Mmm...

I quietly pick out of the many options what I want to eat, then dig into the veggie sausages and and syrup covered pancakes. As soon as I'm done, I'm off to find Gerard.

I find him in the office-where he said he would be- looking onto a giant moniter I can't see.

"Whatcha lookin' at?" I ask, coming around the giant desk to look at the screen. I am able to see barely anything before he shuts the window.

"Nothing." He says guiltily.

"Were you watching porn?" I ask, a frown sliding across my face. Seems logical that he would, I guess... But this early? It's like one.

"No! I was..." HE sighs in defeat. "So, you want to explore this place?"

"Hells yeah!" I grin.

XX Time lapse, bitches XX

We've explored all the indoors part of the resort- the two movie theaters, the amusement park, indoor water park, lounges, and several bars and restaurants. Let us not forget the mall they have. And I can not seem to forget the fact Gerard won't lose the long sleeves.

"C'mon, can we go outside?" I plead, pulling Gerard towards the door.

"No! It's too hot." He complains, obviously trying to avoid hot weather. I'll show him how hot my weather can be...Wait, I'm having dirty thoughts that don't even make sense!

"Then let's go change!"


"Geez, Gerard! Why won't you let me see any more of your skin than your hands and face?" I frown. "I'm not going to jump you." Okay, I probably won't jump you.

Gerard laughs at the jumping part, either thinking or pretending it's a joke. He's straight, as straight as the dagger he stabbed through my heart. But I guess he's got plenty of experience in the stabbing department.

"You're going to have to get out of your clothes sometime. Might as well be now." I shrug.

"Nope. I'm not changing, or undressing, in front of you Frankie." My heart sinks a little as he says this. Irrationally, but it still happens.

I sigh in defeat at his last words. Defeated in more ways than one. We decide to go to a movie, and all is well.

-the next day-

I stumble into one of the Tv rooms, tired from simply being asleep a few minutes ago. I'm surprised to see Gerard sitting on a couch, cradling a cup of coffee and watching some TV program.

"G'morning." I mumble. Gerard urns to look at me, a smile making a guest appearance on his face.

"Hey, you want some coffee?" He asks, getting up.

I nod slowly, like the zombie my sleepiness has made me.

"Here." He holds out his, an offering. What's going on? He's usually so protective of his caffein.

"what's the occasion?" I ask, taking a sip of the delicious brown liquid.

"Do I need an occasion to be nice?" He asks, eyebrows raised.

"Of course you do." I joke, the coffee already working his magic. Or Gerard being near me working it's magic.

He rubs his neck, chuckling, and I notice something that surely was not on his neck before. It's green, and snaking from his shirt collar to just under his ear just like a vine of some sort.

"When did you get that tattoo?" I ask. How did he get a tattoo last night? And it's not swollen, but it couldn't have been there before. I would have noticed.

"What tattoo?" He asks, just as confused as I am.

"The one on your neck..." I step closer, trying to get a better look at the ink. Suddenly his eyes widen in realization and he runs into my room's bathroom, me quick on his heels. He gasps once he sees the tattoo in the large mirror, pulling back his hair.

"Gerard...What's going on?" I ask. He doesn't seem to notice.

"Oh shit, it's growing..." He mutters, staring at his reflexion, not even comprehending my existence.

I put my hand on his shoulder, and quietly repeat my question.

He saps his head in my direction. "Get out."

"What?!" I exclaim in shock.

"Get out."

"Why?" I ask, a bit hurt. I thought we were making progress.

"Just get out!" He yells, stepping away from me as I bring my hand up to his ace.

"No." I say, but still drop my hand.

"..No? Get out, Frankie.!" It's not your problem!" He yells.

"I want it to be my problem." I say quietly. Oh shit, did I just say that?

"I-I can't... Please, please just go." He pleads.

"Gerard, I won't. If this is something... big, I want to be here for you." I walk towards him again, but he flinches back.

"No, Frankie... please." He looks me in the eyes, begging me to leave. I almost do it, but I don't want to leave him. He's too freaked out, and this might be a good opportunity to learn more about him.

"A-are you sure you won't leave?" He asks, seeing my silent resistance.

I nod.

"Fine, but please...don't judge me too harshly." He whispers, starting to attempt to take off his shirt. But his hands are shaking so much, I have to help him.

I step back, gasping at his exposed skin. Spouting from his back are dozens of deep green vines, with thorns turning a brown-red. Sprouting from semi-random places on the vines are deep red roses, some open, some merely buds. But the open ones have pale white skulls in them. They're so beautiful, yet so ugly. Beautiful in the way they look, ugly in the way he seems to hate them.

"They're horrible, I know." He mutters, hiding his face in his shoulder length black hair.

"No.. They're quite beautiful." I disagree. "Why are you so ashamed?"

He bites his lip, no doubt thinking up an excuse for the real reason. I won't push it, not after he let me so far in. I sigh, and decide to change my question.

"When did you get it done? How?" I ask.

"Oh, I, um, called room service last night..." He tries meekly. A lie as visible as the murder on his fault. Sio very, very visible.

"Gerard." I sigh. "I know that's a lie. But if you really don't want to tell me now...I'll wait as long as you need me to." I say, smiling slightly at him. Soon I find myself engulfed in an attack of coordinated limbs, in a deep embrace with the man I secretly want to be mine.

Gerard's P.O.V. (later, 11:36 pm)

I can't tell Frankie much about the vines on my body, the thorns, but knowing he doesn't find them as ugly as I do is reassuring. Suddenly I feel a pain, one I haven't felt in a long time. I feel my skin being torn, and squeezing like an anaconda. I scream as I fall to the floor in a heap of pain and torn thoughts.

Frank's P.O.V.

I hear a scream of pure pain, and I know it's Gerard, so I hurry to the bathroom where I find him curled on the floor, a thousand horrible pains all expressed on his face.

"Gerard, what's wrong?" I ask frantically, noticing the blood on the floor around him in spurts. I look him over, noticing slight indents through his clothes, almost as if something is choking him, tears of hurt running down his face. I pull up his shirt, expecting to see..I don't know. Anything but what I saw. What I saw were the vines tattooed to his body choking him to death.

*sighs. You're probably going to leave now that it turns out this is slightly supernatural, aren't you? Well, this was my plot from the beginning so I ain't ashamed. R&R, S'il vous plait! Oh, you guys might like the other story I'm working on, Lawn Ornament Extermination Corpse. I like it a lot, and I've just posted the second chapter!
R&R, bitch. Loves, Althea.
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