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Who needed to know?

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Gabe finds out.

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“Oh my god.” Gabe said looking at the little stick. Two pluses.
“I’m pregnant.” She mumbled under her breath.
“RYAN!” Gabe screamed walking down the hall with the pregnancy test in her hand.
“What?” Ryan asked looking up from his notebook. Brendon, Jon, and Spencer were sitting next to him. She threw the stick at his head and crossed her arms. “What’s this?” Ryan asked examining the little pink stick.
“I’m pregnant dumbass!” She screamed throwing her arms up. Ryan’s eyes widened and his face went white, whiter than usual, and so did Brendon’s, Jon’s and Spencer’s.
“W-what?” Ryan asked standing up.
“Did I fucking stutter?! I said I’m pregnant!” She screamed again.
“What… how?” Brendon asked. Ryan walked over to Gabe.
“W-we…” Gabe trailed off looking at everyone’s shocked faces. She took Ryan’s hand gently. “We had sex. When you guys went to get pizza.” She looked at the floor and bit her lip.
“Thanks.” Ryan whispered to her.
“Did you clean off the couch after?” Brendon asked.
“No.” Ryan grinned from ear to ear.
“OH DUDE NO! THAT’S NOT OK! UGH WE SIT ON THIS COUCH! THAT’S NASTY!” Brendon screamed jumping off of the couch along with Spencer and Jon, earning a giggle from Ryan and Gabe.
“You guys are gross. Wait, is that why she had all those bruises?” Spencer asked cocking his head a little bit. Gabe’s face went white and she felt the knot in her stomach get tighter. She looked at Ryan and tears were streaming down her face.
“I’m sorry. I wanna talk to you about this.” Ryan whispered so only Gabe could hear him.
“We’re going upstairs.” Gabe said walking up the stairs, pulling fiercely at Ryan’s arm. No one talked into they were in Ryan’s room with the door shut. “Ok talk. Explain to me why.” She crossed her arms.
“I was high.” Ryan said bluntly. “I would’ve never done it if I wouldn’t have been.” Ryan shook his head. “I feel like shit for doing that to you.”
“Wait you were WHAT?! RYAN! YOU SAID YOU’D STOP!” Gabe screamed at him.
“I know! I was stupid and I shouldn’t have done it but…” Ryan swept away his chestnut hair from his honey colored eyes.
“But you did it anyways.” She crossed her arms and narrowed her icy blue eyes, tiny strands of her black hair falling in her face. “You sure are gonna be a good dad.” Gabe said sarcastically.
“Fuck off!” Ryan screamed making his way to the door. She just stood in shock for a moment.
“I love you.” Gabe whispered after he left. She sat down on the floor crisscross style, pulled up her shirt, and looked at her stomach. “Hi sweetie.” She whispered to her stomach. “I love you, and daddy loves you too, don’t worry. He may not show it, but he does.” She smiled and rubbed her stomach.
“Gabe?” Spencer said standing in the doorway.
“Hey.” She smiled at him.
“I heard you and Ryan fighting. Are you okay?” Spencer sat down next to her and put and arm around her.
“Yeah I’m ok. I’m not so sure about Ryan though.” She laughed a little.
“So what was the whole fight about anyway?” Spencer asked looking at the door then back to Gabe.
“Ryan got high, again.” She put emphasis on the word again.
“Really?” Spencer raised his eyebrows. “I thought he said he’d stop.”
“Yeah I know,” She swept some of her hair out of her face. “But I just don’t even know with him anymore.” She shook her head, put her elbows on her knees, and put her head in her hands.
“Are you, uhm, you know, gonna keep it?” Spencer asked pointing to her stomach.
“It?! IT?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! HE’S A BABY, NOT AN IT!” Gabe screamed jumping up and leaving the room.
“I’m sorry.” Spencer said putting his head down. Gabe would’ve answered him but she was too angry.
It. How can he just call my baby an it?
Because it is!
Please stop!
No. It’s not a baby. It’s evil!
It’s still my child.
It’s nothing!
It is to me!
Kill it!
Kill it!
No please stop please!
Kill it now!

“Gabe!” Brendon screamed snapping Gabe form her thoughts.
“NO STOP! MY BABY! HE’S DYING!!” Gabe screamed realizing she had walked into the bathroom, turned the faucet on, and turned on the hair dryer. “Oh god it’s getting worse.” She dropped the hair dryer onto the floor with shaky hands.
“Gabe are you ok?!” Brendon asked shaking her a little.
“Yeah I’m fine… I think.” She said looking her body over to check for cuts and bruises that weren’t already there.
“No I mean are you mentally ok?” Brendon asked raising his eyebrows.
“Y-yeah. I’m just a little shaken up.” Gabe shook her head.
“Ok well I’m going to make dinner.” Brendon said and Gabe nodded. Her voices were getting worse, she thought she had control over them, but she doesn’t. She has 3 voices inside her head; Ashley the little kid in her, Desiree the sexual one, and Clarissa the evil one. Clarissa was out to kill her and she knew it.
Get out of my head.
Are you and Clarissa fighting? (Ashley)
Ahem, our head sweetheart. (Desiree)
Who the fuck are you talking to! This isn’t your head! You’re nothing! (Clarissa)
Please stop please. (Gabe)
You don’t deserve to live! You’re disgusting! (Clarissa)
Stop fighting please! (Ashley)

When she snapped back to reality it had been 30 minutes since Brendon had left to make dinner. She walked downstairs quietly and went by the kitchen door, but stopped when she heard Brendon, Jon, Spencer, and Ryan talking, so she peeked around the corner and listened.
“Listen something’s wrong with Gabe.” Brendon said quietly.
“What do you mean?” Spencer asked.
“I mean earlier I was walking by the bathroom and heard her screaming so I went in to check on her and the water was running.” Brendon started shaking a little.
“What’s so bad about that?” Ryan asked tapping his fingers on the table.
“She was holding the hairdryer above the water like she was going to drop it in and screaming ‘my baby is dying, my baby is dying.’ It was creeping me the fuck out.” Brendon said shaking his head.
“I hope she’s ok.” Spencer said. Tears falling freely form her eyes, she walked into the living room and sat on the chair the farthest from the door.
“Are you ok?” Jon asked kneeling next to the chair.
“Yeah I’m fine.” Gabe nodded. “Just uhm…” She shook her head “I don’t even know anymore.”
“Come on. Let’s go to the hospital.” Jon got up and grabbed her hands, helping her up from the seat.
“Thanks.” She said smiling. They walked to the car in silence. The car ride was very awkward and no one talked. She got checked in and Jon told the doctor everything that had been happening the past few weeks. Then he called Ryan, Brendon, and Spencer.
“Hey Gabe’s in the hospital. You guys should come up and see her.” Jon said holding the phone close to his ear.
“Is she ok?” Brendon asked into the phone.
“Yeah I think she’s fine. The doctors are doing tests on her.” Jon tapped his fingers on the side of the phone.
“Ok we’ll be right there.” Brendon said hanging up the phone. They got in the car and were at the hospital in about 5 minutes.
“Gabriella Ryder Sage-Marie Rae, please.” Brendon said to the receptionist. She looked at her computer and back at them.
“Hallway 4, room 106.” The woman said pointing with her pen to the hallway behind her.
“Thank you.” Ryan said and the lady quickly nodded. They had trouble finding her room, and got lost about 5 times. When they finally reached her room she was asleep. Brendon and Spencer found two chairs in the corner by Jon and sat down; Ryan pulled a chair up to Gabe’s bed and sat down.
“I’m sorry.” Ryan whispered putting his hand over hers and putting his head down.
“Me too.” Gabe whispered back.
“What? Why?” Ryan’s head snapped back up.
“For yelling at you. I’m really sorry, Ry.” She looked down at the floor.
“Don’t be sorry, I deserved to be yelled at.” Ryan kissed her hand and smiled.
“I-“ She couldn’t finish her sentence before the doctor walked in.
“Well I have some good news.” The doctor said smiling. “But there’s also some bad news.”
“What’s the bad news?” Gabe looked worried.
“The bad news is we can’t quite determine the source of your outburst yet. We will have to run a few more tests, which will involve you staying a few more nights.” The doctor said looking at his clipboard then back to Gabe.
“And the good news?” Ryan asked squeezing Gabe’s hand.
“You can your baby are perfectly fine.” The doctor smiled. Gabe and Ryan let out a sigh of relief. “If you’d like you can have someone stay here with you for the next few days.”
“I’ll stay with her.” Ryan said looking at the doctor.
“Ok and miss, do you know the name of the father of the baby?” The doctor asked.
“Uhm-“ Gabe started, looking at everyone in the room.
“Of course she does its Ry-“ Brendon said but Spencer quickly put a hand over his mouth to shut him up.
“No she doesn’t. It was rape and she can’t remember what he looked like.” Spencer quickly blurted out.
“Ok, I’ll be coming back in a few hours to check on you.” The doctor said walking out of the room.
“What was that about Spence?” Brendon asked removing Spencer’s hand.
“Listen. Ryan’s 20. Gabe’s 17. If they were to have sex it would be considered statutory rape, and Ryan would go to jail. Get it?” Jon hissed at Brendon.
“Jeez, sorry. Excuse me for not knowing.” Brendon put his hands up in defense.
“Sorry.” Jon muttered under his breath.
“Well it seems like I’m gonna be in here for the night. You guys can go home if you want.” Gabe said tapping her fingers on the side of the bed while staring straight forward at the wall in front of her.
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