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Really, Kio mused, there is no justice in this world

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Really/, Kio mused, /there is no justice in this world.


Maybe the next life will be better. Maybe I'll be world famous. A world famous chicken trainer.


Or maybe I'll come up with an alternative form of fuel.


Scratch fuel. Maybe I'll be the founder of some sort of candy company.

A sigh.

With my luck, I'll be forced to clean toilets for the rest of my days.


Kio snapped out of his thoughts, and was faced with an irritated Soubi staring up at him from the floor. Disaster had struck as Agatsuma Soubi once again proved why he should stay out of the kitchen. He dripped from head to toe in chocolate cake batter. Cake batter. For Ritsuka's birthday.

"Kio, would you please get me the soap?"

No justice.

AN: Bribe Part 2 for Wicked_Pistil =D. Comments are love, constructive criticism is appreciated, and if you find a typo for the love of god let me know.
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