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Sweet Child O Mine

by NirvanaCobain 0 reviews

A peek into the explosive and confusing relationship of Axl and Jazmine.

Category: Guns n' Roses - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Published: 2011-12-03 - Updated: 2011-12-03 - 203 words - Complete

"I think it all started when you came home late." I said watching Jazzy pace back and forth as sat on the sofa. "Oh Axl don't you blame me!" She said, "Your always blaming me!" I looked at her small slender frame, "That's cuz it's always your fault, Jazz." I mumbled with a smile. She huffed and folded her arms. "I know you wanna cuss me out in spanish so knock yourself out." I said raisning an eyebrow at her. "Que estupido hijo puta te odio!" She screamed. I had no idea what she was saying so I said what I always said when she did this, "Hublan ingles perra tonta!" I forgot what it meant but it always got my point across. She slapped me and stormed out of the room. I got up and followed her, "What the fuck, Jazzy?" I yelled. I caught up to her in the hallway and slammed her into the wall, "This is why shit happens! You push me! I try and I try but you don't fucking make it easy!" "Try harder ass hole!" She said beating her hands into my chest. I slapped her, "Do you like it?" I asked and hit her again.
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