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If You Want Your Gonna Bleed But It's The Price You Pay

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It was Slash and Duff. Duff picked Jazmine up off of the floor and Slash put me down. "What happened Jazmine?" Duff said wiping the blood from Jazzy's bleeding cut. "We got in a fight." Jazzy said looking at me with a vicous expression. "Whoa, Jazzy you look like your ready for some more." I said stepping closer to her. Slash pulled me back, "Guy's this is getting ridiculous!" He said. "Get to the couch. We need to talk. Now." Duff said pulling Jazzy to the living room. Slash pushed me towards the living room and I started for the front door. "Sit down Axl." Slash said dragging me back to the couch and pushing me down. "Why are you two fighting again?" Slash asked. "Because Axl was blaming me for why we fight." Jazzy replied. "You guy's were fighting because he was blaming you for why you fight in the first place?" Duff asked cocling his head to the side. "Yes." Jazzy and I said in unioun. "Why do you two fight so much?" Duff asked. "Isn't it obvious that it's cuz we hate eachother?" I said looking at Jazzy.
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