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Chapter One: Unexpected Affections

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A month has passed since the defeat of Kyuubi, but the Kistune Queen's influence has far from diminished...nor has her will to live, especially not when she is beckoned by something she believed sh...

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AUTHOR:Zpan Sven

E-MAIL: Zpan(underscore)Sven(at)hotmail(dot)com

DISCLAIMER:I sadly do not own Naruto. The wonderful man whose name I can not pronounce does. I do own the few random OCs that do pop up though.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is an AU of the Naruto-verse and my first ever Naruto fanfic, so if anyone who is well versed in the Naruto-verse and would like to Beta, I'd love it. Due to the immense feedback I've been receiving - you guys are making me blush, I really didn't think anyone would like what I've written so far! - I decided to go from these little chapters, written mostly as an experiment to the normal, longer format I employ. Honestly, I prefer writing chapters close to or even longer ten pages in length and only do the little short chapters when I'm writing a completely new fandom and don't know what sort of response I'd get or have a massive case of writer's block.

I have only a few Original Characters that will pop up, mostly baddies from missing-nin, bandits, and asshole villagers. One of the more featured OCs is a 'good' character and I'll try to keep her from being aMary Sue-which is the essence of all evil. Her main role is a teacher/big sibling/listener character to help Naruto and the others of the Konoha Twelve, and if the readers like her enough, she might get a boyfriend from one of the shinobi she interacts with.

The fic will mostly be 'General' but if the fans have some ideas for pairings, I'd love to hear them, as well as any suggestions for improving the story. As the names and appearances of Konohamaru's parents have never been revealed, I'm just going to give them names for now; if anyone else out there knows the names/appearances, please PM me, okay?

And just so you know, there's not going to be much bashing in this fic, even of my villains. And yes, Sasuke will be a villain, so please don't request any pairings of SasuNaru aside from a onesided lust on his part because I've noticed the overwhelming amount of SasuFemNaru fics already and I like doing something different if I even do pairings at all. There will of course be side pairings, mostly the canonical ones such as Asuma and Kurenai.





.Sign Language..

SUMMARY:It's the Naruto-verse with a twist. Kyuubi was much younger then believed?Naruto was born female but forced to hide her true gender for her own safety?How different would the adventure be? How powerful will the young kunoichi become under the tutelage of the Queen of all Kistune? Will Naruto sacrifice her humanity to embrace her demonic heritage for the tempting offer of a family and power beyond belief that the demon offers?

CHAPTER SUMMARY: A month has passed since the defeat of Kyuubi, but the Kistune Queen's influence has far from diminished...nor has her will to live, especially not when she is beckoned by something she believed she'd not have at so young an age...her Kit...

TIMELINE:Prologue occurs during Kyuubi's attack and the rest of the story follows pre-manga until a few chapters in, where it follows the manga.


WARNINGS:LVS,,, Zpan Sven's Works



Hai - yes

Iie - no

Sensei -- teacher

Sempai - upper-classman, someone in you ranking of an older age

Onna - woman, rude form of address

Hime - Princess

Gakki - brat

Temee - bastard

Miko -preistess

Kisama - bitch/bastard

Wakizashi - a smaller version of a katana, usually the backup weapon

Bo Shuriken - dagger-like shuriken

Kunai - the knife used by ninja

Hira Shuriken- normal Star-shaped shuriken, ranging from three points to six or more

Bo Shuriken -straight blade shuriken, similar to kunai only without hilts

Tekko - hand covers/wrist guards

Kyahan - shin guards

Tabi - split toe socks worn with the traditional sandals. Modern versions of tabi have a hard rubber sole, making them into footwear on their own, generally favored by ninja.

Shinobi - another word for Ninja. Assassin.

Kunoichi - female ninja

Kistune -- fox

Hitai-ate - forehead protector wore by nin

Shinigami - God of Death





Demon Brat.

The soft wails of the tiny month-old infant echoed in the small apartment, the pale form flailing it's tiny fists. Carelessly wrapped in an orange blanket was the small baby, curly wisps of blonde hair gleaming golden in the dull light of the makeshift nursery, three whisker-like marks on each smooth cheek. The tiny tee-shirt the infant wore had originally been white but now appeared dingy, while the child looked undernourished. Wiggling, the hemline of the tee-shirt rose as the baby writhed, crying loudly in need; aflicker of chakra caused the spiral-like seal around the infant's navel to temporarily appear, confirming in the mind of the nurse what she had to do.

With determined eyes, the woman lifted the pillow she clutched, ready to smoother the infant in the rickety wooden crib. Since its unholy birth a month ago she had been forced to watch after the demon brat but had slowly worked her way into the trust of the Sandaime, who had been placed back into power after the heroic sacrifice of the Yondaime, his successor. But now, now for all that had perished, she would put their souls to rest by giving them the vengeance they cried for...




Soil shifted as the buried figure stirred, the cries of a baby echoing through a tired, hazy mind. A kit...? The wails changed to fearful, almost stifled whimpers. Heart clenching in worry, a pale, clawed hand burst through the soil...




The nurse had just placed the pillow over the crying infant's face when the glass of the window across from the crib shattered, raining shards across the floor, crib, and nurse. The woman was caught off guard when a clawed hand suddenly gripped her chin, forcibly twisting her head up to look at the figure that stood across the crib from her. The dark malevolent form radiated killer intent and demonic crimson eyes glared right into the woman's soul.

"Foolish /onna/..." the figure growled. "Harm the kit of the Biju Kyuubi and you will be sent straight to hell!"

With a sharp, sudden jerk blood sprayed as the woman's head was brutally ripped from her body; the headless corpse fell to the floor, still clutching the pillow. Negligently the head was tossed aside as the dark form turned to look inside the crib. Blood had sprayed all over the baby's orange blanket and the dingy bedding. Clawed hands gently picked up the month-old baby, cradling the tiny form's still developing body close.

Wide, innocent blue eyes blinked up at the killer, baby cooing softly. A soft purring sound came from the dark form as it began to wrap the infant securely in the bloodstained blanket. Cradling the baby closer to it with a single arm, the killer began to pack a small ratty diaper bag with whatever baby needs caught it's crimson eye. With the bag packed to the killer's liking, it shouldered the bag and held the baby closed as it turned towards the light of the full moon; the silvery light washed over white skin and nine crimson tails before the killer vanished, wisps of smoke curling where they had been, using a version of the teleportation technique used by the ninja of the village.




The council was in an uproar; the demon vessel was gone and the vessel's nurse had been brutally murdered. Of course the blame of the murder was being placed solely on the month old vessel, much to the ire of the Sandaime and his supporters.

"The demon must be found and executed! Letting it live was a mistake that needs to be rectified immediately!" One council member declared loudly, overstepping his bounds once more; the council seemed to like forgetting they were only there to represent the needs of the civilian population and the clans that lived in the village, that they were not there to run the village Hidden in the Leaves.

"The child has probably been kidnapped by an enemy," retorted the head of the Nara clan, giving strong emphasize the word'child' to make his position as a supporter of the Sandaime clear. "What better weapon then training the vessel of a nine-tailed demon fox to destroy Konoha!"

It took the sheer willpower and a long lifetime of training to keep the Sandaime from flinging several kunai at the blind idiots who called for the destruction of Konoha's savior. The elderly ninja kept his voice clear and free of his homicidal intents as he spoke, his voice silencing the council; "Our best trackers discovered an unknown scent at the crime scene and are tracking it as we speak."

Several heads turned towards the old man called 'the Professor' by the shinobi nations; the old man smiled at them grimly as he spoke, "We shall see how well the kidnapper can escape the heads of our three strongest clans and our youngest ANBU."

"Let us hope your faith is not misplaced, Sandaime-sama," one of the older council members stated snidely.

Behind the Sandaime, a young scar-covered Chuunin frowned; it would not do for such open defiance against the will of the office of the Hokage, especially not from a member of the council. Perhaps it was time for them to remember that this was a Hidden Village and it was lead by the Kage, the military leader of the ninja forces within the village. For those that opposed the Sandaime's will would find themselves in a very uncomfortable position...Morino Ibiki would make certain of that.




The soft whimper from the small bloodstained bundle and the rooting sensation alerted the killer to the child's need. Pausing, the killer leapt down from the massive trees and walked into a small clearing, moonlight washed over adult and infant. The silvery light caused the killer's white skin to appear luminous and dark fiery red hair and tails to gleam. Kneeling beside a small gurgling brook that ran through the clearing, the adult placed the baby gently on the soft grass, unwrapping and spreading out the bloodstained baby blanket. Shrugging the diaper bag off it's shoulder, the killer placed it beside the baby's head.

Nose crinkling in disgust at the smell emanating from the diaper, the adult decided a diaper change would be first one the list of things to take care of. Methodically removing the diaper, the killer growled, thinking perhaps that woman should have died much slower and much more painfully. Placing the used diaper in a small baggy - and how it knew how to do this, was far beyond the killer's understanding - the adult of the pair went back to changing the diaper. The clawed fingers were awkward with the tiny adhesive tabs, but steadfast determination allowed for it to change the baby's diaper.

Making a soft purring sound of triumph, the killer scooped the child up carefully, cuddling the baby close to it's chest. Once more the infant began to root, pushing open the folds of the black yukata the killer wore to expose a white mound of flesh to the moonlight. Sighing, the adult stood and began searching the clearing for a special family of herbs that would help tend to this particular need of the baby...




Four figures moved fast through the tree branches, each different but strong in their own ways.

"I smell the child," the only kunoichi of the group, apowerful, feral looking woman growled, the team that followed her using her green Jounin vest as a homing beacon. "I smell the nurse's blood...and Kistune."

"Kistune? Inuzuka-san are you certain?" inquired one of the males of the team, his long ebon hair flowing free behind him; his pale lavender pearl-like eyes seemed to transform, the veins around his eye sockets bulging visibly.

"Hai, Hyuuga-san. After the Kyuubi, it is a scent I'll never forget. Kami-sama help us, but the scent is almost identical..."

"Could it be another demonic kistune, after the container of Kyuubi?" The ANBU of the team pondered, his dog-mask glinting in the moonlight.

"Not another one. Kuromaru and the pack aren't up for another battle," Inuzuka Tsume whispered with a shudder; she'd only recently assumed head of her clan with the deaths of her father and elder brother against Kyuubi. There was no way her family, her wolf companion, were ready for another battle, not with how close she'd come to loosing them all...

"I don't think and of the village are up to it," the previously silent member of the group stated. "My Kikai taste the kistune's chakra - as Inuzuka-san said, it is almost identical to Kyuubi's own. But it is not the Kyuubi-chakra contained in the vessel."

"Eh? I smell milk..." the feral kunoichi muttered, sniffing again in disbelief.

"The container is only a month old," Hyuuga Hiashi reminded her. "But it is curious - where did the kidnapper find the milk? The refrigerator in the apartment hadn't been touched."

The Hyuuga's unique vision alerted him to the clearing coming up and to it's inhabitants.

"We have them," Hiashi murmured, halting. The three others landed on the tree branch beside the acting team leader. "Spread out into containment formation; Ambrume-san, contact the Sandaime."


In a flash of pure speed, Inuzuka Tsume, Hyuuga Haishi, and the young ANBU tracker called Hound moved to circle the child and kidnapper. Kneeling, Aburame Shibi reached for his vest's scroll pouch. With aquick nip on his thumb for the necessary blood and several swift handseals later send back word to the Sandaime...
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