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Auditions :] :) :D :{)

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Auditions lah :D

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-12-04 - Updated: 2011-12-04 - 503 words

Okay, after watching the show Cowboy Vs Aliens i got a great idea for a story. I won't give out too much, just know that there's heaven, hell, and earth. There are layers in hell where the sinners are put. I'll put the detailed explanation somewhere in the story when the main character explains the situation :)

So, The auditions are 'noble' people from hell who were forced to be sinners. like they kill because they were forced to, not because they want to, or something along the lines of that.So they will be in earth searching for the 'Lessers' which are sinners from Hell Level 18, these 'lessers' somehow escaped hell and came up to earth to cause destruction. So it's up to these 'nobles' to catch them. Also, for some reason they're protecting the people from MCR because they have music in hell too ya know ;) and the 'lessers' are targeting mcr for some reason. :/

again, 'noble' are people who are forced to do a heavy sin, like really bad things, when they were living. 'Servers' are people who were forced to do light sins, like killing an animal or something. I need people for both. My character will be in it too. Servers are quiet important as they are the ones who are sending messages from heaven and hell.

Parts are:

the smart and 'secret planner' of the 'noble' friends (1 person)

the playful twins of the 'noble' friends (2 person)

the quiet but tough and kickass of the 'noble' friends (1 person)

the childhood friend of the quiet but tough and kickass one. (that means the tough will protect this person.)

the hyper one of the 'noble' friends(1 person)

2 Servers

Audition with:



Nickname (if you have one):



Personality (try and match the parts :) :

Weapon (that means like a weapon with fire or any special effects, i picked bow and arrow) :


hooded cape colour ( the servers and nobles need it):

Looks, split for details

Hair colour:

Hair style:

Eye colour:

skin tone:

height :

body size:

tattoes or piercings or anything else for looks :

Reason you're a noble or a server :

Voice (soft or rough or something) :




anything else:

yeah, that's it, make some male characters please :D it's okay either way.

BTW, i'm the main character, cuz i can write myself OOC if needed without offending anyone. :P

For the reason part, it's about what incredibly bad things (killing, torturing, stealing, anything else) when you were alive, of maybe you defied someone for a good reason, or maybe you did some bad things for a good reason.

oh yeah, these 6 'nobles' are the ones who guide people who died to hell or heaven, angels are busy you know.

You can put in who you want to protect when they split up for something. I'll probably post up the results tomorrow night or something, cuz i'm going away for awhile, but i'll write it when i'm on holiday so i can post the story in bulk :P
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