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Paridise City

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She kissed me, "I love you." I felt her tears fall onto my chest, "What's so fucked up is that we fight and we cuss and we beat the shit out of each other but we can't just quit each other." I said no longer able to hold back my tears, "We're like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. And we're not even fucking married!" "Fix it now before it reaches the point of no return." Slash said pushing Duff towards the door, "We came over to interrupt you two knocking boots and catch you knocking each others heads off." "We're leaving now" Duff said opening the front door, "Work it out. Verbaly." The door closed. "Jazzy baby, I love you." I said gently pressing the pack of peas to the bruises on her chest. She straddled my lap and began kissing my neck, "Is this the part when you fuck me?" She asked. "Only if you want me to baby." I replied as I ran my fingers through her long black hair. She pulled her t-shirt off. "Mmm no bra, Jazzy?" I moaned as I massaged her soft breasts. "You know I hate wearing bras." She moaned
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