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Tippy Toes

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Sometimes Nikki thinks that Tommy is just too damn tall.

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The doorbell rings and I feel a jolt of excitement run through my being as I get up to answer it. I know exactly who's at the door and I couldn't be happier. We've spent weeks trying to find a night that we could spend together and tonight's that night. It breaks my heart that we can't spend more time together but what can I say? We're busy guys! When I reach the door I lift the curtain that covers the narrow window that runs up the side it. I smile like a giddy teenage girl when I see Tommy standing on my doorstep with a dufflebag slung over his shoulder. He's got the most childish grin on his face and the most excited look in his eyes.

I unlock the door and before I even have a chance to open it Tommy is inside with his arms around me. I quickly get on my tippy toes to make up for the height difference between us. For a while we just stand silently in the doorway wrapped around each other. "I missed you so fucking much baby," he mumbles against my neck as he hoists me up and walks us away from the door. When my feet touch the ground again I hear him kick it shut but I'm too busy nuzzling his neck to pay too much attention. "I'm missed you too babe," I say before planting a small kiss on his collar bone. He shifts a little and then I hear his bag hit the floor.

I feel his hand moving from the small of my back to my chin and soon he's pulling me up for a kiss. I smile as I get back up on my toes and press my lips against his. I tighten my arms around his neck as we fuse our mouths together with slow synchronized motions. When I feel his lips part against mine I immediately open my mouth for him. I moan quietly into his mouth when I feel his tongue glide against mine and I start to tremble in his arms. As our tongues continue to dance I slowly lower my heels to the floor.

I feel Tommy bend over me to keep our lips together and I can't help but smile into the kiss. This guy is too damn tall! I start to giggle and soon he breaks the kiss. He rests his forehead on mine and let's out a soft laugh. "May I ask what's so damn funny?" He asks raggedly as he tries to catch his breath.   "I was just thinking about how damn tall you are," I say past the laughs that are still shaking my body. "Did you ever think that maybe you're just a little on the short side?" Tommy asks before bursting into laughter. I snort out a laugh before prying myself away from his arms and walking into the kitchen.

I make my way over to the refrigerator and pull out a couple of beers. Before I can even turn around I feel Tommy's arms snake around my waist. I feel him put his chin on my shoulder and I turn my head to give him a kiss. It's not long before the beers are on the counter and we're standing in my kitchen wrapped around each other in another heated make out session. When we finally pull away from each other we're both breathing heavily and I can barely stand up. Being intimate with him just turns my insides into jelly. Even after thirty years of being close to him I still can't help it. Kissing and touching him is just such an amazing experience.

"What do you wanna do tonight?" I ask with a smile. "How about we just relax for a little while? And then maybe later we can have a little fun," he says while rubbing his hands up and down my back. I flash him a smile before turning in his arms to face the counter. I press my back against him when I feel his hands move to my hips and I let my head fall back onto his shoulder. "How about a movie?" I ask as I grab the beers. "Sure," he murmurs dreamily as he nuzzles the side of my neck. I hand him a beer and start to walk into the living room. He grabs a bottle opener before following close behind me.

When we reach the couch I lie down on my side and motion for Tommy to crawl in next to me. He quickly pops the tops off of our beers and throws the bottle opener onto the coffee table before crawling onto the couch behind me. He lies on his side facing my back and snuggles into me. I take a sip from my beer and smile as I feel his arm go around my waist. I reach over and grab the remote off of the table and turn the television on. I feel Tommy press soft kisses to the back of my neck as I flick through the channels and it gives me a sense of wholeness. I never feel like I'm complete without him.

When I finally land on a channel that looks decent I put the remote down and take one more sip of my beer before putting it on the table. Tommy reaches over and puts his drink next to mine as I settle in against his chest. "I love you Tom," I murmur as I snuggle back against him and grab his hand. I lace our fingers together and let out a yawn. "I love you too Nik," he says softly before nuzzling the back of my neck. I let out another yawn before closing my eyes. Tommy's soft breath on the back of my neck and the warmth radiating from his body sends me into a comatose state of being.

When my eyes flutter open again I can feel Tommy's arm draped over my waist. I notice that while I was asleep I turned to face him and he put a blanket over us. I smile as I shift closer to him and snuggle against his chest. I feel his arm leave my waist and I hear him yawn softly. "You awake baby?" he asks in a hushed voice that is drenched in sleep. "Yeah. You wanna move up to the bedroom?" I mumble against his chest as he softly strokes my hair. "Yeah," he whispers dreamily as I start to get up off of the couch. The air in the room is much colder than it was under the blanket and I immediately begin rubbing at my arms.

Once Tommy is on his feet he walks over to me and wraps his arms around my waist. He bends down a little and rests his forehead on mine as I wrap my arms around him. "I was thinking about what you said before about me being too tall and I was actually watching something on tv while you were sleeping that said that lying down makes you taller," he murmurs in a low voice as he fights to stay awake. "They said that gravity and pressure and shit kinda press down on you and make you taller," he mumbles as his eyes fall completely shut.

I smile and let out a soft laugh. "That makes sense. You're always lying on your back underneath me so it makes perfect sense that you're taller than me," I say with a smirk. He starts to laugh but I stifle his giggling with a kiss. I get up on my toes and bring my arms around his neck as he stands up straight. I smile into the kiss when I feel his hands rub up and down my sides. After a few seconds I lean away from him, breaking the kiss. I smile as I grab his hand and lead him upstairs into the bedroom. Once inside, we both climb under the covers and immediately start to give in to sleep. I settle into Tommy's arms like I did on the couch and let the sound of his heartbeat lull me to sleep.
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