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Half Results

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*auditions for the servers are still open since no one wants them.

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not a lot of people auditioned for my story, i guess not alot of people like supernatural. :( anyway, results as i promised.

the smart and 'secret planner' of the 'noble' friends- empty (sorry for the person who auditioned this part, i didn't think anyone would understand this character's part, he's like the smart, quietly devious person, you can audition again if you want :)

the playful twins of the 'noble' friends- Jezebel Webb, Kian Webb

the quiet but tough and kickass of the 'noble' friends- Sam Davies

the childhood friend of the quiet but tough and kickass one- Alisha O'Connor

the hyper one of the 'noble' friends- Jem Silvertongue

Servers - Apollonia Corleone
Servers - empty
Servers - empty

And again, some parts are still empty, and if they remain empty, i'll make my own char to fill in the spots :) one of the server will have to die, not like die die, just they finish they're 'server' sentence and get reincarnated. :) and the ones who got picked, can i know who you want to protect when the group has to split up?

anyway, i've started the story already, expect it to come out in bulk when i get back from vacation :D
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