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Results !

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The results, a thankyou to everyone who auditioned :D

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Thanks to everyone !
I made changes to the ages of the younger ones :P
As soon as i post this i am beginning my story XDD
i will try and make it a long story
I will warn you that .... no im not going to ruin it XD
Thanks !!

Parts :

Servant Girl (s)

Chloe Walsh (chnaged to 16 years old)

and 2 others that i have created :D

Franks Sister

Appollonia Iero (changed to 10 years old)

Mikeys Daughter

Allie Way (9 years old)

Rays Girlfriend

Emily Toye

Bob Girlfriend

Lexi Davies

Mikey Girlfriend

Wynter Oh

Frank Girlfriend

Fae Night

Gerard Girlfriend

Evie Davies

I just noticed that Bob and Gerard girlfriend has the same last name.... idea face XDDD

Thankyou for all who auditioned ! this was not an easy choice, me and my friend disagreed and agreed and got in a huge discussion lol but thanks ! nd im going to start the story now! i may make the people who didnt get chosen part of the story so keep an eye out for your person they may appear !!!

see you when the story is first published !!!!

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