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Good News

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Jennifer finally gets adopted :)

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"Jen...,Jennifer...,JEN!,"yelled Mary."I DIDN'T DO IT!,"I yelled as I was waking up."Didn't do what?,"she questioned."Uh..,nothing,"I said looking around.Mary gave me a suspious look."Anyways, get dressed or whatever you do, but just get ready,"she said excitedly."For what?,"I asked."JUST DO IT!,"she yelled."Ok, no need to yell,"I said getting out of bed."Yes I do,"she said."Aggressive much,"I said. We stood there akwardly for a few seconds."Why aren't you getting ready?,"she asked."Because your still here,"I said."Oh, right,,bye,"she said."Bye,"I said.Wierdo./

]I took a shower, brushed my teeth, got changed, brushed my hair, and put on make-up.[/Ok, I'm good.
I walked out of my room and of course here was Mary waiting.What a stalker."Finally, your done,"she said."So, what's so importantyou had to wake me up so early?,"I asked."Come with me,"she said."You forgot the 'If you want to live' part,"I said. "This is no time to be joking around,"she said."Ok,so where are we going?,"I said."Stop asking questions and just come,"she said."Fine,"I said. We started walking and we stopped at the same room where I had my last interview."What are we doing here?,"I asked."Open it,"she said."Open what?,I don't see any presents,"I said looking around."The door,"she said."Oh, uh wierd, but okay,"I said.I opened the door and the same family from yesterday was here."Uh, what's going on?,"I asked.

"They adopted you,TA-DA!,"she said excitedly."What?,"I asked shocked."Welcome to the family,"said Donna, opening her arms for a hug.What the hell? All this happened so hasn't even been 24 hours.I slowly walked towards her. She gave me a tight, long, 30 second hug."How do you feel?," asked Donna."Uh..uh," I couldn't seem to find the words."Mom,can't you see she doesn't want to be part of our family, so just leave her here and we go,"said Gerard."Quiet Gerard," said Donna.Who is he to say what i want? Is he a mindreader all of a sudden?"What makes you think that?,"I asked crossing my arms."You act like it,"he said."Who are you..""Okay, let's get your stuff ready Jen," interupped Mary as she was pulling me by my shoulder.That fucken mother fucker.I gave Gerard my mad face and walked out."We'll be waiting for you in the front sweety,"said Donna.Looks like Gerard and I are ganna get along just fine.
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