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Sugar, i AM the part

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Imagine they got actually looked through our tumblrs. D:

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I feel bad, I've been off school ill for like two days and I've only just written this...Ohwell here ya go!

Frank’s POV
I laughed as I walked past Emily’s empty bunk, it was empty. Of course she spent the night with Gerard, she was crazy about him. I need to talk to Gerard, I want to make sure he is just as crazy about her.
I walk past the bathroom and hear it’s already occupied by Mikey,
“Hurry up!” I bang on the door, and continue to walk into the living area where Meddy is sat hovered over the laptop yet again,
“Anything new?” I ask while I pull out the milk from the fridge and start making us both a coffee,
“Yeah” Meddy sighed, “It definitely isn’t Emily though, I rang her mum and she managed to check her internet history and nothing. I even checked her blog, nothing on it apart from good stuff”
“Told ya” I sit down and hand him his mug of coffee,
“Either we need to find a way to stop these rumours or they need to come out”
“I can talk to Gerard if ya want? See what he wants to do, knowing him it’ll be a secret, but if it he wants it out then it will be huge and dramatic”
“Yeah it will.” Meddy sighed, “Emily’s mum is okay with them being together and she is 16 so nothing illegal is happening.”
“Only thing is, people are gonna do the whole rebound speech”
“Yup. Something Emily is going to have to get used to”
“What did I do now?” Emily asked as she walked towards us, making me and Meddy jump, I then laughed, Emily was wearing Gerard’s skeleton pyjama’s,
“Nothing, we are just talking about the future, there’s a few more articles and rumours but I can now confirm that I know you didn’t do it” Meddy replied, sternly,
“What is so funny?” Emily asked, she sounded grumpy and her voice was croaky, probably from the concert,
“You forget your pyjama’s did you?” I joked,
“No these are mine” she laughed “I didn’t think he wore them anymore and then I saw them in primark and I said to my friend ‘they look like Gerard’s…’ and then we raced to see who could get to them first…I won”
I laughed, “of course you did,” I noticed she was making a coffee and my cup was empty, “Make me one too?” I asked, and then beamed a smile at her,
“Do I look like your slave?” she replied, but still pulled out two coffee mugs from the cupboard and made two coffee’s, as she sat down she handed me my coffee,
“Oh sorry, did you want one?” she asked, looking at Meddy worriedly,
“No it’s okay thanks” he replied and then walked off to the front of the bus.
“So…” I said, taking a sip of my coffee,
“Don’t even” she said,
I laughed, “What?!”
“I know you.”
“wasn’t gonna say anything…” I then started making kissy noises but avoided eye contact and ‘hid’ behind my coffee cup, she gave me death glares and then we both started laughing.

Emily’s POV
While I sat with Frank I noticed that Meddy had left the laptop open on a certain page, my blog page. How on earth did he get that? He was on at least page 20! Has he read everything? I quickly scroll through my blog to see what I’ve put. Shit.
‘Things I would do to Frank Iero naked’
I then carried on scrolling and cringed at how much I fan girled over MCR, Meddy definitely hates me and thinks I’m in it for the money or fame.
“It’s all bullshit” Frank says, breaking the silence,
“It’s all my blog” I say, Frank looks at me confused and tries to pull the laptop to see but I stop him, “My blog is just full of awful fangirling and Meddy has read most of it. Woops” I say, Frank trys to pull it again, “You are definitely not seeing it”
Frank looks at me with a jokey sad face, “Why not?”
I laugh, “Do you really want to know what I do to your naked body?” I say, hoping he’ll think it’s a joke and not want to know more,
He laughs, “Are you serious? I HAVE to see that! Please? I won’t tell anybody!” he pulls the laptop harder
“No!” I say laughing, he pulls the laptop even harder, and being a 29 year old man he is stronger than me and manages to get the laptop. I put my hands in my head full of embarrassment and then decide to give in and sit next to him.
“Lovebites eh?” He jokes, I rub my hands over my face and sigh, “You are a rough lover” he laughs and hands me back the laptop,
“You are a bully” I say, closing the browser and putting the laptop on the table,
“Where’s Gerard’s page then?” he asks,
“He hasn’t got one” I cringe, yet again.
Frank bursts out laughing, and then stops and almost whispers, “so you’d rather be with me?” he sounds stern, but I almost burt out laughing.
“NO! Not at all. Oh Frank. You are a funny one. I’d rather be with him more than anyone in the band, he’s perfect for me. You’ve just got…Tattoo’s. And I love tattoo’s and you have a lot of them, all over. So based on looks, I’d like to…How to put this in a lady like manner…Fuck you… But not date you. Gerard is the best guy I can imagine for me. He’s just. Perfect”
Frank laughs, “okay, but don’t go all lovey dovey on me”
“In my mind, Gerard is too innocent for sex. You’ve got like the bad boy thing covered.”
I laugh but then quickly stop as I see Gerard hanging in the corridor listening to our whole conversation, he looks so hurt, my heart falls to floor, he starts to move towards us,
“he might look the part” he paused “but sugar, I AM the part” he said flirtatiously, and then walked away from us and started making himself a coffee, Frank starts laughing but I just look at Gerard in awe. I was not expecting that at all.
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