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I miss you

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December 25, 2011

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

I heard my alarm clock wail. I opened my eyes, reached over and grabbed my glasses. Once they were on, I looked over to my Grey Unicorn Pegasus alarm clock, as it continued to wail, it read 9:00 am. Without a second thought, my index finger reached over and pressed down on the horn and the 'beeps' stopped abruptly. Why the hell did I set the alarm so damn early? I thought to myself, until it hit me. It's Christmas!

I quickly jumped out of my bed and practically sprinted out of my room, still in my Star Wars pajamas, down the hall to Gerard's room. Not caring that he would yell at me, I ran in, to find him still sleeping. I quietly towards the side of his bed, and started screaming at the top of my lungs.

"Gerard! Gerard! Wake up, it's Christmas!" I exclaimed as I shook awake his sleeping form.

"What the fu---" He mumbled as his started to flutter open.

"I said wake up! I want to open my goddamn presents!" I yelled, once his eyes were open and he was wide awake.

"Oh my fucking god! Really?!" He asked excitedly.

"Yea!" I gushed.

" I don't give a shit, you fuckin' faggot. Now go away and leave me the fuck alone, for Christ sakes." He spatted and rolled over to face the wall.

I felt my eyes well with tears, not because he ignored me, not even because he called me a faggot. I'm verge of crying because of the way he acts, he wasn't always such a jerk to me. When we were younger, we were best friends...


"Gee! Gee! Wake up! Wake up!" A little 5 year old Mikey yelled

"Nooo..." Moaned a 6 year old Gerard

"Come on Gewad! It's Cwismas!" In a millisecond, Gerard's eyes flew open.

"Holy Cow! Really?!"

"Yes yes yes yes yes!!!" Mikey jumped around in excitement.

"YAY!" Gerard cheered as he pulled Mikey into a bear hug.

"Let's go wake up mommy and daddy." And with that, they ran out together chanting 'It's Christmas!' all the way to their parent's room.


I quickly shook the memory out of my head and slowly walked out of Gerard's room, and headed toward my parent's room, alone.

And even though it's different now, You're still here somehow

Hello! We're sorry it's short but we at least wanted to post something. Just wanted to give an insight on how they used to be.

Title Credit- I miss you by Miley Cyrus(Don't ask just randomly found the song and read the lyrics)

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