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Chapter 3

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Korse had went out of the room to talk to a Drac about a person who broke out of

Bl/Ind territory. He came back in the room about a minute later, like he didn’t

Care enough to do anything about it. He came over to me and leaned in front of my face.

“So, Party Poison, tell me your real name.” He said. I snorted. “Like hell I would tell

you!” When I said that, he grabbed my hair. Apparently, he knew my weak spot is my

hair. Fra – I mean, Ghoul, says I am a chick in a dude’s body. And that is why I love to

slap him so much. “You WILL tell me your name, trust me!” He said, and I automatically

thought of my band from a long time ago, My Chemical Romance’s song “I’m not okay

(I promise)” I had to hold myself back from singing or humming. He glared at me, then

walked out of the room.

[*Sorry it took so long for me to update! =/ I still lurve you guys!
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