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Truth or Dare

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Haha, Time for Truth or Dare again, What reallt happened to Bob?

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Frerard one-shot.

Truth or Dare

"Hurry up Frankie! How long do you need in front of a mirror?" Gee's voice came upstairs. I grinned at myself in the mirror then rused out of the bathroom into the living area of the tour bus. I sat down in the open space in the circle next to Bob and Mikey. Gerard was across from me and Ray by the side of him. 'Something's not right...' I thought to myself. Feeling mischief in the air and a nervous smile on Mikeys face. 'Im gonna ignore it' I thought. Ray pulled a glass bottle from behind his back, "Let's play truth or dare!" He said. My face went a little paler. 'N-no, they cant know!' I screamed in my head. If I had looked closer at Gerard, he had plaled a tiny bit to.

--Gerards POV--

'W-WHAT!' I thought as my eyes flicked slightly over to frankie. He looked calm. 'How can someone be calm at a time like this?' I started to get nervous, Ray grinned and put the bottle in the middle. Bob had the same grin. I shuddered only slightly, I noticed Frank's eyes flicked over to me but went strait back to the bottle. Lying there innocently.

--Mikeys POV--

'This is hilarious! They are both nervous' my nervous smile turned into a grin, mimicking Ray and Bob. "Who wants drinks?" I asked. Everyone nodded and I got up and went to get drinks. We had a plan.
-10 minuted later-
I came back with the drinks. The plan was in action. I gave Bob and Ray their drinks, then gave Gerard and Frank's theirs. I sat down with my drink in my hand. Ray spun the bottle and like planned it landed on Gerard. "Truth or Dare?" asked Ray. Gerard looked nervous.

--Gerards POV--

I sighed "Truth" I immediatly regretted it. Rays eye flared in happiness, "Okay then! Hm..." He got up and whispered to Bob, who laughed then nodded. He sat down again and said "Gerard Arthur Way," I gulped, "Is the act on stage with Frank really an act?" My eyes flicked to frank who looked a but red. "Bonus dare?" i asked sghing. "Kiss frank" was all he said. I gulped... and got up and kissed frankie on the cheek then sat back down. I couldn't look at frank. My cheeks were flaming. I sideglanced at Mikey. He looked... dissapointed? I guessed it was my imagination. My cheeks went back to normal colour and I looked up again. I spun the bottle and it landed on Mikey. I grinned.

--Ray POV--

I was dissapointed that Gerard only kissed Frank on the cheek but it was still good, better than no kiss at all right? When the bottle landed of Mikey, I saw gerard grin. "Truth or Dare Mikey?" Mikey gulped. "D-Dare..." He stuttered out. Gerards
face lit up way to bright. "Hm... I dare you... to kiss Bob... on the lips." As far as I could tell, Frank had done the same as me.

We jaw-dropped.

--Bob's POV--

'Okay then Mikey has to kiss me, WAIT' "WHAT!" I yelled. 'No no no no no! I cannot kiss Mikey! I wont be able to st- STOP RIGHT I AM NOT SOME PERVERT!' My face was red. I was sure of that. Why didn't Mikey ask for the forfit dare? I looked at him, he looked at me. Our eyes connected. We looked away quickly.

--Mikey POV--
I sighed "Fine, I will do it." I stood up and walked to Bob. I kneeled down in front of him and kissed him on the lips.

He kissed me back.

WAIT, He's KISSING ME back!!

I smiled and pulled away, showing the smile to Bob before placing my mask back on, apart form the blush that was all over my face. I looked at gerard, he was snickering. I glanced at Ray and Frank, and blinked. They both had there jaws on the ground... I sat back down again, thinking about the kiss. I spun the bottle. It landed on...

Frank? Yes!

--Frank POV--

Oh no... IT LANDED ON ME! I looked around the circle, Ray was still on shock from the last... incident. The things Gee made his brother do... "D-Dare" I croaked out. Mikey grinned. "Kiss Gerard" Sure I could do that, "on the lips" and there it goes... "I mean a full kiss, with tounges" CRAP!

--Gerards POV--

D-Did Mikey say that? A f-full kiss with t-tounges! I saw Frankie look at me, asking with his eyes, 'Do you want me to?' I nodded my head. He smiled slightly and got up and kissed me softly.

--Nobodys POV--

Gerard circled his arms around Frank's waist pulling him closely. He licked Franks lip, asking for entry. Frank openend his mouth so Gerard toung could enter. The wrestled toungs untill a cough came form behind them. They broke appart. 'Fuck...' They thought. Both of them looking around they saw Mikey grinning, Ray with his jaw still on the floor, looking at them this time and Bob holding a Camera, snapping pictures. Frank got up and chased Bob, but when he caught up with him, Bob showed Frank his phone.

101242 People like your Photo.

Frank grabbed the phone and clicked the link.

--Franks POV--

Oh. My. GOD! IT WAS A PIC OF ME AND GERARD!! I Growled. "Bob," "Yes?" "RUN!" I shouted angrily, chasing him back into the living room and throwing the phone at Gerard, who caught if skillfully.

I cornered Bob.

Let me just say. The rest of the night no one saw him.

--Bobs POV--

"Anyone here?" I asked muffled through the gag on my mouth.
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