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the gathering

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.::When Link,Marth and Roy bump into two beautiful dynamic girls Meiko and Ohla, they lead them to a an adventure they won't soon forget::.

Category: Super Smash Brothers - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Humor, Romance - Characters: Link, Marth, Roy, Zelda - Published: 2006-06-17 - Updated: 2006-06-17 - 896 words

-Passing through the trees, a beatiful girl stood apon the
cliff that was just above the SSBM Stadium as if she was watching over
the Smashers battle-

The mysterious girl looked like thisvvv

mysterious this is where all the big fuss is about? all held inside this stadium*her P.O.V-SSBM Stadium(think of a final fantasy kind of stadium, you know what im talking about right? lol)
sighs well might as well give it a try, this is were he sent us, come on Ohla lets go i found itwaves to her

-a pretty girl with long silky blue hair and elf ears came running up to her to keep up, the girl looked like thisvvv-
(note go to my profile and you will see how they look like ^.~ kay?)

Ohlagasing for breath t-this is it Meiko? im not sure this is a good idea i heard in that stadium they literally knock people out of the ring, that sound kinda painful don't you think?

Meiko:what? don't tell me your gonna bail out on me besides it's what HE decieded and your good with arrows and im good with the ribbon so we'l be okay alright> pats Ohla on back

Ohla:nervosly smiles w-well alright, lets go do it for sensei ^_^

Meiko:now your talking! come on!pulls on Ohla's arm and both run off downhill

~~~In the Stadium~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-The characters are all warming up for their up coming matches-

Roy:hey,hey i heard there's two more people coming to the stadium

Link:swings swordare they two more guys?

Roy:why you want me to hook you up? smirks

Link:oh your funny,your funnyangerliy flicks him off

Marth:you mean the two new challengers Meiko and Ohla?

Roy:wait their two girls!? awesome! hope their cute ^_^


Link:wait how'd you know?

Marth:oh i know alot of thingssips juice boxMeiko, age:18
Ohla, age:16, both have a teacher named master Ayetru, though he's a total airhead.... -_-

Roy:geeze you know everthing

Marth:it's nautralsips juice box

Roy:i hope their cute ?

Marth:oh you'll be quite impressed hehegrins seductivley

Roy:i don't know if i should beleive you, i don't really think you know about my taste in girls heh smirks

Marth:what, are you saying i'm attracted to unattractive women,psssh please thats disgusting

Roy:whatever you say Marth bites riceball

Marth:like your the one to talk, wht happened to that girl Rachelle?

Roydrops riceballewww -__-shivers

Link:i thought you could do better

Roy:pssh whatever, the girls know they want a peice of this sexy beastgrins

Marth:sweatdropy-yeah right.... can't have thislicks finger and places it on cheast making a sizzling sound


Link:so when are they gonna be here?

Marth:i think about now i think

Roy:hey don't ignore the sexy beast!takes Marth's drinkhaha!
run off

Marth:hey! Roy! auuughh! your soo annoying!chases after Roy and grabs him by his shirt making him lift up in the air

Roy:auuu! ack! Marth come on! let go!squirm around

Marth:drops Roy

Roy:rubs lower backowwww

Marth:don't take my juice ever again got that?


Kirby:runs up to themhey guys, Mario wants you guys to do a favor

Link:yeah, what is it?

Kirby:well, the two new challengers haven't arrived yet so he says you should see whats going on outside


Link:but the up coming matches, they'll be annoucing anytime soon-

Roy:it's okay! we'll just come back then!!grabs Link's nad Marth's arms and pulls them along with him

Marth:aw crap


Meiko:well where here i guess, it's huge

Ohla:maybe we should go inside or ask somebody near by

Meiko:looks aroundi don't see anyone near by Ohla..

Ohla:what about those guys running down from the stadium?points to confirm

Meiko:wha?-Meiko's P.O.V-Roy's running holding Link and Marth along with him, Marth and Link are being dragged XD*

Roy:there they are i think!

Link:slow down Roy! ow!ow!ow!ow!ow!

Marth:your pulling my arm out of it's socket!

Roy:stops in front of the girls and smileshigaspyou must bewheezethe coughnew challengers, im Roy thinkswhoa they ARE cute, i underesstimated Marth.

Meiko:im Meiko

Ohla:and my name is Ohla, it's nice to meet you

Marth:gets upim going to KILL you Roy!-....looks at the girls um hello

Link:hey my name's Link, you must be Ohla and Meiko

Meiko/Ohla:yep smile

Marth:ah then should we be heading back?

Roy:i think i'll call off today's match, we could get to know these two better

Marth:your so freakin' full of it

Link:aww come one it'll be fun, them a little tour around the place or what not ^_^

Roy:and we could introduce them to the others, im sure they'll like them they seem pretty cool

Marth:fine whatever

Roy:yay!pulls on Meiko's and Ohla's armscome on, there's so much to show you two ^-^

-they all head towards the SSBM Stadium-


i hope you enjoyed the first chapter, the second one will come up shortly ^.~

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