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So Long And Goodnight

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'Mikeys screams fills the night as I silently whimper' Read, Rate and Review?

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This came to me as 2am in the morning i decided to try and write something horror its my first time writing something like this


Im running; running away from the masked psycho who is who chasing me he looks similar to jason.
Tears blur my vision as i try to find a place to hide, having no such luck i look around to see im alone in some woods. I sigh and slump down onto the snow covered ground i cry more tears as i think about my family; Mikey he'll be shocked and heartbroken to hear that his brother was found dead, My dear mother will be heartbroken she'll probably won't be able to work. I dont know why i should be murdered! I never done anything to anyone, ive always been nice even to the horrid people who beat me and judge me.
Im brought back into reality as i hear footsteps getting closer, i scoot back as i come face to face with my murderer.
"P-p-please....D-d-dont." i stutter out. Looking at him with eyes full of fear and horror Hoping this cold blooded murderer would have some kind of heart not to kill me, he tilts his head in a disturbingly way that makes me whimper. He steps closer raising his axe aiming it at me i scoot back farther trying to get away from him. I hit my back on a tree i hit it with enough force to make snow fall onto the murderer. I take this a my chance to run. I scramble to get up but soon i'm running through the woods finding myself afew feet from my home, i use all my strengh and energy to run to my home. Halfway there i see mikey walking around shouting my name "GEE! GERARD!GEEEEE!" he yells. i run out of energy as i begin to slow down and stop gasping for breath as i watch someone creep up behind mikey, before i can do anything he grabs mikey i watch as Mikey's eyes widen in horror and he tries to escape his grip. I try to run to save my brother but i end up collapsing out of breath. I watch in horror as he pins Mikey down raises the axe and cuts Mikey inhalf; Mikeys screams fills the night as i silently whimper my eyes locked on Mikey's body " no NO!" i scream the last part causing the killer to turn to me and laugh in a sickening way. He starts to walk to me i scramble to get up and run, im so out of breath it just causes me to slow down My heart starts to race as i hear his footsteps followed by grabbing me by my hair. I start to sob as he pins me down lowering the axe to my throat whispering: "So long and goodnight"
I whimper loudly hoping this is just some sick joke and Mikey is still alive but it isn't i caused my brother to die, I only deserve to die now. The axe starts to cut into my throat i feel blood running out more tears fall as my breath is taken away as he cuts deeper, I'm gasping for breath as he takes one final cut and soon everything is black..
I watch my mother weep as she stands infront of mine and Mikey's grave she made sure we were side-by-side, As she takes one final look she walks away sobbing i read the headstones:

Gerard Arthur Way Beloved son and Brother 1977-1996 May He Rest In Peace
Michael James Way Beloved Son and Brother 1980-1996 May He Rest In Peace

Horrible? Like? Or something REVIEW AND TELL ME PLEASE! Or if you have any ideas on how i can make it better share them please!:)
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