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You Told Me This Gets Harder…Well It Did

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What happens when someone you thought you lost forever, comes back? Maybe a one shot or can turn into a story not sure yet. For Rachel!

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You Told Me This Gets Harder…Well It Did One Shot

Chapter 1

“Rachel…please eat…the lawyer will be here any minute,” Gerard tried to urge the nine year old dark hair girl to finish her sandwich.

They were sitting at a round patio table just opposite of each other. The table was sitting next to the brand new My Chemical Romance tour bus. It was early October 2004 and Gerard had just gotten clean and sober.

“I’m too nervous to eat…I wish he would hurry up…” Rachel wrinkled up her little nose and smiled at her soon to be father. Gerard smiled his sideways grin.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Gerard managed to ask while chewing.

“Yes! I really really want you to adopt me…you haven’t changed your mind have you?” Rachel replied feeling butterflies fluttering in her stomach.

“Well of course not…are you crazy? I can’t wait to be your dad!” Gerard announced and reached over to pat Rachel on the shoulder.

Rachel was happy with that answer and began eating her food to make Gerard happy. Frank walked up to the table and watched until Gerard lifted his head to greet him.

“Hey, what’s up?” Gerard asked before taking a drink of coffee.

“You waiting on that lawyer guy?” Frank asked while smiling.

“Yea,” Gerard answered simply.

“Well if he drives a BMW, then he just pulled into the venue parking lot,” Frank replied before walking back onto the bus.

Gerard jumped up and started over to the parking lot. He only made it a few steps before a tall man in a business suit came into view. Gerard greeted him with a handshake and gestured for him to have a seat next to Rachel.

Rachel smiled nervously and remained quiet. Gerard took his seat next to the lawyer and across from Rachel.

“Hello, Rachel. I’m James Tucker and I’m the lawyer assigned to your case. Now you want to be adopted by Mr. Way, am I correct?” Mr. Tucker asked while looking at Rachel.

Rachel smiled and answered, “Yes…”

“Okay then, I have the paper work here to start the process,” Mr. Tucker announced as he began pulling several documents out of his brief case. Gerard watched Rachel and smiled every so often.

“Oh well I have your original birth certificate here. They found it while they were cleaning out their warehouses a few weeks ago,” Mr. Tucker said while handing the document to Rachel.

“They told me I didn’t have one…look my middle name is Leigh. It even has my mother’s name on here, but the father is unknown,” Rachel’s eyes welled up and tears began to fall down her pink little cheeks.

Gerard reached other and took her hand and tried to comfort her. Rachel handed the paper to Gerard. He scanned the document and when his eyes fell on the mother’s name, Gerard’s jaw dropped.

“Did you know Miss Rush?” Mr. Tucker asked while studying Gerard’s face.

“Yes…I haven’t seen her in nearly ten years,” Gerard choked out and looked at Rachel’s face again. He could see it now…Rachel had her mother’s hair color, her mouth, and her round face. He could see her now…why hadn’t he seen it before? Whose eyes were staring back at him? They were his color…

Gerard had a feeling building deep in his heart that he already knew who the unknown father was on her birth certificate.

“How did you know my mother?” Rachel asked seriously while wiping tears from her cheeks.
Gerard hesitated but finally managed to say, “She was my first love…she disappeared from my life years ago,” Gerard explained while trying to hold himself together.

“You were in love with my mother…? Are you my real father?” Rachel asked.

Gerard looked at Mr. Tucker and back and Rachel and replied, “I don’t know, but honestly it is possible…”

Mr. Tucker was silent through their entire conversation and finally broke in, “Well we could get a blood test to determine paternity.”

“Yes, I want to do that,” Gerard didn’t hesitate on his response.

“I will set up an appointment while you are still in town. Does tomorrow sound ok?” Mr. Tucker asked while gathering all his paper work.

“Yes sounds perfect. Just give me a call on the time and place,” Gerard shook Mr. Tucker’s hand.

“I will Mr. Way. You two have a wonderful evening,” Mr. Tucker said before leaving.

Mikey walked up after Mr. Tucker left and asked, “Get all the paper work done?”

“No, actually we are gonna hold off on that for now. We have an appointment tomorrow to get our blood tested to determine paternity for me as Rachel’s father,” Gerard replied while still holding Rachel’s hand. Rachel wasn’t crying anymore, but looked hopeful that Gerard was her real father.

“What? Why?” Mikey was confused.

“The birth certificate says Rachel’s mother is Analeigh Rush,” Gerard explained with a shaky voice.

“Analeigh…? Your Analeigh?” Mikey finally put it together.

Gerard nodded slowly…he was still in shock himself.
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