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The Bringers of Sorrows

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Awaking in a hotel

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The morning sun shone gently through a pair of crimson red curtains of a 4 floor hotel room, the light bouncing around, making the walls, ceiling and floor turn an orange-red colour. All was quite except for some distant sounds of muttering and chatting. Footsteps thundered loudly upstairs and a door slammed which forced Leila out of a silent, dream-filled sleep. She looked around the room, yawning a little and smiled as she saw something that would make her and her lover happy. A coffee maker, life was complete.

A movement right next to her made her looked down and she saw, once again, the peaceful face, the hair sticking out at awkward angles and the perfect, closed eyes of Gerard. As though he sensed her eyes upon him, he moved further up the cream pillow and opened his sleepy eyes.
“Morning sugar” he whispered, his voice with a tone of tired happiness. “Good morning to you too Gee” Leila replied, laying in the position she had been a few seconds ago and let Gerard kiss her gently on the lips and hug her to his chest. “You sleep well?” She asked “You slept most of yesterday, I’m surprised you got any sleep last night” He chuckled and said “Oh, honey. When I am tired, I’ll sleep till the cows come home” This made her laugh a little “Yourself?” She nodded and he pulled her in closer. “Gee, I gotta get up” she said, looking at his face which now had puppy-dog eyes, titled head and pouted lips. “Oh fine, I guess you don’t want any coffee this morning”

Gerard leapt back across to the other side of the bed, looking shocked. Then scrambled back, hugging her close “Sorry, sorry, sorry!” he cried “Please! I need coffee!” I gave a massive sigh “You haven’t had any and already you’re nuts” Gerard winked, threw the covers over himself and said “Please can I have coffee?”

After making some, Leila sat down next to Gerard, both slurping at the drink and enjoying each others company “Gee?” Leila asked “What other bands are going to be touring with us?” Gerard had to think for a long while till he said “Well, there are going to be a few since it’s a special concert. There are 4 bands so far, more may join. Avenged Sevenfold, Nightwish, Panic! At The Disco and this new band” Leila jumped up and down excited “Wow! This sounds amazing!” Gerard smiled “And you will be happy to know you won’t be the only keyboardist there. I think you know Tuomas Holopainen is a keyboardist” Leila nodded “He is brilliant” and looked at the clock. “Come on Gee, let’s get dressed, we need to be at the venue at 12”

A knock on the door sounded and, when a dressed Leila answered, Frank, Ray, Bob and Mikey stood outside “Good morning Leila” Mikey said brightly “Where is my lazy-ass brother?” Leila gave him a look “Mikey don’t be so mean! He is nearly ready” As if on queue, a very hyper Gerard hopped into vision. “Hello!” he said cheerily, putting an arm around Leila “Gerard, if you don’t hurry up we will be late” Ray said. Leila shoved Gerard out the room, shut the door, locked it and walked down the long hallway to the elevator “Gerard, you didn’t say what the name of the new band was” Leila stated and Gerard smiled at her and said “They are called The Bringers of Sorrows”

Are there any clues in here of what may happen or what anyone will do? If you guess right, cookie for my youngfellowlads and youngfellowladies :)
Emily ;)
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