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Chapter 27

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>Frank's POV<

The sun was balancing just above the horizon when me and Gerard decided to leave. We couldn't have stayed any longer anyway - the tide had risen to the point that the water was licking the bottom of the rocks we had to climd over to reach the path. If it got much higher we'd be cut off, and I didn't fancy spending the night on the beach.

I couldn't believe I'd told Gerard. I just... If even a month back, someone had told me that I'd let him in on my biggest secret, my only secret really, I would have laughed in their face. But no. I'd told him - he knew I'd been raped. What was it about this guy that made me do such stupid things? Falling for him was one thing, telling him about that was another. I just couldn't believe I'd done it.

I was glad I did though. Maybe now, he'd trust me, see that I was serious about him. God, I was such a girl. How did Lee, Phin and Lissa manage to keep their heads and have a steady... relationship. Uh, I hated that word. It was so boring and stupid. But somehow, I loved the idea of having a steady relationship with Gerard. And I hated myself for that.

"What are you thinking about?" Gerard asked. "You're miles away."

We were walking through the forest before the cliff path now. With the sun setting, it was a lot cooler, and we'd both pulled a few more layers on.

"Just stuff." I replied. Imaginative.

"Do you regret telling me? I'm sorry I made you go through that." His voice was soft, ashamed.

I shook my head, "No, I'm glad I did." It was the truth. "At least now you know. You and Phin are the only ones I've told. If that doesn't porve I trust you, nothing will"

"I beleive you, but you didn't have to tell me that just to prove you trust me."

"That wasn't the only reason."

"What were the others?"

"I don't even know." I said, shaking my head. "Can we please just stop with the questions for a bit?"

"Sure, sorry. I didn't mean to be nosey."

"It's fine." I said then took his hand in mine. We walked out of the forest in a pleasant silence. "So did you enjoy today?" I asked as we began to walk down the narrow cliff path.

"I thought we were stopping with the questions." Gerard replied, but I could tell he was only joking. "Yeah, it was great actually. I'm gonna be really tanned tomorrow!"

I giggled at that mental image - a brown Gerard. Actually, he'd look hot. Well, hotter. "I can't wait!" I teased.

"Thanks! How did you find that place anyway?"

"No idea. Phin and Lissa's parents took them there once and then they showed all of us."

I turned the final turn off of the path and looked up. My eyes had been on my feet on my way up the slope, to make sure I didn't fall, so I hadn't noticed how amazing the sunset had become. The sky was lit up a deep orange, fading gradually to blue whilst the sun burnt a vibrant red. The bay we had spent the day in was a green shade that could never compare and the air seemed to be tinted golden.

"Wow." I heard Gerard murmur from behind me. Yeah, that pretty summed up my thoughts. We just stood there for a few moments, watching the sun sink into the sea, leaving a milky blue twilight in its wake. It was unbelievable.

When the last sliver of the glowing orb disappeared Gerard stepped behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Thank you so much for bringing me here."

"Pleasure. It's been great."

"This has been an awesome day."

"Well, you've been with an awesome person." I smirked.

"Too true I have." My boyfriend said, before placing a kiss on the top of my head. As sweet as it was, damn did I hate being short.

"We should get going," I said, dispite being loathe to break the peace of the moment. "It's getting dark."

"Yeah, come on." Gerard grabbed my hand and we walked back down the headland, through the forest, talking softly as we did so. By the time we reached the carpark, it was nearly pitch black. I unlocked the car, and we slung our bags in the back before getting in. I was driving again. We got back to John's at about half seven. He wasn't home yet, but I'd taken a spare key.

"So what now?" Gerard asked. We were standing just inside the front door, leaning on the wall. We'd dumped our bags on the floor. Personally, I was ready for bed, but no way in hell was I sleeping at half seven.

"Dunno. It's not really late, so we can go out again if you want."

He frowned. "Nah. I'm kinda shattered so do you mind staying in?"

I shrugged. "Yeah, I'm cool with that. I gotta take a shower though - I stink." A grin snuck over Gerard's face and I laughed. I could see where this was going.

"You know, I kinda smell too." He said, a smirk stretched across his lips.

"Damn right, you do." I grabbed his hand and pulled him up the stairs. Within seconds, we were standing in the bathroom on our top floor. I closed the door behind us, locked it, then pressed my lips against Gerard's. Neither of us bothered with the light - I prefered the dark and I'd had the bright sunlight to illuminate his body for me all day.

As our lips moved in a fierce lock, I wrapped my arms around his waist and walked backwards into the shower. Soon enough, I felt the cool tiles pressed against my back and I shivered at the temperature. Gerard's hands snaked through my hair to hold me close. One of his fingers trailed down the back of my neck, whilst my hands moved down his waist and began to tug at the bottom of his shirt.

The kiss broke as I pulled it up and over his head. Gerard took this opportunity to pull mine off aswell. Our lips met again and the kiss became even more heated and passionate. He pulled back slightly so our tongues parted and he could tug on my lip with his teeth. I moaned as Gerard let go, and sucked on it gently. It just felt divine.

My hands had gone back down to rest on his waist. He was really slim actually, and his pale skin was so smooth under my fingertips. I ghosted my fingers up his flat stomach to his chest. There, I took each of his nipples inbetween my fingers and squeezed them gently. Gerard groaned and trapped my mouth back in his. Our hot breathe mingled and God, did he taste divine.

I twisted my fingers and his nipples, and he moaned again. I worked our tongues together, twisting them and washing saliva round in our mouths. Gerard's hands were still gripping the back of my head, so hard it almost hurt. I didn't mind - it just added to the passion.

All of a sudden, he let go. I was about to protest, until I felt them move to the top of my shorts. I grinned. He fumbled with the button there, but soon had them down my ankle. I stepped out of them and kicked them away and out of the shower. Our mouths were still connected when I stared to strip Gerard of his pants. When we were both in our boxers, I reached out to the shower and turned the switch.

>Gerard's POV<

I gasped as I was suddenly immersed in icy water. I broke my mouth from Frank's and looked up stupidly at the shower head. My boyfriend had obviously turned it on, as his hand was still on the knob. I couldn't help but snort when I thought that. It wasn't too badly out of context though.

"What is it?" My boyfriend leaned forward and purred into my ear. I felt my knees go weak.

"Nothing," I whispered back, and pressed our mouths together again. The kiss began where it left off - in a hot, passionate game of tongue wrestling. The water warmed around us, and the air was soon thick with steam. Standing there, kissing my boyfriend, practically naked, was quite simply divine.

Our bodies were pressed together, and I could feel Frank was growing hard on my leg. I knew I was as well, and ground forward into his hip bone. The friction and pressure forced a moan from my mouth and into my boyfriend's.

I pulled my head back to stare at him. Frank's back was pressed on to the shower tiles, and his head was tilted back, eyes closed. I knew if I could see them they'd be burning though - a bright, beautiful brown that seemed to be constantly alight with passion and excitement. Right now, his mouth was open and he was panting, but his face radiated pleasure and lust. I wanted to see more of this side of him.

Keeping hold of his hips, I slipped down from where he was holding me in his arms, so my face was level with his erect cock. I leaned forward and breathed on him gently.

"Fuck Gee," Frank breathed from above me. I pulled his boxers down slowly, teasing him like he had me so many times. I drew them down to his knees, and then ran the tip of my tongue down his shaft. He made the most beautiful, lust filled noise I'd ever heard. I licked him again, to elicit the same response. He pushed his hips forward, encouraging me to take him in my mouth.

I did so happily, wrapping my lips around his erection, before pushing down slowly and scraping him slightly with my teeth. More beautiful noises. I continued to slide my mouth down further, before pulling back up again. As I had told Frank earlier, I'd messed around with other guys before, so this wasn't the first time I'd given someone head. But I wasn't exactly experienced, so I was kinda nervous. I was loving it, but wanted my boyfriend to as well. I was just extremely reluctant to deep throat him.

I carried on bobbing my head up and down, as far as my gag reflex would allow, hollowing my cheeks out as I did so to apply pressure. Frank was moaning like a bitch now, and I peaked up to see his head was still tilted back, and his hands were balled into fists. I took this to be a good sign.

Continuing to drag my mouth up and down his shaft, I brought my other hand up to wrap around the base of it. I pumped in time to my movements and heard more noises of pleasure be issued above me.

"Oh fuck, Gerard. You're blowing my mind!"

I tilted my head slightly to tell him that it wasn't his mind I was blowing, but then, Mom always told me it was rude to talk with my mouth full.

So I returned my attention to his cock, swirling my tongue around it and collecting the pre-cum that was beading at the head.

"Shit! Gerard. I'mma... I'm gonna cum!"

Frank's words just caused me to suck harder. More moaning and God, those sounds alone, reminded me of my own, extremely hard dick. I pushed my free hand down my pants and began to pump in time to my sucks.

Suddenly, and without warning, my boyfriend exploded in my mouth. Cum spurted out of the head, making me gag slightly. I swallowed it happily though, and continued to swirl and suck Frank until he was well and truly spent.

When I released his cock from my mouth, he collapsed down in front of me. The shower was still pouring down on us, and sitting in front of me, sopping wet and panting, Frank really was one of the most gorgeous things on the planet. He crawled forward to capture my mouth in yet another kiss. I didn't mind though - I just hoped that he liked the taste of himself.

He snaked his hand down pants, to join mine pumping at my cock. Our lips and tongues twisting around each other's, swapping saliva. It was gentle and passionate, our hands moving in sync around my cock. I groaned and Frank murmured into my mouth; "Do you trust me?"

I admit to hesitating, but I whispered "yes," back. "Why?"

"I want to try something."

"What?" I said pulling back, slightly worried now.

"Just trust me." Frank pressed his lips gently against mine. He pulled my boxers down, to reveal my erect cock. One our hands each was still clamped around it, moving slowly. It was aching needily for contact, for friction, for pressure. Turns out it wasn't my erection that Frank was after though.

His free hand snaked round to my back. He began stroking down my butt. He squeezed one of my cheeks, making me inhale sharply. "Tell me if you don't like it." Frank murmured, then continued to fondle my butt. Then he slipped his hand into the slit between the two cheeks. I gasped again, and Frank pressed his lips against mine again. At the same time he began running his other hand up and down my shaft. I groaned at the feeling, and soon was too lost in pleasure at the touch of his lips and his hands to concentrate on what he was doing to my arse.

I noticed when he pushed a finger in though. I jerked back, gasping at the sensation. "Shit!"

"Does it hurt?" Frank asked, staring at me through his big, brown eyes.

"No," I murmured. That was true, but it didn't feel pleasant either. It just felt strange, and slightly uncomfortable.

"Do you want me to carry on?" He continued to gaze at me, our noses less than an inch apart.

"Yes." I didn't want Frank to think I was a coward, or scared. Admittedly, I was nervous, but I was also curious. I knew how amazing this was supposed to feel, and I wanted to experience it first hand.

"Tell me to stop if it does." I nodded, and our mouths reconnected. He began to stroke my cock again, but this time I paid attention to his other hand. Frank pushed his finger further inside of me, and I felt my muscles automatically clench around it. The sensation just felt so strange. He began drawing the finger back and forth slowly, and the feeling just got better and better. Soon enough, he added another finger and I was rocking my hips back and forth to try and heighten the pleasure.

I felt Frank grin into the kiss and I smiled back. I could hear myself moaning, but it just felt so Goddamn good I couldn't help myself. Then it just got even better. Suddenly, my vision turned white and pure pleasure shot through me. I gasped.

"Do that again." I pleaded, and Frank's grin just widened. He began thrusting his fingers into that same spot, again and again. Ecstasy ran through me and every nerve was on fire. Nothing I had help could even compare. Thank goodness, I'd taken a chance, been brave for once.

"I'm... g-gonna..." I choke out. Frank nips at my lips, thrusts inside me and twisted his hand around my length. It felt bloody amazing.

I moaned into Frank's mouth as cum spurted out of my cock, to mingle with the hot water and wash down the drain.

"Fucking hell!" I panted, collapsing back against the shower wall.

"You like?" Frank looked at me through his eyelashes, looking more angelic than I'd have thought possible. Especially from a guy who'd I just given head to, then fingered me. I couldn't help but lean forward and kiss him again.

We sat, naked, in the shower for a good few minutes longer, just making out. It had been a truthfully amazing day. One of the best in a while. In a very long while.

"Hey Gerard?" Frank whispered into my mouth.


"We should probably actually get washed. John's gonna have no hot water at this rate!"

Laughing I grabbed some shampoo and squeezed some into my boyfriend's hair. He laughed back, and we washed ourselves slowly, in between kisses.

When we were finally done, we grabbed some towels, picked up our clothes and collapsed in Frank's room. Looking at his clock, I saw that it was eleven at night. Wow, we had spent a lot of time in the shower.

We were both still on highs from our orgasms, so we were giggling non-stop as we climbed into bed. I had grabbed a pair of Frank's boxers, and fully intended on sleeping in his arms tonight. Or the other way round. I wasn't fussed.

Frank yawned from his position next to me. "Wanna watch a movie before sleeping?"

"May as well." I didn't care - just as long as I was with my beautiful, amazing boyfriend, I was happy. "What have you got in mind?"

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre is in the set at the moment."

"The original?"

"Of course."

"That'll do."

` Frank, grinned, then jabbed a button on the remote. The movie came on and he snuggled down next to me. I rolled over so my head was on his chest. Whist he was transfixed to the movie, I was staring at his beautiful face. I fell asleep to that gorgeous sight lingering behind my eyelids, and the sound of screams and a chainsaw revving filling my ears.

I was a strange boy. But who cares? I was happy.

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