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Chapter 28

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The weekend and an(other) interesting night.

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Wow, I can't believe that this story has reached twenty-eight chapters! I actually love how long this is going on for. My teachers have always said I could write for England (and I'm not even joking.

The funny thing is, I could finish this story at any point. For all you know, this could be the last chapter! But don't worry - it's not! A) because I wanna bring Mikey in and B) I wanna write some more smut (and sex!) first. So don't start panicking first. Just be aware that the ending is gonna be sudden and painful and violent! No, I'm joking again, it's gonna be long and drawn out and lovey-dovey shit. Nah, I'm joking again - I just wanna confuse you all!

Anyway enjoy the chapter and appreciate feedback as always!


>Frank's POV<

I woke up on Friday morning with Gerard curled up next to me, head on my chest. Well, I say that - he was practically lying on top of me. I smiled softly at how peaceful he looked. I'd never really found people look innocent or cute when they were asleep, but that was probably because what I'd been doing with them before falling asleep was the opposite of innocent.

Mind you, last night wasn't exactly the most angelic of things, and Gerard did look very cute asleep. I closed my eyes and lay my head back down on my pillow. My arms were wrapped around my sleeping boyfriend, but I brought one up now to begin stroking his soft hair.

I just lay for for a while, completely content in spending the next few hours simply stroking Gerard's hair. Fuck, I was turning into such a girl. Oh well - I was enjoying myself. And it didn't require any effort.

He woke up soon enough anyway. I felt him wriggle against me, then yawn widely, his hot breathe passing over my skin.

"Morning," I whispered to him. He tilted his head back to look at me.

"Morn'," He murmured back, then - for no apparent reason - turned bright red.

I fought back a laugh. "What is it?"

Gerard looked down again, so I could only see the black hair on the back of his head. "Nothing." He muttered, so quietly I could barely hear.

"No, seriously, tell me. I won't laugh or anything."

There was nothing but silence for a few seconds. Then he said "I just can't believe what we did last night."

"What? You mean me fingering you?" Well, there wasn't really a nice way to say that. May as well be blunt about it.

Gerard nodded. I could feel his cheek burning where it pressed to my chest.

"Look, it's fine. There's nothing in it." I reassured him. I picked his head up off of my chest, and moved down the bed next to him. We were now lying face to face, and my boyfriend's was still burning in embaressment. "I've done it before, and had it done for me. Anyway, you enjoyed it didn't you?" He nodded quickly, somehow blushing even further. "So no harm done." I leaned forward and joined our lips.

"I guess," Gerard mumbled, and I smiled, pulling my head back.

"Good!" I rolled away from him and fell out of bed. I landed painfully on the wooden floor. "Shit!" Then the cold hit me. "Fuck - it is freezing!" Shouldn't it be warm? I mean, we were in the loft and heat rose. Guess it went out throught the ceiling.

My boyfriend was still curled up in bed, but he was laughing hard enough to bust a rib. "W-what did you d-do that for?" He stuttered inbetween giggles.

"I thought the bed was bigger!"

"You a-are so stupid!"

"Great." I rolled my eyes, my voice havily sarcastic. "Thanks. You're such a brilliant boyfriend!"

"And you're a hilarious one!" Gerard was now practically gasping for air inbetween laughs. Well, he was more giggling. "You just looked so stupid!"

"Thanks." I said. Then I had an idea. I was shivering now; I got cold really fast. So I got back in to bed, and cuddled up to the giggling boy. He quickly stopped laughing.

"Bloody hell Frank! You're fucking freezing." He was wriggling, trying to get away from me and not fall out of bed himself.

"I know." I said happily, wrapping my arms around him. Eventually, Gerard gave in and relaxed.

"I suppose this is what I get for laughing at you?"


"You're evil." He said, but kissed the top of my head when he did so.

"Uhuh." I agreed. "We should probably get up though; we gotta work today after all."

"N'aaawww. Don't be such a kill joy!"

"I'm not - I just want pancakes for breakfast!"

"Ok, I can deal with that."

"Good," I said, before rolling out of bed again. This time though, I was hugging Gerard, do I ended up pulling him out with me. We landed on the floor in a mess of duvet, and tangled limbs.

"Oww, that hurt." He whined. He'd landed on the floor, then I'd landed on top of him. So of course, I was fine.

"What are you on about?" I shrugged. "Come on." I got up, leaving my boyfriend sprawled out on the floor. After digging out a pair of clean jeans and a top that didn't smell, I put them on and made to leave the room. Gerard was still on the floor. "Come on lazy!" I teased, prodding him with my toe.

"Shadd'up!" He groaned.

I laughed. "Get dressed - I'll see you downstairs."

"Fine!" Gerard called after me as I walked out of the room. "But if you're the one making pancakes, I ain't eating them! I have no intention of dying at seventeen through food poisoning!" I chuckled at that - wise choice.

>Gerard's POV<

Surprisingly enough, Frank didn't kill us both through food poisoning that morning. But then, they were packet pancakes, so it would have been fairly difficult. He did burn them though. We put shit-loads of sugar on to balance out the taste, and by the end of it we were as hyper as three year olds.

We spent the rest of the morning dancing round the house in our boxers (John had already left for work) to Avenged Sevenfold. Not that it's exactly dance music, but there you go.

At four in the afternoon, we drove to my uncle's shop. Business was fairly slow that day, so John said that Frank could get the tattoo he had been promised on his birthday. I've never seen the guy smile so wide.

After much deliberation, he decided to get 'Halloween' tattooed across his knuckles. I winced when he said that - I hated needles and felt slightly sick at the thought of them piercing the skin on my knuckles. That would fucking hurt. Mind you, Frank had a tattoo on his neck. Thinking about that made me feel ill.

I avoided Frank for the rest of the afternoon. It was stupid really - making me work in a tattoo parlour when I hated needles. But I was usually working behind the desk, or in the small office round the back. He asked me about it later of course. I reluctantly admitted that I was afraid of needles. Frank laughed for a bit, but then confessed that he was scared stiff of spiders. I laughed at that, and we spent the rest of the evening arguing about which was scarier - spiders or needles. When John arrived home and we asked his opinion, he just gave us a weird look and said 'neither'. Great.

The weekend was spent rather lazily. On Saturday, we spent the day just watching TV before we had to go to work. Sunday was spent down the local park with Ollie and Adrian. It was the first time they'd been able to get out of their houses since getting excluded, and they were both completely stir crazy. It was fun enough - listening to their mad ramblings - but I would have rather it just be me and Frank. Yes, I was a clingy boyfriend.

When the two of us got back home, I went on my computer and emailed Mikey. I'd spoken to him a few times since Frank's birthday, but not enough for my liking. After all, he was my best friend, as well as my little brother. Atleast he'd be flying out this time next week.

Hey Mikey,
Long time no see. Sucks eh? What's happening down your end? Amazingly enough things are pretty boring 'round here! I think that's the first time I've been able to say that since I moved here.
Frank took the plasters off his tattoos yesterday. Obviously, I didn't see them 'cos of the whole needles thing. God, I hate them! Anyway, they look awesome. I really want a tattoo - damn phobia!
How are you anyway? I can't say I'm too bad. Looking forward to coming over? I can't wait! -Gerard x

I sent the email then collapsed back into bed. I was exhausted actually. Goodness only knows why; I'd done the grand total of nothing all day. I mean, it wasn't as thought talking to Frank, Adrian and Ollie was hard work. Oh well, if I got a good night's sleep tonight, I wouldn't be tired for school tomorrow. Theoretically at least. Yeah, did I mention that although the last few days had been reltively calm, the nights had been the opposite?

As though he heard my thoughts (now that would be scary), Frank came in, only wearing his boxers. He'd clearly just had a shower as his black hair was still dripping and he smelt of shampoo. He fell on to the bed next to me.

"Hey." I said.

"Hi," He grinned back at me, hair clinging to his face.

"What time is it?"

"'Bout eight, I think."

"Is that too early to sleep?"

Frank raised an eyebrow. "You're tired?"


"You're obviously worn out from last night, and the night beofre that."

"And the night before that." I agreed. He smirked at me, a devious twinkle in his eye. "What are you thinking?"

"Nothing." Frank's grin just grew when he said that though. "Look, if you wanna go to sleep, I'll just stick a movie or something. I assume I can stay here."

I smiled at that - at the thought that he wanted to stay with me. Though that grin still worried me a little. "Yeah, feel free. In fact, I want you to." Well, it was only the truth.

"Thanks," he said. I climbed off the bed and stripped down to my boxers. "Oooh, sexy!" Frank teased. I stuck my tongue out at him. Simply because I could. My boyfriend just laughed at my childishness.

I got back into bed and slid underneath the covers. "Goodnight," I whispered, before closing my eyes. I listened to Frank move around the room for a few more minutes; setting a DVD up, and turning the light out, before sliding in to bed next to me. He wrapped an arm around me, and I'm sure I fell asleep with a smile.

>Frank's POV<

As I'd already said, Gerard looked adorable asleep like he was at the moment. I watched the movie I'd put on mindlessly for half an hour or so, until I was sure that my boyfriend really was out cold. It was then that I allowed an evil grin to spread across my face. He was completely in my power, and I intended to take full advantage of that.

I slid down the bed, so we were at eye level with eachother and I could see his face perfectly. If he was awake, we'd be staring at eachother, but he was in dreamland. One of my arms was draped around his waist, and I ran that slowly down Gerard's body, careful to to wake him. I brought my other hand up to his bare chest. I was going to enjoy this,

With my right hand (the one on his chest) I began to knead one of his nipples softly. Since Phin's party, I'd learned that this was on of Gerard's particular soft spots. So it had formed a hard nub under my fingers and I pinched it gently, before moving to the other one.

At the same time, I pushed my other hand down his boxers. I stroked a finger down his length, and felt him respond almost immediately, a moan escaping his mouth simitaniously. I smiled, and continued to stroke him until the sleeping boy was fully erect. A thin sheen of sweat covered Gerard's face, and he was full out moaning now. I wished that I could read his mind, so I knew what dreams he was having. But then, the sight in front of me was enough to get me feeling slightly aroused. Yeah, I was loving this.

I was still teasing his nipples with one hand when I wrapped the other around his cock and began to pump. The second I did so, Gerard thrust his hips forward and his moans increased in frequency and volume. Thank God that this floor is practically sound proof (I'd tested it many times by playing my music full volume).

"Fuckin' hell!" My boyfriend muttered in his sleep and I grinned. I pushed my thumb down on the top of his head and a small scream passed his lips. I began to just stroke one finger up and down, and the boy squirmed under my touch, muttering and groaning in sexual pleasure. Gerard was looking so damn hot; still out cold, but covered in sweat, mouth hanging open and panting slightly. His breathe was hot against my face as I continued to pump his cock and twist his nipples/

Eventually, he came in a white spurt all over my hand, moaning and swearing as he did so. I wiped his now flacid cock and pulled my cum covered hand out of his pants. I licked it clean, before relaxing down into the pillows. Gerard was still breathing a little heavier than usual, and murmuring in his sleep. How he didn't wake up through all of that, I'm not sure, but there you go.

As I curled up next to him, and began to drop off, I heard one last murmur. I wouldn't bet on it, but it sounded kinda like "I love you, Frank." Oh, shit.

>Gerard's POV<

I awoke with a start on Monday morning. My alarm clock had started beeping at 6:59 (why I didn't just set it for seven is beyond me) and it had jolted me awake unpleasantly. Frank was still fast asleep next to me, lucky bastard. I truthfully hated mornings. Especially at seven. Well, one minute to.

I shifted my weight slightly to try and slide out of bed, without waking up my boyfriend. The second I did so I felt that my pants were slightly sticky. I blushed as last night's dream came rushing back. Fuck - I'd dreamed about Frank giving me head. Whilst he was lying right next to me. I groaned in embaressment. What if I'd said something 'bout it? What if I'd woken him up by groaning or something? Bloody hell! If he knew I was having wet dreams about him, I'd fucking die of embarressment.

I climbed out of bed, careful not to wake Frank. It was freezing and I was only in my (cum covered) boxers. Typical. I grabbed some clothes for school and ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind me.

After dumping the clothes in the sink, I climbed in the shower and turned the water on. Obviously, it was icy and I jumped as it hit me. It warmed up fast enough though, and soon I was relaxing under jets of steaming water. I washed myself slowly, enjoying the calming sensation of the heat.

When I got out, I quickly towelled myself dry, got dressed, did my teeth, smudged some guyliner around my eyes and went back into my room, dumping my dirty boxers in the washing hamper on my way.

Frank was gone from the room, and I guessed that he was getting dressed. I collapsed on the bed and closed my eyes for a few blissful seconds. My restless (and apparently horny sleep) had worn me out. Was that even possible? Whatever. Point is, I was exhausted. It was only when my bed room door opened that I decided that I decided that I should probably move. and I would have, if not the undersized midget that decided to sit on me.

"Morning!" Frank's face grinned down at me, lip ring shining in the dim light. I hadn't noticed that he wasn't wearing it recently.

"Gerroff me!" Was all I groaned in response. It was beyond me how anyone could be so cheerful first thing in the moring.

"No," he shot back. "Did you enjoy last night?" A smirk appearred on his face. A blush appeared on mine.

"I don't know what you're on about," I muttered.

"Sure" Frank leaned forward so I felt his breathe on my face. "Well, I know I enjoyed it."

"What do you mean?"

"This help you remember?" He pressed his hand against my crotch and I automatically gasped at the feeling.

"W-what did you do?"

Frank smirked again and squeezed his hand slightly. I groaned and shifted my hips. "Just gave you a li'l hand job."

"That would explain to cum." I muttered, more to myself than Frank.

"Yep!" He said, giving me another squeize, then leaping off of me.

"You bastard!"

"Only just catching on?"

I shook my head and grinned ruefully as I followed my crazy, hyper-actvie boyfriend downstairs.

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