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Gaaahh! I have majorly messed up!

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Sorry, this is pretty much an author's note! But I have fucked up really badly - in my opinion at least - and wanna clear this up.

This has no effect on the plot, or is particularly important, but it is such a stupid mistake I really wanna correct myself!

Right, the school system I've made makes no sense what so ever. First of all, it's supposed to be an American school, which apparently only has four years in high school. I've put in five - like in senior school in England. Which is just plain blonde. Not to mention the fact that the school apparently goes up to nineteen years, which just doesn't happen.

Secondly, through the course of the story, I've moved people around in their years. They'd start off being 18 and later on turn 17. Again - doesn't happen!

Just to clear things up, this is how old characters are, their year, and who they're with. As I've been an idiot and not done my homework before writing this, I don't know what the years(grades? whatever) they'd be in, and even if I did, it wouldn't make sense 'cos of the whole five years instead of four. So 1 is the last year in school, 3 is the third, meaning of course that 2 is the fourth. Right here we go.

Lee - 19 - 1 ------- Amy - 17 - 2
Jared - 18 - 2
Lissa - 17 - 2 --------- Bob - 18 - 1
Kyle - 17 - 2
Andy - 18 - 1 -------- Phin - 17 - 2
Ollie - 16 - 3
Adrian - 16 - 3
Frank - 17 - 3 -------- Gerard - 17 - 2
Lena - 17 - 2

So, year 3 is 16 - 17; year 2 is 17 - 18; and year 1 is 18 - 19.... Have I got this right?

So you're all probably all either thinking: 'God - this girl's an idiot!' or 'what a fuss about nothing!' If it's the first; I'm sorry, I'm blonde (and I am being serious there, not just hair-ist XD). If it's the second; stupid mistakes like that bug me!

AND if you see loads of updates in the next few minutes, that's because I'm changing it so it makes sense. Again, I am really sorry about this!

Also, don't worry about updates - I'm halfway through the next chapter so will probably update either today or tomorrow. Unless a hurricane comes through, I get abducted by aliens, Jared Leto turns up at my door, or the zombie apocalypse arrives (face it - it's gonna happen sooner or later!) or a stray meteorite lands on my head. You never know! And I'll update under any other circumstance.

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